Why the China threat is growing at the United States’ expense

Why the China threat is growing at the United States' expense

The Heritage Foundation’s Michael Pillsbury discusses China rebuffing efforts to restart talks with the U.S. and what the Biden administration should do to ease tensions between the two nations on ‘Fox News Live.’ #foxnews #fox

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Back right home treasurer secretary Janet Yellen offering an olive branch of Source to China this past week in the Speech on Thursday she said the body Demonstration has no intention of Decoupling from Beijing as it does look To resume official Communications with China but she added that the U.S would Safeguard our National Security even if That comes at an economic cost but China They have their own ideas it's rebuffing Any kind of talks but the foreign Ministry spokesman claiming that it is Us who using technology and trade issues As a weapon in the name of National Security all of this as communist China Continues to build up its nuclear Arsenal worrying signs from Beijing for More Michael Pillsbury joins us Heritage Foundation senior fellow for China Strategy author of The Hundred Year Marathon Michael it seems that Sean has Given the body Administration a stiff Arm what does this action and what does This confrontation mean Well from the by the administration's Point of view Eric I think they're Embarrassed they they thought they were Being fair toward China extending the Hand of friendship And then the Chinese simply refused to Talk to them you you know that they in The Pentagon they they asked for Military channels to be reopened and

Have talks with uh JCS chairman Millie And the Secretary of Defense China Refuses to do that uh China is really uh Started a worldwide campaign recently to Mock America it's a front page New York Times story yesterday Eric as that Xi Jinping is mocking the Biden Administration I think that's a correct Interpretation uh they've had a number Of uh articles and speeches recently the Chinese had a one-long article on the Foreign ministry's own official website Called The Perils of hegemony and it Went back a hundred years on how evil The United States is around the world so This is not what the by the Administration expected they thought if They could just say let's have healthy Competition you know and then we can Still cooperate on climate change it's Not happy at all they cut off the Climate chain talks they cut off the Committee that discusses fentanyl So This is highly embarrassing it looks to Me like Janet Yellen Eric as you Mentioned she's trying to say no we're Not really trying to hurt your economy You know we have to do these measures Against you but it's just not working so It's an embarrassment for them by the Administration and and what does it mean Going forward in terms of what we can See from China if they're closing all This down if they're being

Confrontational and aggressive Aggressive toward us what are your Concerns Well it's Bipartisanship used to be the the Approach for American foreign policy Toward China you've got large majorities In the House and Senate both supporting Various kinds of actions what's Happening now is the Republican party And conservatives in particular some in The Democratic party as well they are Really quite hostile to China so they See this kind of speech by Janet Yellen As wishful thinking failure to Understand China's true intentions toward us Starting to see happening I'm afraid is That this will be an election issue for The presidential primaries for the Republican primaries the various Republican candidates Eric have been Outdoing themselves attacking China Um I I don't know what the Bible Administration is going to do because They've clearly got pro-china doves uh In inside who have a lot of influence on President Biden so this could be an Election issue the way it was in 2016 When President Trump exploited the China Fear and China's stealing jobs from us Three or four million jobs uh this could Happen again that we could see the Democrats in really serious trouble

Because of this wishful thinking toward China do you think this wishful thinking Is dangerous so what's your view uh when They try to approach China this way is It constructive and positive or is it a Trap No I think it's a mistake and I would Even use the word dangerous what we're Seeing is China wants to get into a Position of strength against the United States so if they can pull away macron Of friends if they can get Brazil uh if They can threaten to back Putin more in In the Ukraine this increases the Leverage China has over the Biden Administration I think they'll regret it Uh in coming this coming year I think The Biden team will regret not being Tough around China and being made to Look so weak in the eyes of both of the Chinese who has the New York Times Center mocking them now and in terms of Domestic politics when they just look us Off when the public has these responses They're like 70 to 80 percent are Concerned about the China threat And and quickly Michael finally what Should you think the bite Administration Do to try and push back correctly and Get that message of toughness if they Have that to to she They've got to have some means of coming To an agreement within them within their Own ranks uh there have been a number of

Leaks that indicate there's quite the Debate going on around President Biden And the Chinese know this very well Their masters at manipulating American Politics so unless they can get their Act together and speak with one voice on China the the real beneficiary of all This is Xi Jinping himself who's going To pick picking up our allies one by one And building a coalition against us Eric That we never anticipated that the world Could be turned against America by the Chinese of all people but I think that's What's happening Michael persberry of The Heritage Foundation on the growing China threat Michael good to see you Thank you so much I winner Brian Kilmeade I want you to do me a favor I Want you to click to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page this is the only Way that I know for sure that you're not Going to miss any great commentary any Great news bites any great interviews Coming your way on Fox you can get it All here on YouTube so subscribe right Now

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