US Olympic team leaving off Caitlin Clark was a ‘missed opportunity’: Dan Dakich

US Olympic team leaving off Caitlin Clark was a ‘missed opportunity’: Dan Dakich

OutKick host Dan Dakich discusses the U.S. Olympic women’s basketball roster as experts continue to criticize the decision to leave Caitlin Clark off the team. #foxnews

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WNBA rookie sensation and all-time College scoring leader Caitlyn Clark Reportedly being left off team USA's Roster for the Paris Olympics while Team USA has not yet made an official Announcement sources say the athletic Coach Cheryl reev is opting for Experience as the team aims to bring Home its eth consecutive gold medal so Here with his thoughts is the host of Don't at me on it's Dan Dockage good morning Dan this at first Blush outrageous and almost everyone who Has seen this news has responded Similarly outrageous so let's start with This on the basketball court on the Merit stand is Caitlyn Clark an Olympian well I think so but I I'm not Going to lie to you I I I don't know Every woman in the WNBA I know this uh Trotting Diana terasi out there at 41 Years old for her six gold medal doesn't Do anything to grow the game and all I've heard for years is we've got to Grow the game pay attention to us love On us and now you have a real Opportunity but I'm not going to lie to You will and sit here and say hey look Uh I know that League I didn't know Anything about the league I had a radio Show have a radio show in Indie and two Summers ago we did not even say a word About the fever right so sure let's just Go this route everybody on that team

Deserves to be on that team let's just Say that I guess and the other thing Will look you me three retire three Retirees my wife could win the gold Medal against who they're playing They're a heavy favorite every year the Next team is Denmark for crying out loud I mean grow the game you me and three Retirees we could win that's uh it even Rhymes well I'm going to answer my own Question to you Dan as well um Caitlin Clark is top five I believe in assist Top five in scoring or top 10 in scoring In three-point shooting the point is She's not a charity case she's not a Mascot She is absolutely good enough to be on This Olympic team and then comes the Issue of why would you leave her off now We've heard for years Dan well we should Be making what the men make or we should Be flying first class or we should be Getting more attention and you should Market us and here is the women's Basketball World choosing to reject the Attention that is finally coming their Way by rejecting Caitlyn Clark well they had a great opportunity Here because there is no basketball Player I don't care about Luca or Jaylen Brown or whoever's playing in the NBA Finals there's no basketball player That's a bigger draw right now in the World I would argue in the world than

Caitlyn Clark so here's this opportunity Look let's be honest most people didn't Even know they had women's basketball in The Summer Olympics now you have a Chance to do this and you don't take it So here here's what I'm saying Everything about Caitlyn Clark's success Was about privilege whether it was white Privilege her being a straight white Girl well it stands a reason to ask wait A second here you know this coach here Is not a straight white girl she's Married to a woman so is there something About Caitlyn Clark and the jealousy the Insecurity that kept her off the team if You're going to say well all of this That she has given is because of this Privilege then it's reasonable to ask is The insecurity is being a straight white Girl not allowing her to be on this team I don't think it did I honestly don't But people are asking it and I think Rightfully so but what a missed Opportunity they could have had more Eyeballs on women's basketball which Would have equated to going back to your Season and finishing up even stronger But now it's just same old same old no One's going to pay attention and that's A missed opportunity and a really dumb Missed opportunity I think you're Exactly right all of those questions are Very legitimate about at this point why What is the pettiness what is the

Jealousy what is the reasoning for the Continued slights of Caitlyn Clark and Then we just can't hear about it anymore We can't hear about all the necess the Need for equality the need for high Better treatment you can't hear about it When you reject your biggest Money Maker Uh they have gone now in the Olympics From possibly a top three storyline in The Olympics to non-existent no one will Care at all about Olympic women's Basketball Dan doic uh we will care About watching don't at me on outkick Thanks so much for getting up early I'm Steve duy I'm Brian killme and I'm Angley aart and click here to subscribe To the Fox News YouTube page to catch Our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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