White House not ruling out commutation for Hunter Biden

White House not ruling out commutation for Hunter Biden

White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre spoke with reporters about Hunter Biden’s fate as they pressed her about possible commutation. The ‘Outnumbered’ panel reacted to the dialogue as Hunter faces possible jail time and fines. #FoxNews

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This just in White House Press Secretary Karen jeanpierre said President Biden is Not ruling out a possible commutation Though she said she has not spoken to Him she said he has ruled out a pardon But on the issue of commutation the Answer was a little bit different listen To what she had to Say you're not Ring what I'm saying is that the President I have not spoken to the President about this and what I'm saying Is was asked about a parted he was asked About uh he was asked about um uh the Trial specifically and he answered it Very clearly very forthright uh as we Know the sentencing hasn't even been Scheduled yet I I don't have anything Beyond what the president said he's been Very clear about this you know Bill just Reading between the lines here and again This is just conjecture but she said she Hasn't spoken to the president she said She has nothing new on a commutation I Think it's fair to say she didn't rule It out because she didn't this could Easily just be a case of not having Spoken to the principal her boss the President you know um I really think Like we're going to get five months of Twists and turns and we're all going to Have National vertigo before this thing Is over right and I think we're going to Get like drips and drabs of this stuff

And it's going to take us in different Directions here's one thing I I was a Little confounded with earlier today With on America's news and with Dana and Me I don't know what it means but no Juror in the Trump trial has talked no Juror in the Trump trial has even been Identified no one's even given a comment Not even off the record yes that is Interesting and and yesterday I I mean I Think the jurors reacted the way Normally jurors react they said we Looked at the evidence and we found him Guilty and that that's what we decided Um the one jur said politics played no Part in whatsoever think about this a Year ago you know law right David Weiss Was involved in August of the last year Right m a year ago Hunter Biden had a Probation deal and he walked away from It and a year ago Hunter Biden Apparently had a deal at least on paper That would give him immunity from any Further prosecution the whole thing just Blew up in front of that judge no reica Yeah and now you get a guilty thing on On the gun and you're going to have the Tax evasion case go to court in Los Angeles in early September and That the addiction issues were rather Pronounced I thought publicly in this Trial I think a lot of Americans can relate to That understand have a level of sympathy

For it but the tax deal I think might Have a whole different connotation for a Lot of Americans I think you're right Which is why I think he might accept a Plead deal in that case the facts match The law he clearly overplayed his hand This first time around there will be Embarrassing details with the tax for His whole family not just him so we'll See but to your point on the addiction The Biden campaign I was reading in Politico thinks that one of the Strongest moments Biden had in the 2020 Debate um I believe it was the first one Was when he stood up for his son Hunter And he pointed out that his son Hunter Was an addict millions of people are Addicts in this country he overcame he Conquered and they thought that was a Strong moment and it seems that President Trump might have taken note of That because I I read this the very Bottom of the New York Times today let's Pull it up behind all of this Mr Trump Who aggressively attacked hunter in the 2020 election has changed his mind about The political value of doing so now at Least over the younger Biden's personal Issues according to people close to the Former president in a meeting last year Mr Trump acknowledged privately to an Associate attacks against the President's son had the potential to Backfire now listen besides attacking

Hunter more than five dozen times in the Waning months to the election listen to How president Trump talks about Addiction with Shan Hannity there's another aspect of it and It's something that if you look at like The fentol flowing into this country That is killing our children in massive Numbers and opioids killing our children In massive numbers there is this issue That is very real and I guarantee you There's not a person that's watching the Show that doesn't know somebody family Member friend neighbor that hasn't had To deal with addiction you've had to Deal with it in your life you don't Drink no never have no never had a drink Uh I had a brother who suffered Tremendously from alcoholism and Alcohol and it was a terrible thing to Watch he was an incredible guy with the Best personality he was the best looking Person you've ever seen everything was Perfect but he had an addiction and so I Understand addiction because I you know It was very close he was very close to Me now Harris Biden's team thinks that Trump is going to attack Hunter on the Debate stage I think you might hear that And how powerful that is you know what Was not adjudicated in the courtroom and Is really not something that separates Many Americans the idea that you want to Give sympathy to people who have disease

I I don't think that divides many people But you know what else is also true and These two things are simultaneously true Not everybody commits a crime who's an Addict and the president promised Promised no one is above the Law including I would imagine since his Son is a one a someone it would be his Son if you commute and wipe away the Sentence time potentially for his son Because it's not a pardon it's a Commutation if you fix it for Hunter You're going to fix it for every other Addict out there who went to jail who Was using drugs for whatever crimes that They committed outside of violent crime Of Course is that his son obtaining a Weapon in the state in which we know he Was from the Witnesses in the case Including ex-girlfriends one of whom Went through his truck and found the gun And tried to hide it from the public Unsuccessfully you you honestly think in That situation the president can stand On firm ground and say I'm going to fix It for Hunter but I'm not fixing it for Anybody else I think it hurts him Politically he ought to keep his mouth Shut and he ought to act like he trusts The justice system which 48 hours ago he Did yeah there's another element to this And it's the distraction element going Back to last year there are articles

Saying AIDS fear that Biden would be Distracted by the hunter legal battles Distracted from the 2024 election Katie Rogers from The New York Times was on CNN last night I want you to listen Specific to her reporting on this Distraction vis a war that's going on in Israel more than anything else he wakes Up you know if he's briefed uh by Aids On Gaza the next immediate thing is is About his son or he is constantly in Contact with his son they speak at least Once a day so this is um something that Is going to add more weight to um the President's mindset he's already been Quite worried about um these legal Problems never having an end for his son And this just adds to that Emily she Says he goes into briefings about Israel In the war in Gaza and comes out and Asks about Hunter so this is a president Who who clearly has a personal matter on His mind yeah I mean just this hour we Have uh hundreds of rockets being fired By Hezbollah into Northern Israel thanks To Trey yank's amazing reporting on that I wonder at this hour yes what the President's thoughts are consumed by to Me it's another Hallmark of the just Colossal selfishness that is Hunter Biden he didn't end any of this early Enough at the president in this regard That we're talking about he's a father It's natural to be consumed by worry for

A child of yours of course so I get that I appreciate your point so much the Distinction is so obvious the punishment The criminal retribution the Accountability is not for an addict it's For criminal behavior that this person Engaged in many of us who know all of The people who have been who have Suffered from addictions and the like Well pretty sure we probably saw them Being held accountable for any criminal Behavior it doesn't matter if they Intend it there's no such thing as a Victimless crime and it's such a Childish argument when people make that About drug use because you are thus Participating in a huge machination that Includes cartels that then increases Human smuggling that in that increases Violence on the streets and currency Being used as drugs there's no such Thing as victimless or woe is me or this Or or some type of you know separate Empathy or compassionate state that we Hold that is unrelated from the Accountability that Hunter had occur Yesterday that as we know the vast Majority of incarcerated federal Prisoners by the way are subjected to Too drug offenses number one firearm Offenses number two Hunter Biden welcome P I think that when you look at what We've seen over the last four years the Laptop was disappeared when it was the

October surprise but we've watched his Life unravel before our eyes there is a Massive amount of sympathy and parents Across the country are going to go you Know what if I were Joe Biden I'd Consider it yeah and I think that's why You're going to hear president Trump Strike an empathetic tone on the debate Stage and I think it's going to be very Very powerful hey everyone I'm Emily Compano catch me and my co-hosts Harris Vulner and Kaye mechineni on outnumbered Every weekday at 12 pm Eastern or sets Your DVR also don't forget to subscribe To the Fox News YouTube page for daily Highlights

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