Tucker eviscerates Dems for exploiting ‘suffering’ people

Tucker eviscerates Dems for exploiting ‘suffering’ people

Tucker Carlson says Democrats have moved away from Black Lives Matter because they have a new victim class to exploit: trans people. #foxnews

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10 percent of Americans have depression They tell you it's all chemical Imbalance in the brain that's a lie some Of it may be but depression is also a Product of living a life you're not Supposed to be living and if your Mercenary wife and all the political Consultants around you tell you you have To be in the U.S Senate and you don't Want to be in the U.S Senate you're not Ready to serve in the U.S Senate maybe It gives you depression that's not crazy Actually is an explanation those people Should have to answer for it who did This to him So it's kind of interesting that you're Not hearing our leaders talk that much About black people anymore remember all The neoliberals were obsessed telling You about black people why aren't they Talking about black people anymore three Years after George Floyd actually the Lives of many African-Americans real People have gotten a lot worse Following the 2020 Floyd riots African-American deaths by homicide Reached levels never seen before in this Country Someone should stop and ask why is that But no one no one in the Democratic Party is because they don't care they Don't have to care because they have a New class of victims to exploit for Political power out with black people in

With transgenderists We're going to exploit their suffering To become more powerful and of course Big corporations are taking the lead as They always do Bud Light just honored a Man who dresses up like a little girl Called Dylan Mulvaney watch this I got some Bud Lights for us so I kept Hearing about this thing called March Madness and I thought we were all just Having a hectic month but it turns out It has something to do with sports and I'm not sure exactly which sport but Either way it's a cause to celebrate This month I celebrated my day 365 a Womanhood and Bud Light Sent Me possibly The best gift ever a can with my face on It So do you think that the people in Charge care about that person Or any transgender person really if they Did they might ask questions like is the Suicide rate among young people who are Getting hormone treatments rising or Falling because if you cared you'd want To know that they don't want to they Don't care you think Sandy Cortez even Thinks about that no the point is Getting power from the suffering of Others and if you've decided you're Another sex you're definitely suffering On many many levels but point that out And you get attacked that happened to Our friend billboard Chris in Canada he

Went to a Trans rally in Vancouver on Friday Here's what happened to him while there So who's the aggressor there well it Wasn't the man who calls himself Billboard Chris he was assaulted and When he reported his assault to the air Quotes here police the police refused to Investigate Within seconds I was surrounded Not allowed to walk freely Pushed as you can see my nose is Bleeding they just walked up to him Insulted him you want to see I don't Where's the video I have it on my camera right now yeah I Can show it to you How about you show it to me are you Gonna do something about it if I do Uh if I actually see an assault and not I claim him Do you think he did it to himself or Something uh people can do these things To hurt themselves on purpose you don't Honestly thinks you're here thinking I Scratched myself on purpose this is Hilarious Oh The Rosy cheeked face of tyranny she Could be working in the City Bank HR Department maybe she will be someday The only one the police chief the deputy Police chief Rother Howard Chow of Vancouver has taken her side he says He's appalled not the people were being

Bashed in the face for their political Views but because some people don't like The fact the police didn't respond he Hasn't condemned the militants who Attacked that man that's because in Canada as in this country militants with The right cause the trans cause can do Whatever they want they can even kill Christian children in school And they're They're the victims Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube Channel to catch our nightly opens Stories that are changing the world and Changing your life from Tucker Carlson Tonight

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