US troops under evaluation for traumatic brain injuries after Iranian-backed attacks

US troops under evaluation for traumatic brain injuries after Iranian-backed attacks

Lt. Gen. Lawrence Nicholson joined ‘America’s Newsroom’ to discuss how Iranian-backed attacks have impacted U.S. troops in the Middle East as fears of a wider war loom. #FoxNews

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Meanwhile sencom says that some US Troops at an air base in Western Iraq May have suffered traumatic brain Injuries how many we have not been told But yet had a weekend missile attack by Iranian proxies land near their base in The US with more strikes on Iran back Houthis in Yemen all raising fears the War in Gaza could be spreading a retired Three star Lieutenant General Larry Nicholson served in Gaza served in Iraq As well General thank you for your time Sir and thank you for being here today Um us Personnel I'm reading the headline Are undergoing evaluation for traumatic Brain Injuries we've been waiting and keeping Our fingers crossed to make sure that Any of our troops were not affected and Now they have been so what next General yeah Bill thanks first of all For uh for having me I I think uh you Know the the one common denominator here To all of these are you know the the Iranian influence the the the access That that they're creating with Hezbollah with with not only of course Amas uh but uh with the hooes with the Iraqi militias that shot at our guys at Alassad hey look I I I've spent time at Alassad and thousands of Americans uh Have have spent time there it's now in An Iraqi and and US base and you know Bill if you can't reach out and touch

Israel uh you know going after Americans That are in Iraq is is is probably your Your next easiest option okay okay so Here is Iran their influence with the Houthi rebels check this out this is Deputy National Security adviser John Finer on That they are obviously strong Supporters of Hezbollah uh in in in Lebanon which is also waging attacks Against Israel and they support the Houthis and the Shia militia groups uh That are attacking us in Iraq and Syria We have held Iran responsible for this In a number of ways Iran's you I really It is it's the Apex from where all this Stems here's the the issue we're not at War with the houie rebels but we're sure In battle with them right now and I Don't think a lot of Americans had that On their bingo card we had a colonel in Our program last Friday he he said that The Saudis were at war with the houthi Rebels for 10 years they fought to Withrawal and the Saudis bomb the houthi Rebels 25,000 times in 10 years so what Are we in for Sir I think really if you're looking at The you know our engagement right now It's it's about protection it's about The sacred and inherent uh right of of Self-defense for those ships those us And British and and frankly International commercial ships we have a

Moral obligation to ensure that those Ships are defended and and I think There's two ways to do it number one is Is you you shoot down the the missiles That are coming at you and and the Drones the other one is the preemption One which gets a little trickier but if You see hostile intent if you see the Hoodie Rebels set setting up missiles Ballistic missiles which is a a step up If you see that you know do you have the Right to go in there and and and Preemptively attack that site uh before Launch the answer for us obviously is Yes so that's what's occurring so it's a Two-faceted thing but if you can imagine The US and British ships and International ships that are in the in The Red Sea today um those captains th Those those commanders have a sacred and Moral obligation to defend those ships Now General thank you for your time it's A big issue this administration's got to Deal with it and they must get a handle On it sometime in the next 10 months now Uh in this election year thank you sir We'll speak down the road I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian kilme and I'm Insley Airheart and click here to subscribe to The Fox News YouTube page to catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis

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