Trump’s team is ‘firing on all cylinders’: Watters

Trump’s team is ‘firing on all cylinders’: Watters

Jesse Watters discusses the strength of former President Trump’s team and campaign on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’

Trump's in the strongest position he's Ever been as a presidential candidate He's beating Biden by six points in the Latest Reuters poll and while the media Tells us he's a raving lunatic who Should be in a padded room a new report Shows that behind the scenes his Campaigns a well-oiled machine firing on All cylinders Trump's teen is lean and Full of seasoned Pros setting Trump up For four years of beautifully organized Upheaval something voters have been Begging for quote if he were to win and Run the White House like he has his Campaign he could reshape America and Its government more quickly and in more Lasting ways than he did during his First term and that scares the heck out Of the press like Trump Hitler was also Viewed as a clown a goon who would be Who could be kept in line Trump and People like him appeal to a group of Americans who hate the modern Multicultural and increasingly liberal Secular society they live in I think That we're naive to think that he's Tricking people into picking him and Then surprised he's going to act like a Dictator that's what he's selling and That's what they are very eager to buy Anyone who gets things done in Washington has to be a dictator we're so Used to empty promises that the idea That a politician could get elected and

Deliver the policies the people voted For quickly and efficiently is so Foreign that anybody who promises real Change on day one has to be a strong man They sound terrified Trump might secure The Border stop crime and Drill now if you believe you want to put America first you're a Nazi according to Them if you want America not first You're a patriot see they're Conditioning us to be ashamed of making Our country great only the Nazis wanted A great country I guess James Carville Says we can't normalize wanting a great Country there's a massive effort to Normalize this you see New York Times Call them say well the Trump people have A case you see the head of JP Morgan Chase the largest bank in the United States saying well they they're right About some things you see reporters with Uh Jason Miller in the Fort De mo hotel Reminds me of a bunch of German Reporters in some Munich the bar in 1935 Saying hey Goring he was an entertaining Guy I tell you what he had some great Stories nothing is normal about this at All Is it me or do the Democrats know They're about to lose the Press is so Out of touch with the American people They actually believe having a border is Racist preventing Wars is dangerous and High interest rates are great they

Believe Biden's fine but Trump's in Cognitive decline used to make beer brew Here it is used to make the brew beer Here in This oh Earth Rider thanks for the great Lakes I wonder why He We told you Trump's beating Biden in the Polls except for one one poll shows Biden has an 84% approval with who that Would be the 1% that's right America's wealthiest East and west coast media and Tech Executives with Advanced degrees who run Wall Street DC and Silicon Valley Overwhelmingly believe Biden's the best They decide what's on TV whose bills get Passed which campaigns get funded the Dirty little sec is that the Professional class makes money Dismantling America and selling it off For scrap anyone against their vulture Capitalism gets smeared with a Scarlet Letter but wear it with a badge of honor Because their days are Numbered Elizabeth pipco political Commentator joins us now so it's kind of Scary when all you want to do is make Your country great again and they call You a Nazi yeah look I cannot even tell you Jesse just how sad and I am by some of Those clipss that you just played this Country means everything to so many

People including my own two parents who Fought tooth and nail to escape the Soviet Union and to come here this Country means everything not just to People like you and me who are Physically here but the people around The world for whom we are a beacon of Light and of Hope the United States is The single greatest nation on the face Of the Earth because Americans wake up Every single day ready to fight for the Freedom of speech thought and expression Not for themselves but for whom they Disagree with that's what makes us great We we the greatest country on the face Of the Earth cuz we have fought for Years now to remain United despite any Differences in politics or anything else And shame on anyone trying to mess with That when your parents were in the Soviet Union under Totalitarianism did they experience the Same type of propaganda that you hear in The media Today 100% this is classic Soviet Propaganda it's let's divide our Citizens so they're so distracted by Their hatred for one another they don't Realize what the leaders are doing for Themselves their country and their Futures I need people to understand that Are listening right now like you said This kind of division benefits literally Only the top the elite the 1% It does

Not benefit anybody else if anything This division hurts us the only way for Us to rise above it is do the opposite Of what they want to realize that our Teachers neighbors even our family Members are not the enemy regardless Even of who they want to vote for this November the way to Rise Above This and To prosper indiv as IND idual and as a Nation is to stand together against Those who are looking at us telling us They want us to be divided they're Fighting they're working over time to Divide us and the only way to beat them Is to stand with those even those we Disagree with and prove to them that's Not the American way all right pipo I Stand with you everybody else does sorry To sadden you by the video clips but we Just had to get the message across we're Going to win don't worry we appreciate It we are thank you hey Sean Hannity Here hey click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere Else

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