We have opened Pandora’s box of politicized persecution: Harmeet Dhillon

We have opened Pandora’s box of politicized persecution: Harmeet Dhillon

Hoover Institute senior fellow Victor Davis Hanson and Dhillon law group founder Harmeet Dhillon share what could happen when former President Trump appears in court tomorrow on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

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Thank you joining me now is harmy Dillon Founder of the Dillon Law Group a firm Doing some legal work uh for former President Trump also with me Victor Davis Hansen senior fellow at the Hoover Institution two great people to hear From tonight uh harmeet your reaction to Some of this information that's coming Out you know gag orders mug shots 34 Felony counts but it also stepping back And I'll Victor I'll ask you about this As well the spectacle that was today a President of the United States Submitting to an indictment uh and what Will happen tomorrow Well this is unprecedented of course and When you look at all the aspects of this That are unprecedented I actually Disagree with Saul about whether the Former president can get a fair trial Here because remember how this district Attorney actually came to office uh Almost unprecedented in American history He actually campaigned on the idea that If elected he would make it his top Priority to concoct some kind of a case Against the former president that is a Very troubling Crossing of a line that I Think you're going to see repeated all Over the country now in retaliation for This clearly politicized prosecution the Latest that I'm hearing from the folks Who've been in the mix there in New York Today includes that there may not be a

Gag order and you know as we talk about New York law it actually looks at also Whether a gag order would even be Effective at this point here again There's been a campaign about this Potential prosecution it's been talked About in the Press it's been leaked to The Press clearly and so the the judge May take the view that the publicity has Already been had and a Curative of Restriction on media isn't going to have The effect necessary plus all the Negative aspects of that but what I want To say finally about this is that we'll Go through this process and if the judge Is being fair I think this case should Be dismissed but if it isn't then you Know there are a number of I think Defects with what we're hearing about This case and Setting that aside what has been opened Here as a Pandora's box of politicized Prosecutions being touted and being had In this country and that's incredibly Disturbing for confidence in the rule of Law No doubt Victor we've all pointed out The fact that this is unprecedented but Set the scene of what this says about The state of our Republic uh and what it Says about just us as a country Well it means elections and politics are Going to be settled by other means and That's law fair what this does now is

It's going to unleash every wannabe Local or state prosecutor who wants to Be a celebrity or has a political ax to Grind or is in service for the national Party to go after ex-presence or anybody And I mean it's going to be a red blue State divide any any type of business That Hunter Biden or Joe Biden conducted That may be questionable in a red State A local prosecutor could do this to Embarrass the president and when he Comes out of office there's going to be A lot of people go after him and is this The type of tit for tout we want we got To remember that they're they're Destroying block by block the foundation Of this country the Constitutional Foundation Mr Trump was the first President to be impeached twice we know Now from his call and subsequent Information about the Biden family Consindicate they had there was Legitimate concern about their Relationship with Ukraine and Hunter Biden's activity he was the first President to be tried as a private Citizen when he was out of office he was The first president to have his home Residence raided after he was out of Office and now he's the first president To be brought up on these charges which Most legal experts believe are Superfluous but more importantly this is If you put it in a longer context I mean

This is not FDR having sexual relations With Lucy Mercer in the white house it's Not Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky in The white house it's not JFK and Mimi Alford in the White House this is 16 Years ago and with some private matter That may or may not have taken place and Was was dragged up to continue this Process and when you look back at all of These incidents Pete there was no Russian collusion the hunter laptop Biden was not Russian disinformation That was used to affect an election on Its Eve there was the the Mar-A-Lago Raid was not a unique instance of a President taking out classified Documents because Joe Biden without the Authority to declassify them put them in Three at least three residents with much Less security so in each one of these Cases in retrospect and post facto there Was no there there and so what are we Doing we're just trying to say that Donald Trump is Crow a course or he's Extraordinarily different or he's not Part of the establishment and we're Going to destroy him and what it's going To pose an existential question to the Republicans what do they do they're the Adult in the room do they have to reply Apply Tit for Tat do they have to tear Up the State of the Union Address on National TV do they have to deny Minority representation on committees do

They have to always threaten to get rid Of the filibuster to bring in two new States is that what they is that what we Come to to destroy the Republic just for Them It's really scary It's scary it is really scary that's and That's incredibly important historical Context as we talk about what might Happen tomorrow it really is tectonic Plates shifting under our Republic uh Great perspective from you both Victor Harvey thank you so much tonight thank You hey Sean Hannity here hey click here To subscribe to Fox News YouTube page And catch our hottest interviews and Most compelling analysis you will not Get it anywhere else

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