Women who won’t stand with Riley Gaines are ‘absolute cowards’: Boothe

Women who won't stand with Riley Gaines are 'absolute cowards': Boothe

‘Outnumbered’ panel discusses Riley Gaines pursing legal action after she was attacked at a San Francisco University event.

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The outrage continues after protesters At San Francisco State ambushed College Swimming champion Riley Gaines following Her speech on gender and fairness in Women's sports now SF state with a Statement of Praise about that event Quote thank you to our students who Participated peacefully in Thursday Evening's event it took tremendous Bravery to stand in a challenging space I'm proud of the moments where we Listened and asked insightful questions And I'm also proud of the moments when Our students demonstrated the value of Free speech and the right to protest Peacefully Gaines says she is ready to Take legal action against the school All of a sudden after my speech the room Was stormed the lights were turned off And I was rushed with no one there to Escort me to a safe place I was punched I was hit multiple times I was shoved Did anyone in the state of California in Authority any political figure for Example defend you No not the dean of students not the Campus police I will say the city of San Francisco police that stepped in they Did a phenomenal job in escorting three Hours later but I will be pursuing legal Action I will ensure that the people who Physically assaulted me the people who Put me in that position they will face Repercussions

Good for her Kaylee she absolutely Should and of course SF State bravery to Stand in a challenging space no bravery Is the law enforcement and Riley Gaines In that moment yep Rachel Campos Duffy Said she is a modern day feminist and There's no doubt about it um look Charlie Kirk Turning Point USA said There have been three similar attacks Three in total on TPL USA events in just One week a pro-life speaker was attacked Uh left students apparently proceeded to Destroy a Bible that was at University Of Albany a Virginia Commonwealth University they threw punches and Injured a chapter president UC Davis uh That was another one just weeks after uh Or weeks ago I should say an antifa mob Assaulted cops and shattered glass Attempting to break into my events my Being Charlies Charlie said conservative Governors come to me because we must Hold these criminals accountable who are Assaulting people so I'd love to see Conservative Governors get with Charlie Because it shouldn't be happening in any State that's right Lisa I mean we've Seen this time and time again I mean the Left Embraces violence is a means and a Tools to try to get what they want and That's what these trans activists are Doing but Riley gains is 23 years old And every athlete female athlete that's Older than her that is not saying

Anything is an absolute coward she is a Hero she's a Trailblazer she's a modern Day feminist as you pointed out and she Told me something then I interviewed on My podcast the truth Elise booth that Summarizes where we are today as a Society she said Joe Biden was trying to Rewrite Title IX so that it would be Sexual harassment for her to misgender Leah Thomas but not for Leah Thomas to Expose his male parts we'll say on Daytime uh in front of women in the Locker room and that really tells you Everything about where we are today as a Country and to that point kill me it was Huge that Sage seal came out and said Where is every where is your support for Riley Gaines Hollywood celebs women she Said where are you hello she's Absolutely right and that was Brave of Her to do so because she'll inevitably Get black for that too right I am I'm Stunned that in an age of the metoo Movement and women's rights and Everything like that we're talking about Equality we're putting enough women's Basketball on with men's basketball all Of a sudden a true issue that's hurting Women's sports men I'll pretend to be women or whatever They're going through emotionally go and Play against women hurt them that's Coming next beat them that's coming Right now and then all of a sudden in

Every division of sports you're going to See it infiltrating and I just feel bad That she's alone for now I just wish Somebody else would just Trump their Agent and say I don't care what it costs I'm going to do the right thing and Stand up for women's sports well they're Standing up for this the San Francisco State University the vice president of Student affairs writing a letter saying The trans Community is welcome and Belongs at sfsu further we fiercely Believe in unity connection care and Compassion where was the compassion for Gains when she was attacked and punched And was stuck for three hours and it Took the city police not the campus Police to get her out of there come on Hey everyone I'm Emily compagno catch me And my co-host Harris Faulkner and Kaylee mcineny on outnumbered every Weekday at 12 pm Eastern or sets your DVR also don't forget to subscribe to The Fox News YouTube page for day daily Highlights

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