Welcome to Episode 1 of Angry White Men (AWM). Three White Men who share their anger.

Welcome to Episode 1 of Angry White Men (AWM).  Three White Men who share their anger.

Angry White Men(AWM) is about telling and selling the American Story in honest and straight forward terms. AWM believes all Americans have an equal opportunity to be successful. With hard work and commitment, anyone can make it in America. Each week AWW describes the changes that need to take place, locally statewide, and throughout the 50-States.

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Okay welcome everyone to the Republican Party network uh this is our maiden Voyage of angry white men ah We hope that you're going to enjoy this One uh this is uh expert extemporaneous And uh it's right off the seat of our Pants and it's uh from people who uh uh Have uh worked their entire life played By the rules and that we're angry but I Want to make sure that everybody clearly Understands because we don't want the Left wing which we've already gotten a Few uh uh emails from uh uh knowing that We were going to have this new feature On the Republican Party Network that we Believe in Opportunity we believe in the Constitution we believe in the Bill of Rights we believe if you work hard in This country then you deserve the Prosperity that you gain and it makes no Difference what you look like what your Color of the skin is that's not who America is and while we have the the Left-wing Democratic party talk about us As being a racist country we know we're Not most people that live in this Country know we're not and so we're Going to kind of make it straight now With this new feature on the Republican Party Network so we're glad you're here This is our made in voyage and again Um if you have comments or concerns uh Issues or questions or things you want Us to discuss make sure you put it in

The comments section below and we'll be Responding to that so I'm going to let My uh two uh Partners here in angry White men introduce themselves as they Start but we're going to first start With Matthew so Matthew as an angry White man what's what's what's your Gripe what's going on well first of all I wrote one thank you for involving me I've been looking forward to this a Media kind of ties back in a little bit You said racism so I want to bring that Up in my my talk uh I don't know exactly How to get at this but I feel like as White men were underrepresented in most Everything uh maybe that comes back to Some of the feminist movement stuff that Happened before I was born I'm only 41 Years old but I see more and more the Things that I appreciated as a little Kid are as a little boy are are kind of Uh scorned nowadays so I I don't know if I'm Gonna seem angry but I I was talking With Bob yesterday and I remember going To the rodeo as a little kid and you see These Cowboys and they get they fall off The the horse the bucking bronco get Trampled and they get back up they may Be injured but they're never hurt that Was something that really looked up to As a kid but now we have the safety Culture with moms and the kids don't get Exposed to any of the the male traits

They're bad they're violence their conf Well maybe when we get back to Confrontation Um I I feel like that that feminist Energy maybe is uh feels threatened by Confrontation to a certain degree And I I probably should have formed my Points a little bit better before I came In Um I don't know if I'm making sense you Kind of go in in a direction that Resonates with you or it's just hard Being a white guy anymore Um See what else I have to to say on the Topic I'm I'm running out of a little Bit of steam Uh let's just go over then the Bob and We'll come back to you then okay all Right I could appreciate what Matthew's Saying basically I think uh his topic is That that uh the feminine movement or The feminist movement is pretty well Taken over as a masculine uh culture That our nation used to be where the man Went out and made the living and and the Wife stayed home and raised the children All of that's been turned on its head Now for economic reasons and uh and now You uh children grow up and they don't Know who is uh the male and who is the Female and then you get into all the Transgender mess we're in but anyway my

Topic is is I'm angry very angry about Government mandates it started with well It's been going on since uh Franklin Roosevelt when he basically took control Of the government and and it became Virtually a dictator but we were in a Great depression and the people stood Back and let him and and then Along Comes This coronavirus nonsense and Again the American people backed up and Let the government take over and and the Government mandated that everybody had To wear a mask ever every small business Had to close and and we had to do this And we had to do that we had to get Shots we had to get uh all kinds of Lessons from the government on how to Lead Our Lives And run our businesses and the end Result seems to be that it was all a Bunch of onset and uh we we forced a lot Of family-owned businesses out of Business a lot of people went broke Our whole economic system was turned Upside down The only real beneficiaries were the Large corporations like Walmart and Costco and Lowe's and Home Depot and They made a killing And and now we've got a president Who's going to do some more mandates Uh they're going to force everybody to Have electric cars whether we want an Electric car or not and

