Tucker: Where are the ‘+’ people?

Tucker: Where are the '+' people?

Journalist Chadwick Moore shares his thoughts on who the ‘+’ includes in the LGBTQIA+ group on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

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That was the president United States Senile stumbling as always in this case Over the latest acronym for the pronoun People for the record it's called Lgbtqia Plus You see the plus Mark all over the place Now we went shopping for Mother's Day Cards today at a Rite Aid and saw an Entire category for lgbtqia plus cards And it got us wondering who's in the Plus category are we in the plus Category we feel like we're a net Edition we're the plus people any plus Person out there is always welcome to Come on this show and explain what's so Plus about you but in the meantime Chadwick Moore of The Spectator has Thought a lot about this we thought we Would speak to him about it tonight Joe Thanks so much for coming on So who's who's in the plot and look I Don't want to make this personal I don't Want to get my feelings hurt but do I Qualify in the plus category and if not Me who Oh you absolutely 100 do I mean it's Unfortunately I've been lobbying big gay For a long time yes welcome to the Community Tucker I've been loving a big Gay for a long time To get an s in the alphabet you know we Should have an s in there for straight People but of course they won't let us Have that for some reason actually we

Had the plus that it really you know What they pretend to be so inclusive and Yet here they are excluding 96 of the Population uh you know but they hide it In that plus so you can hide there in The plot somewhere down the alphabet it Kind of signifies it much like the Struggle for justice and equality itself The alphabet people are kind of nebulous And extend into perpetuity they're kind Of undefinable and that is what the plus Is for anyone can be playing can I just Ask and I I think you told me once You've been banned from gay bar since You started coming on the show so maybe You haven't had the experience recently But like when was the last time you're In a bar and someone come and said I'm Part of the I'm up I'm the plus I'm I'm The Fable I'm the Loch Ness monster I'm The I'm the plus you hear about but have Never seen this anyone ever said that to You Yeah where are the minuses too like hey I'm a plus you're a minus when we get Together tonight you know Sort of charge I think when you start going around and Asking people if they're pluses exactly You know one thing that's funny too is Like the cue nobody really knows what The Q stands for I don't know either I Agree with that queer no I don't know What it is no one knows what it is is

That really true I mean I guess we're Not you're not allowed to ask questions You just have to sort of Nod and be like Oh yeah qia plus but what a sincere Question is someone who I think still Lives in Brooklyn like is there a real Definition for that Well I'll tell you what my definition of Queer is essentially there's two types Of queers there's the sort of runnable Mill gay man who lives in Brooklyn you Can probably spot him by having like a Dangly earring and some really bad Eyewear uh and he calls himself queer Because he wants to feel special he Wants to think he's unique uh that's the First type of queer the second type of Queer is really just a straight woman Who wants to add a little Pizzazz to Herself so she'll you know she thinks She's boring she thinks she's basic she Maybe has like some gay friends she Maybe once like kissed a girl in college So she can now call herself queer or Somewhere in the pluses but queer has Been quite quite helpful for uh for for Many people you know queer kind of does The job of the plus anyway to be honest Not my world but absolutely fascinating And as a believer in Precision in Language I am so grateful that you Helped us Define that tonight Chadwick Moore thank you Thank you

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