WON’T BACK DOWN: Greg Abbott will continue to fight for border buoys

WON’T BACK DOWN: Greg Abbott will continue to fight for border buoys

Texas Republican Gov. Greg Abbott criticizes efforts to block the state from deploying deterrence buoys in the Rio Grande River, saying he will take the issue up to the Supreme Court. #foxnews

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[Music] Welcome back new efforts this morning to Stop Texas from defending itself from The floating barrier installed back in J Crossing the border illegally Texas has B uh borne much of the brunt of Biden's Open border policy which has seen a Record 8 million illegal border Crossings under the Biden Administration Border sources telling Fox News as Griff Jenkins for the fiscal year nearly 475,000 migrants have been encountered At the border with just over an Additional 60,000 getaways this is just Since the end of October in addition to The floating barrier and in an effort to Alleviate the drain on financial and Social resources in Texas the governor Has also sent nearly 70,000 migrants on Buses to Sanctuary cities across the Country joining me right now with the State's response is Texas governor Greg Abbot Governor thanks very much for Joining us this morning always a Pleasure thank you Maria H how will you Respond to this Federal appeals court Demanding you remove those buoys from The river Gr listen listen with with all due Respect the appeals court got it wrong And the reason is because they relied Upon a law more than 100 years old uh Saying that we could not deploy these Buoys in the water preventing people

From entering the United States Illegally uh because the the Waterway uh Is categorized as a navigable Waterway Which is absurd uh because it is not nav Navigable by definition when you have uh Literally thousands of people able to Walk across it every single day it's not Used for Trans a of boats up and down That Riverway and so it's completely not Navigable uh we had uh a a majority Democrats who were on that panel making That decision what Texas is going to be Doing and we will be seeking what's Called an unbun ruling by the entire Fifth SEC court of appeals and if we Lose there we will be taking that to the United States Supreme Court because we Know Texas has the right to legally Deploy those buoys in the water to Prevent people from entering our country And our state illeg Al so you're not Backing down and you're prepared to take This all the way up to the Supreme Court Then absolutely okay let me get your Take on the assessment today of the uh Southern border we know that we've seen New numbers of wouldbe terrorists coming Through what can you tell us about the Apprehensions today is it the worst it's Been or has it been alleviated a Bit well I'll tell you a couple of Things very interesting for for one the The problem is extraordinarily bad the Number are high in is because Joe Biden

Continues to uh lay out the welcome at Welcoming illegal immigrants into the United States of America that said uh What we've seen in our numbers in the State of Texas is uh because of the wall That we have built because of these Razor wire barriers that we have built Uh Texas is now no longer uh the number One IL illegal entry point uh it is uh The Tucson sector the San Diego sector Uh in other states uh and in Texas is Causing the cartels to have to alter uh Their roots that uh their their routes Where people are coming across the Border illegally that said Texas is Having to step up and do even more uh to Make sure that we deny illegal entry Into the state of Texas and as a result Uh Maria in two weeks I'll be signing a New law in the state of Texas uh that Will make it illegal for people to enter The state of Texas from another country Illegally and authorizing every peace Officer in the state of Texas to arrest Those people entering our country Illegally well well what you just said Is so critical telling us that this Crisis has gone beyond Texas it's not Just Texas now you're talking about Arizona being a critical issue we're Going to talk with Carrie Lake about That coming up but I want to get your Take on on what you're going to do as This court process plays out in other

Words you're going to leave those buoys In place until the court process plays Out when you take it uh when you go back To the federal Appeals court and then Possibly the Supreme Court so Maria not only are are we Intending to try to keep the buoys Remain in place but we continue to be Adding more barriers uh Maria we either Have already built or have under Construction uh more border wall uh than What the Trump Administration was able To put up uh we are building these razor Wire uh barriers with National Guards Standing behind them uh preventing Illegal entry uh and we will be passing This law to arrest illegal immigrants Coming into the state of Texas and so we As a state continue to deploy more Action fighting back against the B Administration's open border policies Doing everything we can to prevent Illegal entry into our country Governor What can you tell us about these Chinese Nationals that are Crossing into the Country I'm not sure if you heard my Conversation with Christine Nome a Moment ago but this China threat is Getting worse and worse she's worried About the food supply but we are all Wondering why so many many Chinese Nationals who are military AED men are Using the southern border to enter into America right now what can you tell us

About that listen well first it it is Extraordinarily dangerous because first Of all as you point out we have uh People from China com in here we also Have people on the uh known terrorist Watch list who are coming across the Border and so there's extraordinary Dangers caused to our country by Biden's Open border policies and obviously Biden Is doing nothing about it and that's why Texas is having a step up and apprehend As many of these people as possible uh To make sure that they're not posing a Threat to our country but this is a a Very serious existential threat to our Country caused by Joe Biden and that's Exactly why Texas is taking Extraordinary steps to try to crack down On it and and you know we just showed These new uh migrant numbers as of the End of November I mean this is just such A short period of time and we're seeing The num Spike uh in in the the new Fiscal year I know last week you were With President Trump you endorsed President Trump tell me about that Meeting why you had the 45th president In in Texas uh to talk about what was Going on we were in a much different Situation under the Trump Administration well you're exactly right And so uh president Trump joined uh me On uh just before Thanksgiving to thank The troops that Texas has On the Border

Serving them Thanksgiving meals and I uh Endorse president Trump at the time uh For the simple reason that Americans Need to remember uh it was just four Years ago under President Trump that we Had the lowest illegal border crossings In 40 years and we we had that low Number of Crossings because president Trump put into place four very simple Policies the remaining Mexico policy the Title 42 policy the end of catching Release and the building of the border Wall and maybe you can add to that the Fact that President Trump said listen if You want to come to America legally you Can do so legally if you're trying to Come here illegally you're not welcome To be coming here what I do know is that President Trump if he is reelected as President of the United States because He has proven the ability to stop people From coming here illegally he will be Able to achieve that and res and restore Normaly and safety at our border and Push back and deny the illegal entry of Terrorist of the Chinese and people who Pose a danger to our country yeah it's Just extraordinary we were at a 40e low Under Trump and now we're at a 20-year High under Biden were you surprised that Marjorie Taylor Green's Bill to impeach Alejandra mayorcas actually failed I Mean Alejandra mayorcas has told us Times that the border is

Secure uh for one I am surprised that it Failed uh because if ever there was Anybody impeachable it would be mayorcas For two reasons one he he's failed to do His job in the executive branch he's Failed to execute the laws of of the United States of America that unto Itself is an impeachable offense but Also because of his repeated lies to the United States Congress about the Safety And Security of the Border he he Deserves to be immediately removed from Office Governor thanks very much for Your leadership on this we are watching This closely and of course we recognize The national security threat that exists Thank you sir thank you Maria Texas Governor Greg Abbott joining us this Morning in Texas I'm Steve duy I'm Brian Kilme and that means aart and click here To subscribe to the Fox News YouTube Page to catch our hottest interviews and Most compelling Analysis

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