It just boggles my mind that we went From one disaster where everybody had to Shut their businesses down and stay home And stay off the streets and stay out of Crowd and stay out of church And uh And then all of a sudden now we're gonna Have a governmental mandate whether we Like it or not That we're going to have to drive an Electric car and then we may have to pay 80 or that or a hundred thousand dollars I just saw a new BMW all-electric car Yesterday one hundred thousand dollars Out the gate So you know it just it just flusters me It's like Thomas Jefferson said many Hundreds of years ago if you let the Government get control it becomes an Octopus and it pretty soon it's Controlling everything it's going to Control our businesses it's going to Control Our Lives it's going to control Our schools The academic world now and I'm a retired Professor and I can speak for 25 years Of experience and I can tell you right Now the academic atmosphere has gone Straight to Hell If you're not a if you're not a female Or if you're not gay but you're not uh For a lack of a better term Out there in Fairyland You don't have a chance academically and

If you're a male You're Dead on Arrival Boy I didn't realize that and and all You got to do now is look at the Presidents and the Deans and all of the The top heavy administrative agencies Not only in the federal government but In the academic world and all you see is The feminist movement and you see the Wolf movement a conservative Professor Is is is now extinct they're it's like The dinosaur there's no conservative Professors left so all the Deans and all The header departments have been Replaced by by females that are very Much into the political correctness and And they don't they don't like Republicans to start with and God forbid If they're a Trumper uh they're Dead on Arrival and they don't even allow Conservative speakers to come on the Campuses anymore So I'm an angry white guy I'm I believe In equal rights for everybody I believe In equal opportunities for everybody but I am so tired of the federal government And some state governments feel like They have to mandate the way we live and The way we raise our families the way we Have to work and and what cars we're Going to drive what business is it of The federal government to decide that I Have to drive an electric car I don't Want an electric car don't mean either No way

Yeah might as well support child uh Slavery but and then of course they Talked out of both sides of their mouth Because most of the the raw material That they need to build these huge Storage batteries for these electric Cars is coming from China Yeah our our countries that are very Very uh antagonistic toward the United States so we've gone from buying Everything from China today we're going To buy all of our car materials from China well it sounds like our inner part Of our energy industry would be out of There you know if it's storage-based Battery stuff We're gonna that's a big business right Energy well oil and gas business is one Of the biggest businesses in the United States and and now we're here in Tucson We're looking at almost five dollars a Gallon for gasoline and and what two and A half years ago it was a dollar 99 Cents a gallon and now it's pushing five Dollars in Tucson and and in the space Of two and a half years and we have some Of the largest oil reserves in the United States correct oh they got plenty Of oil and gas massive amount of uh they They got more they got more gasoline They got more oil in the ground in in West Texas than than we can use for Another 100 years And and then after that they can go back

To Oklahoma and and get what the Reserves are laying in the ground in Oklahoma so there is no shortage of oil In the United States what we have is a Shortage of leadership in Washington Sure did you come and see we have a Shortage of Common Sense we're shooting Ourselves in the foot and it just burns Me up to think that the Saudi Arabians Over there now are are just just sitting There counting the American dollars Coming in and then at the same time They're doing that they're threatening To drop the dollar as a uh as the Accepted rate of exchange and go to the Chinese one And make it now the capital Exchange source which would in effect Would make China the strongest economic Power in the world So that that's where we're headed with The leadership we've got right now by The time Uh the 2024 election roll around you Watch The number one issue is going to be Whether or not the world is going to Follow the Chinese currency the one And drop and ditch the U.S dollar as the Favored rate of exchange And that's what that's what this last Four years of President Biden has gotten On we're going to have to go on from the Most powerful Nation on Earth

To a third-rate power what kind of you Know this this uh I call the global Cartel uh banking cartel I feel like the Federal Reserve is a part of this Perhaps and they're kind of in bed with Our federal government who just thinks They can rake the taxpayer to pay their Uh interest on the bonds they give out All over the place I don't I know enough To be dangerous but I I am always very Skeptical of that uh you had some stuff To mention on that didn't you yell well You know you guys uh I'm just sitting Here getting angrier as I'm listening to The two of you Uh but you know it it for me It all starts with the IRS Because the reality comes down if they Didn't have the money They couldn't do a lot of things that They're doing and that to me is the real The real issue that we have to start Focusing on and too many people believe That well the IRS is just here and we Know that's not the case uh first part Of the history of this country up until The Civil War there was no IRS there was There was no income tax and the thing That really bothers me the most and the Thing that to me is just absolutely Stupid and both the Republican party and The Democratic party have done nothing About it is we tax production When people produce more they get

Taxable they get taxed they're all Choked up here they get taxed more and If that doesn't make sense I don't know What you know so therefore why should I Work why should I exactly they'll pay You to sit at home anymore Yeah and and and then when you invest And you save you get taxed on that So the bottom line to it is is that we Have an idiotic system And Congress Republican Democrat are Ignoring it and we have got to start Doing something about that and that's The part that I feel is the most Dangerous to helping us people at this Point are saying why should I work And then we have those that are saying That are productive why should I work Anymore and that's going to kill this Country right off and if we don't start Doing something about that and our Leaders don't have the courage to do Something about that we're done we're Done Um and it connects right in with the With the with the two of you they're Saying so one of the things I have is I'm listening to all of you and then We're all this where's everybody else I mean is it just us three that are Angry or there are more people out there That are angry and they just don't know What to do What do you think well I I my uh my

