Trump racks up 2024 endorsements: ‘He’s going to beat these indictments’

Trump racks up 2024 endorsements: 'He's going to beat these indictments'

Texas Rep. Lance Gooden joins ‘Fox & Friends’ to discuss the crisis at the border as House Democrats plan to visit the Rio Grande Valley and explains his reasons for endorsing for former President Trump. #FoxNews

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All right it is 6 33 here in Texas right Now and a Congressional Delegation of Democrats finally set to visit the Rio Grande Valley today about a month after Refusing to attend a border hearing held In the same area meanwhile Joe Biden's Border crisis continues as a South Texas Bridge is now temporarily closed after a Thousand migrants tried to cross look at That join us right now with reaction is Texas congressman and a pretty darn good Pickleball player Lance Gooden Lance Great to have you thanks so much for Having me good morning good morning you Know Um so a month ago when you guys had your Field hearing down along the border Democrats are saying that's just a photo Op that's just a political sense okay What are the Democrats doing I mean They're full of political stunts and Anything we do with real strong desires To make change is accusatory from them We went to Manhattan on Monday they said We were there for a political stunt Today they're going to the Border they Won't even admit that there's a problem Secretary Majorca said this week that The borders secure the Border can't be Secure while thousands of migrants are Crossing every day you know um I've been Talking to a lot of the folks here at Courtside kitchen uh America's favorite Pickleball court now after Today's Show

Uh and it seems like aside from the Economy the border is the number one Issue with all the people who are here Because it impacts them not only not Only the fentanyl crisis which has taken Its toll but just also about so many Migrants to get across the country they Got to come through your state first you Know Democratic strategists know that This is a serious issue around the Country that it's growing and that's why Democrats are starting to make these Trips I heard in a hearing two days ago Where we were marking up the border Security bill that's going to hit the Floor of the house next month right Democrats were finally saying yeah we've Got an issue they don't really agree With us on how to fix it but they're They're waking up to the political Realization to Across the Nation Speaking of political it is uh 2023 but 2024 is around the corner You made news this week because you met With Rhonda Santos governor of Florida And then the next thing you know you're Endorsing Donald Trump well listen Donald Trump is the one to take us to The promised land I believe that Donald Trump has shown this nation what he's All about Donald Trump is going to Re-secure the Border Donald Trump is Going to win the nomination Donald Trump Is the only one who can lead Joe Biden

Next year and I believe that he's the Man to do it and this week I endorse him And it made some news but I think every Week is going to make news for Donald Trump because every week you're going to See more and more members of Congress And high-profile leaders around this Nation jump on board and he had a number Of people from Florida endorsed him this Past week as as you did and I know that You know a lot of Republicans are Confident at this point if the election Were held today but it's not right Um if the election were held today Donald Trump would win the nomination But there have been a number of powerful Republicans and conservatives the Congressman said he can win the primary But he cannot win the general election Why are you confident he could win the General well I learned a long time ago To not bet against Donald Trump I I'm Going to admit something that I've never Admitted but the day he went down that Escalator I was a little skeptical uh uh The next year he is my president and Fast forward to right now there are People that did not think he would even Be in a position that he's in now he is Going to beat these indictments the American people see right through these Sham prosecutions and I think the Trump Train is gaining in momentum I believe He can win next year I believe he's a

Steamroller through the nominating Process and just sit back and enjoy the Show you know what they're going to be a Bunch of Republicans running we need to Get them all together at a place like Courtside kitchen to play Pickleball I Want to see the candidates play Pickleball I would love that too but Only one is serious and that will be Donald Trump thank you thank you I would Like to see him play although he plays a Really good goal I'll talk to him about That thank you Congress thank you I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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