‘WARZONE’: Congressman’s staffer robbed in DC

'WARZONE': Congressman's staffer robbed in DC

A staffer for Rep. Mike Collins, R-Ga., was targeted in an attempted robbery in Washington, D.C. Fox News’ Brooke Singman reports the latest on the incident. #FoxNews

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A serious story out of Washington Georgia Congressman Mike Collins and his Staffers the latest Congressional Employee to be attacked in the nation's Capital they were robbed this weekend His staffers were yeah Brooke singman Has the story for us Brooke what Happened hey guys yeah Collins's Revealing his staffer and his men were Attacked by several suspects the Georgia Congressman says the pair were robbed at Gunpoint by two suspects one of them Stole a watch while another was punched In the face by one of the victims Collins posting on X about the attack Blaming a soft on crime tone set by Local politicians colins saying quote Our nation's capital has become a war Zone because of pro-criminal policies Pedal by DC's government the DC police Department posting this photo of the Suspect's car saying it is wanted in Other reported robberies across the city Police are now asking anyone with Information on the car to call them now This armed robbery adds to a growing List of attacks on congressmen and women And their staff members in Washington Last year a staff member of Kentucky Senator Rand Paul with stabbed in a Random attack Minnesota congresswoman Angie Craig was attacked in her DC Apartment building back in November Texas Congressman Henry quo quar excuse

Me was carjacked in October in another Random attack and a staffer of Minnesota Congressman Brad finstead was attacked At gunpoint following the Congressional Baseball game last year DC police are Still searching for the suspect's car And are asking the public to remain Vigilant guys thank you very much Brooke This is so troubling um my daughter Lives in Navy Yard which is and her Husband live in Navy Yard which used to Be a nice area right it's where National Stadium is it's it's right there but uh Henry quar was uh carjacked in front of The Whole Foods uh and it it's so Troubling and and you know let's go back Like four years ago my daughter when she Was working uh in Congress remember got Hit over the head and robbed she was Knocked out knocked called by somebody And then you know are you nervous for Her not not feeling good about it but I We've talked to her about uh safety and She is very very careful but nonetheless To the congressman from Florida's rather Georgia's Point things are out of Control there's so much emphasis on the Actual capital and having Gates and National Guard there you would think That they would push that out through The city I mean you just can't worry About one day or one group of body I Understand protecting the people's house But when you have the nation capital

That is strictly Anarchy running through The city but there are more cops there Are more cops in Washington DC than in Any other city in the world per capita But I I would say this I wish it it's Not just a Washington story it's a New York story Philadelphia it's Los Angeles And San Francisco uh now San Diego um And certain uh and some Texas cities I Mean this is the story about the lack of Support for law enforcement and lack of Conviction that's when Trump comes in he Doesn't say we're going to have a nation Crackdown it's not he's coming up common Sense says shouldn't we crack down on Criminals should we provide safety it's Not a matter of re what do they do in Other countries that I know some are Really harsh but what do they do in Other countries where they don't have Crime I mean they probably have well Remember famously that that story out of Singapore the guy did something Michael Somebody and his punishment was he was Caned yeah remember that I'm proing I Would do that yeah right offenders they Don't stand for these it's a lot of it's Liberal cities yeah it is because no Republican can really get some traction When they run for office in these you Beat up a police officer in New York City you get out you flip off the Cameras you're an illegal C uh illegal Immigrant and you're walking the streets

Right after that they don't send you Home it's crazy I'm Steve duy I'm Brian Kilme and I'm Angley aart and click here To subscribe to the Fox News YouTube Page to catch our hottest interviews and Most compelling analysis

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