WV Gov. Jim Justice jumps into Senate race

WV Gov. Jim Justice jumps into Senate race

Jim Justice joins ‘Fox News Tonight’ after launching U.S. Senate bid for Sen. Joe Manchin’s seat, rips GOP primary opponent. #foxnews #foxnewstonight

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Back Joe manchin is one of the most Important swing votes in the Senate oh It seems like he always has been he was Instrumental in getting Joe Biden's Infrastructure bill passed for example Shock to everybody also outraged a lot Of Voters in West Virginia which is a Deep red State now West Virginia's Republican governor who's got 66 percent Approval rating Jim justice has decided To run against Joe manchin for that Senate seat and this is his first Interview since the press conference Governor thanks for saving the Announcement for us what was the major Reason you decided now is the time to Run Well Brian when it really boils right Down to it and I mean this I mean you Know whether people buy it or don't buy It it doesn't really matter to me I am Really a patriot Brian and I deeply love This country I don't want anything you Know I've never wanted anything for Serving you know I'm not a politician That wants something for me you hear That all the time but I drive myself Don't take a salary feed myself Absolutely with all in me I want Goodness for America I'm really worried I'm really worried about this nation and I and I think we could be more fragile Than what we think and if we don't watch Out we spin around two or three times

Look what's going on today I mean my Gracious sakes of living we're plenty Too smart to not to to not think that There's really a problem you know our President struggles the borders terrible Afghanistan's an embarrassment over and Over and over inflation we ought to be Energy independent it's just on and on And on and on and on we got to do Something about it so uh Joe manchin Keeps winning he's a democrat in the red State why do you think you'll do a Better job than Joe manchin Thank you Well at the end of the day Brian I'm not I'm not compromised I mean you know I Absolutely believe that uh for good or For bad Joe migrates back too much you Know and and it's you know and in this Situation that we have right now we we Have got to take control of the Senate That's all there is to it I mean any you Can say anything you want in any way Right but it's time for the Republicans To take control of the Senate well not Only do you do multiple businesses and Have multiple jobs including coaching High school basketball girls you're also Managing to raise your dog on camera uh Baby dog is a constant presence will Baby dog be making the trip to Washington should you need to go back And forth Well absolutely absolutely if uh if if

I'm there baby dog's going to be there And she may not be able to go and all The in all the different halls with me And everything but uh but but she'll Make the trip and and you know she Brings you know the bottom line Brian The whole thing is she makes people Smile and she loves everybody you know I Don't know how the message could be Anything more simpler than just that and Uh right she's been a blessing to a lot A lot a lot of people so you got 66 Percent approval rating uh Head to Head You beat your Mansion be by about 20 to 30 points Alex Mooney is already in the Race he calls you a rhino and he says You could beat him Joe manchin came out And uh made a statement and says I'm Laser focused on my job lowering health Care and everything else he says Shoring Up American Security and energy getting Our fiscal house in order but make no Mistake I will win any race I enter your Answer to Joe manchin Oh I think you know that's a typical Typical political response and Everything and uh from Moody's Standpoint you know calling me a rhino I Mean for God's sakes a living you know Mooney is Um you know from Maryland Mooney people In West Virginia don't even know who Mooney is I mean you know money is a oh They're baby dog moon is a terrapin you

Know a turtle you know but uh but but I I just think that uh at the end of the Day uh you know my record stands for for Itself right and that's the way it needs To be you have uh president Trump uh I Know who's played a major role in you Flipping from Democrat to Republican do You believe President Trump can win this Whole thing Absolutely and I hope like crazy that'd Be the case we had a real president Three years ago did we not and and today We're struggling beyond belief and and The whole world is all the pieces and so Absolutely I believe that President Trump not only can win I believe he will Win and it'll be a great day for America All right he's going to go out and try To get those six years as a senator After uh two terms as a governor and Spending a lot of time being extremely Successful a self-made multi-millionaire Billionaire in West Virginia and he owns The place he's in right now Greenbrier One of the finest facilities you'll ever See with a rich American history got a Great feature on it on Fox Nation and He's a heck of a golfer you're a captain Of your college golf team at Marshall uh Governor thanks for the quality time Best of luck in the Run we'll talk to You again All right Brian thank you a bunch thank You guys all right and I hope you find

Your dog baby dog got away I wanna Brian Kilmeade I want you to do me a favor I Want you to click to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page this is the only Way that I know for sure that you're not Going to miss any great commentary any Great news bites any great interviews Coming your way on Fox you can get it All here on YouTube so subscribe right Now

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