What Happens to Campus Radicals After College?

What Happens to Campus Radicals After College?

People saying ignorant and hateful things is the price of free speech. But have you ever wondered what all these campus radicals do when they graduate?

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Campus radicals what do they do for a Living what careers do they go on to Well we' looked into it Jason bedrick And I were curious about where all these Campus radicals go when they leave School now they're marching around and Chanting in support of Hamas every Palestinian is a citizen even if they Hold arms do they go on to responsible Careers or do they end up in their Parents' basement well we got some idea Of this by going back and looking at a Sample of 300 Campus radicals and we Looked at what do they do after they Graduate what kinds of careers do they Go on to and we found that 38% of them Went on to careers in education 28% in Higher education 10% in K12 this is Twice as many as going to careers of Activism this is the Long March through Our institutions of Campus radicals Going on to become teachers to recruit More campus radicals so if we want to Put an end to this then we're going to Have to recapture our institutions of Learning and turn them into places that Serve our values and that actually focus On education

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