You can’t ‘bully people’ into political conformity: Arroyo

You can’t ‘bully people’ into political conformity: Arroyo

Fox News contributor Raymond Arroyo highlights how liberal celebrities are upset by the possibility of a second Trump term on ‘The Ingraham Angle.’

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It's time for seen and unseen will we Reveal the stories behind the headlines But that we turn to Fox News contributor Raymond aroyo all right Ray Biden is set To take part in a big fundraiser this Weekend the celebs are going to lift Them up Jimmy Kimmel George Clooney Julia Roberts and more well well Laura There are also dire warnings coming from Hollywood like this how do you feel About the Spector of a second Trump Administration I will Move I can't live in this country if That's if he became president I don't Understand why people are not taking him Seriously I think a Hitler SEL I would Rather push an ally than be stopped by a Fascist and that's what the choice is Going to be in 2024 now seemingly in response to Seemingly in response to all of this Laura now Ricky's your vaye drop this Over the weekend as a celebrity I know All about stuff like science and Politics so trust me when I tell you who You should vote for if you don't vote The right way that's like a hate crime And it makes me sad and angry and I'll Leave the country and you don't want That they never leave the country if Only they left the country please leave No well you know you can't bully and Herang people into Political Conformity Lawyer and that's what's Happening Here

Look it's only news if suddenly John Voit comes out and says I'm supporting Biden that's a conversion political That's news but these celebrities who've Always been in this corner repeating Their opposition to a given candidate That's hardly news and I think jves is Right well they're not they're not ever Affected by Biden's policies they live They float above the the adverse effects Of the policiy so they're totally fine All right Raymond I want to talk about Caitlyn Clark I know a lot of people are Interested in this story she's probably The most popular player in the WNBA um She's left off the Olympic team she Reacted with enormous Grace though yeah She had great Poise and humility and Took it in stride but her record is not Exactly perfect in the pros she's the 13th player overall in scoring still I Tend to agree with Stephen A Smith on This this girl is box office I said a Rising tide lifts all boats what you do Especially if you're Team USA and you're A and you're trying to be globalized and Is an opportunity to globalize the WNBA Brand you don't sit up there and pass on Caitlyn Clark it was stupid team Team USA it was a dumb Decision well look she still has a shot Chelsea Gray has a leg injury if she Gets out of that roster there might be Room here for Caitlyn Clark but it does

Seem that they've missed an opportunity For marketing and publicity in a big way But she's got time she's young all right Well Lee Habib my old friend said that Look Magic Johnson he was hazed when he Was a rookie obviously Larry Bird he had A tough time when he was a rookie but it All works I I have I have to say I Haven't followed the WNBA that closely But she should probably be on the team All right what else finally the numbers For Joe Biden among black voters L is Becoming a rolling tragedy and Trump's This could be his the best performance Among black voters in 64 years for a Republican some polls have Biden down to 63% a drop from 91% in 2020 now look Part this is attributable to Trump Making overtures to Black America like That rally in the Bronx a few weeks ago And to try to turn the tide tonight Biden is hosting a juneth concert on June 10th at the White House it features Paty Lael gladus night Trombone Shorty Or as we like to say in New Orleans the Essence Festival I mean I don't know why You need a campaign this is basically a Campaign event that's being sponsored by The taxpayer comedian Roy wood open the Festivities this way We get the day off on June 19th that's right we get the day off for June 19th now I don't know about some of Y'all but uh kind of think we need a

Week off I'm not here to tell you and Know thank you for what you did but you Know a week I don't know if any of y'all Ever been black before but it has some Stressful days there are days when you Are black and you just go woo I need a Week he ran he ran through a hit list of What bid accomplished trying to win over Black voters I don't think this works W it's so it's late too Raymond thank You hey Sean Hannity here hey click here To subscribe to Fox News YouTube page And catch our hottest interviews and Most compelling analysis you will not Get it anywhere else

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