Witness in Fani Willis’ case accused of lying about Willis-Wade affair

Witness in Fani Willis' case accused of lying about Willis-Wade affair

Former federal prosecutor Neama Rahmani joined ‘Fox & Friends First’ to discuss the latest on the misconduct case stemming from Fani Willis’ affair with Nathan Wade and what’s expected in the ‘Rust’ trial. #FoxNews

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A Georgia State Senate committee is Going to be holding a hearing later Today with the attorney who exposed the Alleged Affair set to testify after Being subpoena this comes as a new court Filing claims one witness lied about When Willis's Affair allegedly started Writing quote what Mr Bradley testified To on the witness stand was directly Contrary to what Mr Bradley had told Attorney Cindy Lee Jagger in person Joining me now react as former Federal Prosecutor and West Coast trial lawyers President Nima Romani Nema thanks so Much for being here we're talking about A lot of lawyers and by the day the Number of lawyers we talk about involved In the case seems to grow so let's break This down the lawyer that's testifying In front of the Georgia State Senate is Ashley Merchant she is a lawyer for the Defense how rare is that for a defense Attorney to testify in front of a Legislative body literally right in the Middle of the case that she's working on Like that just seems very odd to Me well Todd is rare but what we're Dealing with is potential misconduct Proceedings against fonnie Willis and This is something judge McAfee alluded To he said well even if Willis and Wade Started their relationship earlier and They lied about it is that really Grounds for disqualification or is it

More an Ethics issue or State Bar Disciplinary proceeding issue this is Somewhat related when you have a Georgia Legislative body looking into these Allegations okay so to that point what Impact if any could this Senate hearing Have on the underlying Case I don't think it's going to have Any impact because really what we need Here for disqualification is a financial Conflict of interest not just lying not Just paying your boyfriend we need Something more so that's why you see the Defense here they're really trying to Connect the dots and argue that this was An unlawful Kickback scheme where Willis Hired way to benefit her personally I'm Just not sure they've connected those Dots yet okay so you don't think that The judge and in this case has enough Evidence to disqualify fonnie Willis or Her Office I think and if I had to guess I Think McAfee will keep her on the case No Todd that doesn't mean that I think She shouldn't step down I mean I think Her conduct is improper it's unethical And it's really cast an entire Cloud Over the proceedings here this has been An unnecessary distraction and a circus From the merits of the actual case okay Now I'm going to cross-examine you even If the judge does not disqualify her in The case what happens if let's say the

State Bar kicks her out seems like it Would be really tough to be a prosecutor In Georgia if you don't have your bar Cart what happens Then well what what happened is career Prosecutors would step in and they would Take over the case the issue here is not Just fonny Willis because I'm not sure That she's going to be personally Prosecuting this case it should her Entire office be disqualified because if They do then another District Attorney's Office would have to step over step in And take over and given the proceedings Where we are this was the last case to Be filed there's 15 codefendants left It's unlikely we're going to get a trial Before the November general election if That happens interesting all right let's Switch years to a completely different Case closing argument set for today as The state rests in the rust movie trial Case one ammunition supplier testifying On Monday that he provided no live Rounds to the rust set Listen did you provide any live live Ammunition to the set of rest no did you Ever give any live ammunition to Sarah Zachary no have you seen photos of the Live ammunition that was found on the Set of rust I have did you possess any Ammunition that looked like that no okay So this is the case of the armorer uh if That individual you saw in the stand did

Not bring the live ammunition did the Armor well I think that's what the state Is arguing I think they've been Successful so far so the issue here is There were live rounds on set and They're clearly in Hannah Gutierrez Reed's possession now she's trying to Point the finger at others saying that The production was sloppy there were Cutting corners and that maybe the Ammunition supplier gave those live Rounds but really the evidence doesn't Support that you have the testimony that There were no live rounds and when law Enforcement actually conducted a search Warant at the premises of the business Of the supplier they found no ammunition That matched the round that killed Helena hutchon what does all of this Mean for the case against Alec Baldwin well I think this is all good News for Alec Baldwin and this is why One of two things will happen Hanah Gutierrez Reed will be convicted in Which case Baldwin will point to the Empty chair at trial he'll say well Here's the person who's responsible but Even if it's a hung jury or Gutierrez Reed is somehow acquitted what will Happen is Baldwin and his lawyers have Now gotten a free preview of the Testimony that's going to come out the Evidence and the exhibits to come out at Trial so they'll be better equipped to

Set up their defense there we go we Covered a lot I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilme and I'm Angley aart and click here To subscribe to the Fox News YouTube Page to catch our hottest interviews and Most compelling Analysis

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