Vivek Ramaswamy: ‘There is something much deeper going on here’

Vivek Ramaswamy: 'There is something much deeper going on here'

Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy on the growing anti-Israel and antisemitic demonstrations seen across the U.S., including on college campuses

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Don't tell me there's a moral Equivalency here because there is not we Need to commit ourselves to ensure that Good defeats evil when I'm back in the White House the United States will stand With Israel all the way 100% if Israel Wants to destroy Hamas Israel should go Ahead and Destroy Hamas GOP candidates including our next Guest making their message clear when it Comes to supporting America's greatest Ally in the Middle East which is Israel Of course defending its very right to Exist I was actually watching these Speeches when when Mike Pence just Dropped out here with his agenda for the Midd East and peace is goop presidential Candidate m ramaswami m i want to get to Mike Pence but first let's start off With the news of the day I'm stunned Seeing these protests in Tain I'm Stunned seeing in Colombia I'm stunned Seeing in Cornell you just you're the Freshest out of college was 10 years ago For you or 15 years ago for you was this The mission that you heard on campus This is a big part of what I exposed in Woke Inc Brian it is the denigration of Our culture and anti-Semitism it is the Natural extension of the self-loathing Culture that these universities have Propagated so back when I was on campus No it was 2003 to 2007 it wasn't this Bad but this was the direction that

Things were going and when you have a Generation of young people you tell them To go to Ben and Jerry's and order a cup Of ice cream with some anti-semitic Sprinkles on top it's no surprise that That what they then spew back out They're lost for purpose and meaning so I don't think the right answer Brian is Censorship I know that's the direction That some may want to go the right Answer is leadership of these young People fill that vacuum of purpose and Meaning that's really what's missing Amongst Young Americans and as a young Person in this race that's my job to Actually do this yeah v um when you see These images you've been on our show a Number of times telling us what's Happening at these ivy league Universities we've heard Pete hex talk About it because he's Prin and and Harvard and we've heard this but when You actually see these rallies you see 7,000 people spewing this Pro Hamas uh Message on the Brooklyn Bridge yesterday And you actually get a visual that there Are this is happening you know we've Been told it's happening but you don't Believe it's happening at this level so When you see these images what comes to Mind and you hear what they're saying at Cornell they're posting on online to for The Jewish Center to uh call falling to Slit the ropes of Jewish students slit

The throats of Jewish students I mean It's so evil and Hateful well also you look at the UN Secretary General's comments last Wednesday drawing a false equivalence Between hamas's attacks on Israel and Israel's National self-defense it Reinforces that same Norm but here's my Deeper view without as disgusting as That is there's something deeper to see About what's going on here history Teaches us that anti-Semitism it's a Symptom of a deeper void in a culture And so as Leaders it's our job to take a Step back and say that especially young People in this country they are lost They are starved for direction starve For the things that they used to miss Faith patriotism hard work family and Yes we have wokeism and transgenderism Fill the void now we see anti-Semitism Fills that void too so I think it's a Symptom of a deeper cancer in American Life and we have to revive our own Identity and I think that melts away a Lot of these toxic poisons in in Response so I saw your comments at the Jewish Coalition Summit and you gave This description of like the Red Wedding From The Game of Thrones but previously You had said and you talk about Destroying Hamas in that sound bite but You previously said destroy Hamas is not Its own a viable or coherent strategy

What do you mean by That yep so I draw a very clear Distinction Lawrence I think Israel has A right to its own National self-defense And it should defend itself to the Fullest without answering to the US or Europe or the UN or anybody else but I Worry that if we go beyond our standard Pre-committed $3 billion per year a to Israel if we go on to specifically get Involved militarily in this war then we Have to ask questions that demand Specific answers about clear War Objectives that I don't think is in the US interest or in Israel's interest so My view as an America First conservative Is that Israel is our most important Ally in the Middle East but they get to Make their own decisions about their National self-defense but if we're going To get involved I do have some serious Concerns about a prolonged ground Invasion in Gaza that with the US Involvement could result in a broader War in the Middle East so my message is Clear give an ultimatum to Iran you stay Out then we stay out and I'm looking After making sure that our people our Americans are brought out of har way but The problem is they support heah Hamas Islam jiad so they're in so by tell them To stay out they're just keeping the Regular army out so they they win and Either way well Israel the IDF should be

Unconstrained Brian and I think the I Think the IDF can get a targeted job Done and I believe that will happen on The series of speakers I was stunned When vice president Mike Pence dropped Out your reaction to that and also the Thought of you not going to the debate Can you answer Both yeah I can answer both so at this Point with a thin field I can tell you I Will show up at the next debate my main Issue was a lot of people on that stage That I don't think the last debate was Very useful now what I will say is also This I ECT Mike Pence and and wish him Well in his future journey in his career I think it's a good thing for this field To thin to offer voters a clear choice I Think that Mike Pence Nikki Haley Tim Scott Chris Christie they're all Traditional politicians Bush era Conservatives and voters deserve that Choice but they don't need four of them I think one choice is plenty for that Lane there's a deeper ideological divide In the GOP between the historical Neoconservative worldview and a future Of America First conservatism of which There are different flavors I think Voters deserve that choice and so it's a Good thing when they're able to be given That choice I think it was an honorable Choice that Mike Pence made and I wish Him well I think some voters would argue

Also of aake that they already have the The America First candidate which is Donald Trump the person that invented That term so would an argument Beed that Term well I I push back on that Reagan Used America First and the first America First conservative was George Washington The founder of our country my view is That I'm coming from a different Generation from an outsider and I do Believe that I have fresh legs we Already seen this Lawrence you know you As a fellow young person I think can Know this too we're reaching Young Americans at a scale that nobody in the GOP has and I do think it's going to Take a leader from the Next Generation To reach the new generation and reunite This country we will take the America First agenda further if we reunite this Country and bring the Next Generation Along and I'm the outsider in this race It's going to take an outsider to do That that's what I'm bringing to the Table and I think you just called Angelie and I old and we're very Insulted by that how dare you Experienced I would say experienced Thanks I'm Steve duy I'm Brian kilme and I'm Angley aart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling Analysis

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