Trump represents an existential threat to the Left: Laura Ingraham

Trump represents an existential threat to the Left: Laura Ingraham

Fox News host Laura Ingraham explains the politics behind Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s decision to charge former President Donald Trump on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

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I'm Laura Ingram this is Ingram angle From Washington tonight well I'm a Former White Collar criminal defense Lawyer might not have known that about Me and I read the entire 16-page Indictment handed down by left-wing New York D.A Alvin Bragg and here's my Reaction Just another political hit job under New York state law is a felony To falsify business records with intent To the fraud and an intent to conceal Another crime That is exactly what this case is about Well a blatantly false statement here's The only thing non-lawyers need to know About this case If after the 2020 election Donald Trump Had announced that he was retiring from Politics Alvin Bragg would not have Indicted him or let's say if after 2020 Trump had gradually evolved in his views And maybe became more like Romney or one Of the bushes In that case Alvin Bragg would not have Indicted him The real reason that Donald Trump was Booked and fingerprinted today comes Down to one simple fact He has the wrong political views Now to the entire class of politicians And media figures who cheered the Proceedings today Donald Trump Represents an existential threat a

Threat to the regime that's run our Country into the ground for decades a Threat to the credibility of the media That he calls out relentlessly But most significant of all Another Trump term is a threat to the Biden family and their non-stop Griff Machine Even Bragg is more like Alvin bagg Because he's Nothing But The Bag Man for The White House hoping his reward comes When he runs for let's say Governor as The Trump Slayer Yeah right now he's just the middleman For the DNC and an illicit scheme to Interfere in the 2024 election cycle And his astonishingly thin indictment Brag alleges that it was Trump who may Have now I say may have attempted to Interfere in the 2020 election or may Have violated state election laws by Allegedly ordering that former Mistresses be paid off then concealing The reimbursement of those payouts now In a few moments we're going to be Talking with a former chair of the Federal Election Commission who'll Explain why the FEC decided against Pursuing the case on similar grounds But as we suspected last week the Question Bragg left everyone asking Today is where's the beef Here's where we're going to run into Legal problems because the indictment

Does not say what that second crime is Which is completely inexplicable to me The entire point of an indictment is to Tell the defendant here's what you're Charged with but he said Federal Campaign election law but this is New York state so he said state election law But this is a campaign for president Which is a federal office and there's Literally one word about this in the Statement effect said something about Tax but they didn't take a deduction of Real questions about this it's Disappointment it's hard to imagine Convincing a jury that that they should Get there one source said to me this is Donald Trump you don't bring a knife to A gunfight I had hoped that there would Be more in the indictment Translation this case is a dead dog in The middle of the road have someone come Pick it up and give it a prompt burial But the portly D.A tried to sell his Case today and inadvertently engaged in Some stand-up comedy these are felony Crimes in New York state No matter who you are We cannot and will not normalize serious Criminal conduct what normalizing Serious criminal conduct is all his Office it ever does like the case from Over the weekend where a parking garage Attendant saw a man casing the cars in His garage he confronted the suspect who

Then pulled out a handgun and shot the Parking attendant twice the worker of Musa diaria wrestled the gun away and Shot the suspect in the chest Now in the real world where I tend to Live the worker did the right thing but In the brag world the parking attendant Was charged with attempted murder along With the actual criminal this is insane Bragg finally backtracked and announced Only after public outcry that he would Not prosecute diary but you know he Would have if he could have the damage Has already been done But you really really know this case Against Trump is like a leaky roof when Even Mitt Romney throws shade at Bragg Romney's saying that Bragg is trying to Fit a political agenda and his overreach Sets a dangerous precedent for Criminalizing political opponents Well the one good thing that may come Out of this dark chapter though for America will be what I want to just dub Tonight as state brag laws where State Legislatures decide to disincentivize State DA's or state AGS from using their Positions as batting battering rams Against individuals and corporations Simply to feather their own political Resumes These laws would bar the state AGS of The DA's from running for governor let's Say for at least 10 years or maybe ever

The history of New York alone where Hyper political prosecutors use their Office to try to advance their political Careers If prostitution Scandal if that hadn't Derailed them former State prosecutor Turned governor Elliot Spitzer might Have made it too they were talking about Him as president in 2004 the Elite's Favorite magazine the Atlantic Doug Spitzer the Crusader and proclaimed that He was the future of the Democrat Party Heaven Help Us The bottom line is this Brad sprag Saga Is yet another urgent warning that we Must have a federal criminal justice System that Americans of all political Backgrounds will trust trust to do what Is right Not one that will deliver political Dividends either for his party or for Him personally Our justice system at every level should Be the Envy of the world not a laughing Stock hey Sean Hannity here hey click Here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube Page and catch our hottest interviews And most compelling analysis you will Not get it anywhere else

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