Opinion on that question Yale is that Most uh most Americans right now are are Afraid to express an opinion that's Contrary to the official propaganda That's coming out of Washington and the National news media uh very few people Are willing to stand up in a public Place Or even to address a a small crowd and And give their their version of what's Going on in the United States because They're afraid they're not going to be Politically correct Uh this political correctness business Is a way of controlling people it's a Way of controlling Society it's just Like the coronavirus you know they use They used a a a an epidemic to get Control of the people and then once they Had control of them then they they gonna They're gonna they're gonna force a lot Of stuff down our throats that we don't Want the basic American principle is Individual rights the rights to live and And work and and pursue happiness and And and keep the government out of your Hair and and your your emotion or your Mention of the IRS is a good it's a good Point but you got to remember the IRS is A federal agency which is created by Congress and Congress has the final word In these uh regulations and so forth That are coming out of the IRS so the Buck stops in Washington D.C with the

Congress and with the president if if They want a fair and and an inequitable IRS Organization and a fair and Equitable IRS regulation It all goes on in Washington DC and Congress so well I've got some thoughts Too so with our foreign policy we're not Exactly popular right now what happens When other countries stop buying our Bonds R1 our bonds are federal bonds That's a good question that that is the Question you if if uh the foreign Nations ever quit buying the U.S bonds And they start buying Chinese bonds God Forbid then we're headed for a third World economy And that's going to be that's going to Be the gate when you see that when you See people when you see these these Foreign countries like Saudi Arabia and Turkey and and and South America and and And so forth uh South Africa and so Forth when you see them start buying Chinese Bonds then it's all over with right you Might have just you might wash out the Currency and start a new you might as Well get you an RV and hits them out Yeah no uh summarizing these these three Points that we've been making each of us You know I think can be with what just Happened with uh uh buying homes and as

You probably know and a lot of people Well I don't know how many people know Out there that now uh their new Regulations coming out uh that uh if Your credit's lousy you get a better Deal Uh I think it's not gonna stand yeah I Don't understand what they they did this Years ago and it it resulted in the Subprime mortgage crisis they bundled uh The the poor credit score people that They I don't know I think it was Intentional but they rated their uh Mortgage Securities incorrectly and of Course those had a high default rate and The mortgage insurance can step in and And fill the Gap yeah but now we're We're doing it on its face and we're Making the good uh responsible Person bear the burden of the person That maybe in the best they aren't as Developed with their their financial Basis but uh they may be irresponsible Too we don't know but it's just not a Sustainable it's a disruptive uh policy And that I don't see how that will work Well but it gets to the point that you Made though Matthew and it has to do With uh uh gender issues the bottom line To it is if we look at most families Families at work you have the man who Has a certain role and the woman has a Certain role I mean this isn't a sexist Thing this just makes sense and if the

Man in the home Says you know I'm working hard taking Care of my kids taking care of my wife Taking care of my family and then I'm Young but I'm working hard and now all Of a sudden the government says well Wait a minute you don't need to work so Hard you don't need to be so responsible Your credit doesn't need to be that good Well first of all it makes people crazy That's the first thing and then it comes Down to Bobby's point about mandates Well we've really mandates sorry to step In but we really have a awkward Relationship with our banking system and Our federal government they're like one In the same but they have private Interests and so what they do is I Always want to place that burden of uh Their decisions And and continue to be profitable Profitable at the expense of the the Taxpayer the case in point we bail them Out so for the subprime mortgage crisis And they knew there's no way that is Sustainable Well I'd say this was a pretty good Introduction To angry white men for the Republican Party Network and I think it also shows That we don't need a bunch of experts Coming in here to tell us folks that Have worked our whole life played by the Rules what makes sense and I believe

Most Americans that are productive are In the same boat and we're going to keep Doing this each week we're going to Expand on it we're going to get better At it we're going to get more uh Involvement and we want to know what you Think out there so we want to know your Issues what makes you angry and uh put The comment post it in the comments Section below and we will be responding Uh we're going to get this scheduled uh We'll have this uh each week we're going To get more information to you join the Republican Party Network get involved With us so we can start changing some of The things that are going on I want to Thank Bobby I want to thank Matthew Thank you for joining us uh today and we Will be showing doing this each week and Again let us know your thoughts thanks Very much God bless and we will see you Soon

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