Witness Project: Nuriman Abdureshid

Witness Project: Nuriman Abdureshid

Nuriman Abdureshid escaped the CCP’s brutal mass internment campaign against the Uyghurs. Her family did not. Witness her story.

Learn more about VOC’s Witness Project: https://victimsofcommunism.org/programs/witness-project/

Just imagine one minute Your mom is taken away your dad is taken Away You don’t know where you are what you’re Doing Five years not five days What would you think [Music] [Music] Foreign But really lovely Village I was born in The raised kashgar and a cyborg Village The name means Garden The famous four there’s so many the the Vegetables and fruit and other people is So caring My mom she thinks this world is full of Love because of she perceived love from The children My dad’s name is If somebody have a problem in our Village they are came to my dad My brother’s personality is I can’t say Dear is so generous and caring When I was in high school and I’m good At literature and in history at the time My teacher said Maybe one day you will be a reporter At that time I thought okay maybe one Day so 2014 I left Hometown for my Doctorate for Foreign Studies about Tricholas and my mom my dad supported me When I was in turkey and I called my mom Every day my dad every day proud of me I

Proud of myself And the things all really went well Going well Foreign [Music] That day I called my mom like every day And she didn’t pick up the phone and I Called to Dad and he also didn’t pick up The phone and I called my brother Several times And I called my sister she’s also live In Turkey Me and my sister and talk about this What’s happening back home and we’ve Heard some of our friends someone we Know they also didn’t contact their Family it’s over months so oh my God That’s happening to my family too The fifth state I think gonna be called To our relatives one of them and she Just pick up the phone and said don’t Call us again That’s the last phone call from my Hometown From that the last call I’ve searched About my family what’s happening to them And I can’t contact Nobody and no one no any officials and Till 2020 um July 15 and the Chinese Embassy In Turkey the Chinese Embassy staff Member said

My mom sentenced 13 years jail the staff Member also said my dad sentenced 16 Years 11 months and my youngest brother Sentenced 15 years 11 months the crime Is Preparing terrorist activism pre-crime What kind of crime is that Preparing Terrorist activities Distributing social water what kind of Crime is this So I I can’t imagine What she going through and what’s her Mentality at that day nobody With her side [Music] The Chinese police pilot came out Earlier this year my name and my Sister’s name is also on that list that Means our whole family is being targeted By Chinese government I can say Chinese governments the reason Why they’re put all people in Concentration camp it is they’re just Simply being English I felt guilty because me and my sister Is Chasing our dreams to go abroad and our Family members they are facing the Torture They didn’t do anything They said the real lifestyle is also Backwards the Chinese government said to Re-educate them so according to my

Family situation I can say that’s why They put all other people to Concentration camp And they want forced assimilation early People to hand Chinese and according to The camp survivors like michugal torzon No they don’t allow us to go out from The room she testified on at the state Department and she said they face Torture and for sterilization And man is also tortion they gave some Kind of injection to make them like Zombie so they they can feel anything There is happening genocidal Torture happening in concentration camp I didn’t eat I can’t sleep The months So I thought I’m dead but still I’m alive And and I left turkey just just gave up Everything I want to speak out and I Want to tell the whole world my my Family is missing so Help me [Music] The things keeps me going is my my Family and my people they gave me a lot They they taught me a lot so I felt like I have a responsibility to do something For them too They can’t erase agriculture they can Erase your history It’s the Thousand Years of culture And even if this kind of horrible

Situation I’m sure they’ll take care of each other In back home We have to we we don’t have like big Country We don’t have military army We just have each other After my whole family is missing and I Really decide to be a journalist Then I can tell my story Then I can tell the other people’s story So that’s why I choose to be a Journalist It’s so different from my childhood Dream The voice is power so being a voice for Voiceless people Yeah that’s my goal now to help to save Them and see them alive I wrote this page is in 2017 Um May 15 that’s my birthday and I wrote Like to mini Buddha in some clippier.com I miss you a lot you guys raised my Latest thank you so much and um And I wish Um feel soon I will meet really soon Yeah Foreign [Music]

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