Will Cain: Everyone is daring Biden to run for re-election

Will Cain: Everyone is daring Biden to run for re-election

Fox News host Will Cain reacts to President Biden’s rumored campaign announcement for 2024 on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’

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[Music] Glam wheel Kane and I'm in a special Edition of Jesse Waters prime time we All know good old-fashioned playground Rules rule number one Never say no to a dare especially a Double dare But at the same time huh That sounds like a dare Harry it's a Double dare Front It's not so bad it's more tingly than Hot yeah On an absolutely insane day we focus on What is most important and what is most Important is potential corruption and Compromise at the highest levels Of the United States of America so when It comes to the playground Joe Biden's Playground it's 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue And everyone is daring Joe to run for Re-election We asked folks in this poll do you think Joe Biden should run for reelection look At this only a quarter 26 percent said They think he should run for re-election Overall the president's job rating is Not in a good place when you're seeking Reelections most Americans don't want to Vote for an 81 year old man for President Joe Biden is asking for four More years when 74 percent of Americans Think the country's heading the wrong Way it's hard for the boss to say give

Me four more years but Joe Biden is Playing by playground rules and he is Not going to say no to Adair [Music] Stay tuned well rumors are rampant that Joe is set to announce his run for Re-election in 2024 he will announce That bid it is suggested tomorrow but Taking this dare is a little bit like Well the cast of Dumb and Dumber it's Like eating that bowl of atomic peppers For Joe Biden why because the moment That he announces the Dam breaks for the Biden crime family the media and the Intelligence communities won't be able To contain the Biden's dirty laundry List instead they'll have to wake up They'll have to smell the roses when House Republicans if House Republicans Do as they suggest they will and that is Root out the Bad Apple of the Biden Family Hunter but not stop at Hunter Biden expand this investigation into What appears to be a family-wide Corruption affair We thought that there were two or three Biden family members that would be Implicated in these Bank violations uh Nearly three weeks later we walk out of Treasury having read poured over Thousands of pages of documents and I Can tell you that there were more Suspicious activity reports that had Been previously reported and many more

Abiding family members that were Involved in the influent peddling scheme We now have nine and Counting Biden Family members who were zinged by at Least one bank for receiving suspicious Wires from our adversaries around the World It's not just going to be the big guy And Hunter according to Comer as you Just heard there's hard evidence he says That nine Biden family members were Involved Comer thinks by the way that Number it could go up to 12 and that Could also still just be the tip of the Iceberg you see whistleblowers are Lining up and getting ready to throw Biden under the bus here's one and this Is remarkable former Obama Biden White House stenographer Mike McCormick who Says he said he saw something he's Calling a kickback scheme it's when Vice President Biden then Vice President Biden took a trip to Ukraine just three Days by the way before Hunter Biden Signed on to join the board with no Qualifications of Energy company in Ukraine burisma he says he has hard Evidence to put an end to Biden's career Joe Biden is lying Joe Biden is a Criminal that's the bottom line I don't Care if he goes to Timbuktu or Islander Anywhere he's a criminal and I've got The evidence if they put me in front of The grand jury that's right now seated

In Wilmington with special prosecutor David Weiss my testimony becomes the Evidence that will put him in jail or Will uh lead to his impeachment Daunting but Joe Biden's looking him Right back in the face and saying I Double dare you you see not only is he Still running or set to announce another Run for presidency but he's running with Who right by his side Hunter Biden I don't know if you've Noticed this but Hunter's been following His daddy around a lot lately Biden Holds an Easter egg roll Hunter is there Biden Jets off to Ireland Hunter's there Too and doesn't look like he was too Camera shy either Um Making sure that we don't all have [Music] A contractors Itself And I'm not sure I'm the best guy to Explain it Right there Side by side and rumors are going to be Seeing a lot more of Hunter in the Coming months why it suggested Hunter May be living in the White House the New York post's Miranda Devine is reporting That Hunter may have moved in to hide Out from his baby mama that's former Stripper London Roberts who's suing him Over child support payments for their

Four-year-old daughter Hunter says it's Not mine not that kid and Miss Roberts Is now asking an Arkansas court to have The first son jailed after he failed to Fork over his financial records as Ordered by the court and now by the way Just today the judge overseeing that Case he ordered the the Hunter's legal Team to bring Hunter into court that he Needs to start showing up and the judge Asked his legal team hey is this laptop That supposedly contains your financial Records is it real But back to whether or not Hunter's Going to show up in that courtroom who's Going to serve him legal papers who's Going to go to the White House Hunter's acting like he's Untouchable And he may well be Untouchable we found Out from an IRS whistleblower Biden's Department of Justice is mishandling the Tax evasion case that appears to be of Hunter bidens he's alleging that Federal Prosecutors and their office in Delaware Has been politically influenced so as to Not vigorously pursue Hunter Biden we've Also heard reports the justice Department has been sitting on enough Evidence to charge Hunter For a year Now that's on top of the Biden campaign Orchestrating a cover-up of the laptop In 2022 when they told former acting CIA Director Mike Morrell this is something

We now know to be true to lie they told Morel to lie and say the laptop was Quote Russian disinformation a falsehood That many still believe today a Falsehood that at the time they knew was A lie that did not keep though 50 of the Highest level Intelligence Officers in The United States from signing a letter To Barry damaging information on a Presidential candidate I'm talking about Michael Hayden James Clapper Leon Panetta and almost everyone at the Highest levels of the United States Intelligence lying running a Disinformation campaign On Americans to swing an election Why wouldn't Hunter think he's Untouchable And now not just content to be Untouchable he's playing the victim his Legal team is going on offense they're Demanding ethics actions against Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor green for Saying for quote falsifying saying Hunter did crack and had sex with Prostitutes They call it defamatory malicious they Call them conspiracy theories Against Hunter Biden I know something or Two went to law school at least enough To suggest I slept at a Holiday Inn Express I know something or two about Defamation you know what the ultimate Defense is truth

Is the laptop not Hunters it appears He's admitted it to it being his laptop And if the laptop is his so are all the Pictures of Hunter smoke and crack and Fooling around with prostitutes not also True And then the actually important part to The United States of America what about All the emails with business associates From China Ukraine Russia Romania Kazakhstan we could keep going If all those business emails Are on the laptop are they not also true While we're at it how about 10 for the Big guy The bidens think they run the playground Back to playground rules and remember Joe said Nobody messes with a Biden Thanks for coming down [Music] Now Joe's rubbing it in our faces he's Running again and he's doubling down He's double daring us to do something About Hunter and his family So the question is Are we going to take him up on his dare Hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to Subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and Catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis you will not get it Anywhere else

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