University president calls upon colleges to preserve American values

University president calls upon colleges to preserve American values

Pepperdine University President Jim Gash discusses the state of American higher education and how his school is preserving American values. #foxnews

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With every week it seems we see a new Headline highlighting the Dire Straits Of American universities as censorship And now anti-Semitism become more and More common on college campuses leading Our next guest to call on his fellow College presidents to preserve American Values writing nowhere has the struggle To preserve core American values more Intense than on University campuses Nowhere should the should a resolve be Stronger to defend these democracy Enabling freedoms than in our Universities our next guest who wrote That oped is Jim gash he's the president Of Pepperdine University my alma mater And he joins us now uh good morning Jim Great to see you here on Fox and Friends And in quite a statement that you made There in your oped uh let's start with This what are those American values that Need to be defended on American college Campuses well good morning will and Thanks for having me here and as you can See it's a beautiful day in Malibu Another beautiful day the values I'm Talking about are freedom Faith and self-governance tempered with Humility those are the values that we Need to be inculcating in our youth as They come through college campuses those Are great values uh Freedom Faith uh Sprinkled with a dose of Humility um and I I would argue we need

And I think you are arguing we need to Make an affirmative case for those Values on college campus it's not just a Defense but an affirmative case for Those values that leads to the obvious Question of how how do you do that well Well you're exactly right we we can't Just be passive and let the culture of The society tell us what we should be Believing we should be introducing our Students to the idea of a an enlightened Self-governance can only happen through Through an informed citizenry and what We do is we introduce these Concepts to Our students because they're not really Hearing them like they should in K Through2 and create an environment where We have this self-governing discourse That happens on campus it's this civil Dialogue where we talk about hard things Together in Community you know I I um we've spent Four hours this morning talking about it It's something I'm passion about the Idea of Free Speech but um and I I think You're making the case not just for a Socratic environment of debate and Freedom but also the you know it's you Get you get these students as you just Said who go through K through 12 who may Not have received the affirmative case For these values and I don't think there Are many universities today where they Will receive that heyy here's what's

Good about American values here's what's Good about our Founders Vision so how do You do that at Pepperdine how do you Make that case that we're going to go Back to basics what our Founders Envisioned because these values are good Things and they are core to a real Education yeah it's it's partly who you Hire as your professors because as we Know what happens in the classroom is a Critically important aspect of your Character formation Your ideas that you that you leave College with and then to expose them to Kind of the the important Cannon of Western Heritage of of what our Founders First principles were these freedom and Liberty and self-governance and free Speech and and and free markets and so You have to have people who are going to Be helping them have those conversations And showing them what it looks like to Become an AM who is capable of self-governance That we've staked Upon Our all we we we Need to be a self-governing place and in Order to do that you have to understand What we're built on and and and of Course as part of that as well faith is Key to to self-governance amen um well I'm excited listen I'm I'm excited Somebody went to peine that's the vision That you want to push forward for the Univers for Pepperdine University um it

Is sorely needed in the University Environment um it's a great off bed we Wish you the best of luck we'll keep up With what's happening at pepperon by the Way if you didn't see it uh president Gash had a half shot he's got a hell of A half court shot uh and a pepperine Student got free tuition there at cost Me 63 Grand H well but one happy student all Right Jim gash thanks for being on Fox And Friends thank you I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley aart and Click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling Analysis

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