Tucker Carlson: NPR is repulsive

Tucker Carlson: NPR is repulsive

Radio show host Vince Coglianese joins ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ to assess NPR being labeled a ‘state-affiliated media’ on Twitter.

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Vince colonies is a radio host in Washington DC a very popular one Deserveably so and he joins us tonight To assess NPR now you live in Washington You report on it on the radio Um was there ever a question in your Mind that this was State media Not at all my our mutual buddy Chris Plante calls them National panhandler Radio appropriately uh NPR and you know What's amazing about this they're trying To prove that they're not State media And they're relying on everyone who's Funded by the state in order to make That defense so Kareem Jean-Pierre Stands there at the White House Press Briefing and says NPR is so independent She gives a brave heart style speech to Attesting to their independence do you Think she would ever do that for Simon Attiba like not not in a million years Not in a million years of course it's For NPR NPR cited Joel Roth the former Head of censorship at Twitter as a guy Who said they shouldn't be labeled State Affiliated media Joel Roth and Twitter At the time were making millions of Dollars from the federal government to Censor the American public these are all Completely biased people and and one Last big thing that I noticed about this Tucker they say in all of their defenses Well only one percent of our funding Less than one percent comes from the

Federal government even that is Deception even that is a lie NPR is a Kind intent organization the Thousand Member stations that they send content To all pay fees to NPR guess where they Get their money from that's right the Federal state and local governments as Much as 23 percent of all of their Funding comes from there we're talking Hundreds of millions of dollars and here They are playing a shell game and the Only type of organization that plays That that kind of deceptive shell game Not a news organization uh one that is Running a political operation on behalf Of the government it's totally right NPR Is repulsive but not quite as repulsive As its listeners the most privileged People in the world demanding welfare From the rest of us Vince colonies who Was on Commercial radio not working for The state appreciate seeing you tonight Thank you subscribe to the Fox News YouTube channel to catch our nightly Opens stories that are changing the World and changing your life from Tucker Carlson tonight

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