A SLAP IN THE FACE: Biden ripped for inviting ‘Tennessee Three’ to White House

A SLAP IN THE FACE: Biden ripped for inviting 'Tennessee Three' to White House

OutKick host Tomi Lahren responds to Biden’s invitation for three Tennessee lawmakers who previously faced expulsion and his falling Gen Z support. #FoxNews

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Foreign [Music] Democratic values It's all about All three of you who speak so well about Why you're doing what you did President Biden giving a warm welcome to The so-called Tennessee three weeks After they LED gun control protests at The state capitol that landed them at The center of an historic expulsion Effort but no word as to whether the White House plans to extend a similar Invitation to the families of the Nashville school shooting victims who Are at the center of the tragedy that Sparked the protest in the first place Tommy Lauren joins me now on that Tommy Joe Biden said thanking those Individuals for standing up for kids What about the families of the three Kids who were killed where's their Invite It's such a slap in the face especially Because I'm here in the Nashville Community and we are still mourning the Loss of the six Christians that were Slaughtered at Covenant School so the Fact that first Kamala Harris comes to Nashville right and gives her Impassioned speech about the Tennessee Three and then the Tennessee three go to GMA and then they go to the White House The fact that these three are getting a

Come up off of the death of six Christians here in Nashville quite Frankly is so repulsive and disgusting To me especially when this white house Has not even acknowledged the families Of these six Christians you can't claim To care about the community or care About children or even care about gun Violence when you don't address the Actual victims of that gun violence and I would also like to point out Todd that We are still awaiting the release of the Manifesto from the Nashville trans Shooter which we still have not gotten So it's a slap in the face all the way Around and the Tennessee Community is Utterly disgusted by this what does it Say about Democrats and the mainstream Media obviously one in the same that These three are being lionized like they Are Yeah no again watching Kamala come and Give her speech was bad enough and then Watching these three go on their press Tour is a whole other level of Disgusting as I said getting a come up And Celebrity Status off of the death of Six Christians I mean that's enough to Make anybody absolutely Furious but Especially when you live in the Nashville community and let's remember The two of them here their paths are a Little sketchy a little different when We look back at them and then the third

One I mean she wasn't even expelled but She's really using the come up and then She's adding the race baiting on to that When she knows very well that it has Nothing to do with race why the other Two were expelled so this is an All-around horrible situation in Nashville we mourn the death of six Christians we wish the White House would Do the same it's virtue signaling on the Backs of the dead and it is sickening Meantime it may be time for the White House to send in their army of Influencers as a new poll shows President Biden is losing gen Z support Look at this just 39 percent of 18 to 29 Year olds say they support the president I believe it's 36 percent I stand Correct did that sound three percent From the fall five percent from last Year but the overall point that I have Tommy I thought influencers like Dylan Mulvaney could put lipstick on any of The policy pigs that Joe Biden put out There and the youths of America would Just automatically vote for him what Happened Well now they want to bring in an army As you said earlier of tick talkers About a hundred tick-tockers that are Supposedly unpaid but they want to be Elevated even in the White House Briefing room According to some reports Because this is how desperate this

Administration is for young voters but I Will caution people that look at this And say Biden is losing support amongst Gen Z he's losing support because he is Older right he's not losing support Because of his policies I fear that Young people still think his policies Are working so that's really the core That we need to get to here whether it's Joe Biden or another Democrat messenger We have to make sure these young people Understand that just seeing somebody on Tick Tock lot a politician is not enough Look a little deeper look at the Policies and then tell me if you agree With them we have to do a better job of Educating young voters and we can do it Without Tick Tock influencers I would Hope and nearly half of the Young Americans say they felt unsafe in America in the past month and get this Nearly one-third are concerned they Could personally become a homeless one Day I don't know about you Tommy but When I was growing up I didn't know one Fellow young person is like you know one Day I could become homeless if they Still vote for the Democrat even if They're feeling that at some point you Get the government that you vote for They should vote Republican if they're That concerned we'll see if they do Tommy Lauren we thank you Thank you guys have a great morning you

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