Virginia is a ‘common sense state’: Jason Miyares

Virginia is a ‘common sense state’: Jason Miyares

Virginia Attorney General Jason Miyares discusses the state following less-strict federal electric vehicle standards. #foxnews

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[Music] The idea that government should be Telling Virginians what kind of car they Must drive is just simply wrong that was Virginia governor Glenn yunan and why Virginia is now rolling back their Electric vehicle standards after the Previous Democratic governor had signed On to match California's rules joining Me today is the Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Virginia Jason Miis Jason welcome great to be with you Mike Thanks so much for having me so why do California standards not work for the People of the Commonwealth of Virginia In your View well what governor recognized Governor yunan recognizes that we are Not going to be beholden to an unelected Board in California trying to dictate to Virginians what kind of car they drove And so they did ask me to do a legal Analysis of that dates back to the Previous governor they they drafted a Bill that used permissive language like May instead of command language and then They reference a section of the California code that no longer is Existence actually is going to be Repealed at the end of the year and so As a result it was our legal analysis is This is now discretionary and so I so Applaud governor yunan for wanting to Make sure that Virginians are in charge

Of Their Own Destiny and saying no we're Not going to adopt what California did In which they ban all non-electric Vehicles on a graduated scale all the Way up to 2035 and you won't be able to buy a Non-electric vehicle anymore at a time Where as as your show has reported Reported before the inflation reduction Act under Biden had $1.7 billion to Build 500,000 electric charging stations Across the country and today that passed To 2021 as of January of this year they Built all of one uh so the they the they Are not even able to meet what they have Dictated to the American people whether It's bureaucrats in Sacramento or Bureaucrats in Washington DC and so Kudos to governor yunan for standing With Virginians and standing with common Sense and we applaud him all right it is Itical season I don't need to tell you That let's take a look at the polling in The Commonwealth of Virginia of course President Biden won Virginia by 10 Percentage points in 2020 our polling at This point in the campaign shows a 4848 Dead Heat what are you hearing as you Travel around Virginia is it a tight Race well I mean I I think it is because I like to say Virginia is not a blue State or a red State it's a common sense State and Virginians have seen what is Happened not just in Virginia but across

The country since President Biden has Taken offer taken office they've seen 8.2 million illegal Crossings since the Bid Administration began that's larger Than the population of 32 states they've Seen the prices of groceries are now up 22% since Biden took office the price of Gasoline has skyrocketed just the cost To live is so much more expensive now And in you taken the fact that they're Seeing a world on fire where weakness Not just domestically but weakness Abroad uh you were seeing a a a International stage as dangerous as We've ever seen and don't forget Virginia has the highest concentration Of military veterans and and active duty In the of any state in the Union and so They see they know what happened with The draw I still have constituents that Bring up to withdraw in Afghanistan the Legacy me media maybe have forgotten About that they absolutely they compare That to the four years under President Trump a strong America an economy where Real wages were going up inflation was Under control and America was a strong Both domestically and also abroad and I Think they can see the clear difference And why you see the polls so tight in Virginia Virginia attorney general Jason Miis thank you so much for your time and Your analysis today thanks Mike I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley

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