Will Cain: This city is a ‘paradise’ for addicts

Will Cain: This city is a ‘paradise’ for addicts

Will Cain explains how San Fransisco’s streets have become overrun by drug addicts on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’

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Welcome to a special edition of Jesse Waters prime time I am will Kane when we Used to think of Seattle we always Thought of rainy weather maybe Frasier Because the world completely lost the Concept of common courtesy am I the only One who was resisting this tide People of Seattle Listen to me We are not barbarians we are not Neanderthals and we are not French do You hear that yeah Oh but Frasier wait till you see Seattle Today but then Seattle to be fair after Fraser paved the way for grunge and the City did get a little bit more exciting [Music] So no relationship I'm sure to grunge But after that somewhere after that Things really started to take a turn and The City of Frazier's Paradise turned to The Barbarians and became a paradise for Addicts Drug users congregate under umbrellas Near bus stops and vestibules Or simply get high out in the open in Front of shock parents and children but You know if anything is teaching or not To do drugs Good for you Look at this man overdosing near the raw Store was he doing Blues I don't know What it is Police rushed in to save his Life with several hits of Narcan as

People watched in horror Insane the city has decayed into an American crisis you walk on the streets Of Seattle and you see little tent Cities dirty needles and people being Left for dead in the street and just Last year almost 600 people overdosed in The Emerald City it's getting so bad That Seattle's doctors are running out Of places to store the bodies The medical examiner's office is now Struggling with the issue of storing Bodies because the fentanyl related Um Death toll continues to climb Obviously they have finite space in the Coolers they use and that space is now Being exceeded on a regular basis Now Seattle's a one-party town so no Need to worry Democrats have a plan to Save Seattle and I know what you're Thinking no no they're not going to hand Out meth pipes or needles to the drug Addicts again they already tried that And it may actually have played a big Part in the number of ODS skyrocketing Imagine that No they have a better idea this time and For that we turn to the Seattle mayor We will do what makes sense to get People in a treatment Part of the program are low dollar gift Cards as an example But that is part of a

A philosophy to do the Outreach in the Develop the relationships so that people Realize They don't change the way they will die So the city of Seattle is planning on Solving its homelessness and drug Addiction crisis With gift cards they're going to walk Around these tent cities like Oprah Saying you get a card you get a card you Get a card in other words Of course they're going to throw money At the problem it's what they always do And if gift cards aren't your thing well You can move to Los Angeles where I hear They're giving out hotel rooms watch Leaning into the new Direction we've Charted for La my budget also includes An unprecedented 1.3 billion dollars investment to Accelerate our momentum on homelessness This is why my budget breaks new ground To fund the purchase of motels and Hotels by the city From Los Angeles to Seattle to New York City to Washington D.C the mentality is All the same the left thinks Homelessness is at someone being down on Their luck so hey here's a handout but We know that handouts do not fix mental Health issues on this program we've Spoken to addicts on Skid Row who will Tell you if you give them a handout They'll turn it into Drug Money

When I was homeless I was getting about 320 a month in general relief cash and 200 a month in food stamps and uh I Immediately sold the food stamps for a Hundred dollars cash so that gives me 420 in cash and I spent it on drugs Within about two days see when you can Steal food and with no consequences There's no point on using your food Stamp card to buy food you just sell it For drug money when you incentivize bad Behavior which they're doing it's just Going to create more bad behavior and I'm an ex-crackhead and I can figure That out so I don't understand how they Can't figure it out That's Seems pretty clear and wait till you get Low to the latest phenomenon now People have been turning pallets of Water into Drug Money Here's What's Happening Here you get an Oregon Trail card you go in and you buy A bottle of water you go out to the Parking lot and you dump it on the Ground then you take your empty bottles You take them into the store immediately To redeem for 10 cents a piece then you Buy drugs Recycling water bottles for cash to turn Into drugs because when you're addicted You'll turn anything into drugs and if I Was a betting man I'd say turning gift Cards in Seattle will be a lot easier

Than turning water bottles into drugs But Democrats don't seem to really care About getting to the root of the problem Because that takes a lot of real work They'd rather throw wads of cash at the Problem just to say they are doing Something and this kind of system Actually ends up rewarding addiction Just ask anyone on the streets and they Will tell you Geez These systems for people who are not Drug users or alcoholics if you You come in here and splash some alcohol On you put you on your breath If you if you do that then come back and Tell us you're alcoholics we'll we'll Put you in our program you'll have a Place to live that's what gets me is They they reward the people with the Worst Behavior with the best housing and The best of everything and it's because There's multi-millions of dollars Involved and helping those people And then it becomes a never-ending Loop Of the same exact thing you get hooked On drugs and Democrats throw money at You you get even more hooked on drugs But this time maybe you're doing Fentanyl instead of crack because it's Cheaper and then Democrats send you more Money and it just keeps going and the Problem never ends either this is by Design or we're not being governed by

The best and the brightest and maybe Just maybe it's a little bit of both hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to Subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and Catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis you will not get it Anywhere else

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