AI lecturer warns of the U.S.’s ability to regulate AI-generated art: Digital Originals

AI lecturer warns of the U.S.'s ability to regulate AI-generated art: Digital Originals

An AI art lecturer said he believes the U.S. government would encounter difficulty if it attempted to establish a watermark system for AI-generated content.

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Foreign So the big question that's coming up With copyright is whether that fair use For scraping kind of taking little bits Of information off of everyone's Websites can that scrape be used for Training these AI models I am a lecturer at the University of Texas here in Austin I teach in the Fine Arts side of things teaching a lot of Game development classes everything from Programming to design but I also teach Quite a few classes on AI but I also run My own game company I've been doing that For about 12 years and as part of that Role I've been experimenting with AI and Machine learning since about 2015 to 2017. Thank you Their use in the US is a doctor and that Essentially permits some limited use of Copyright Beyond kind of the original Intent of copyright law fair use in General is attempting to adapt to the The digital age right we're talking About laws that have existed for Hundreds of years and how we apply them Today is pretty challenging the real Question that I think we're going to see Quite commonly is whether the amount and Substance matters so there's this term That the Minimus effect defense which is Saying we use so little of it we use Such a small piece that we're not really

Impeding on the copyright only because It was such a small element right and The concept that the AI model creation Tools has is that it's using such a Small set piece such a small amount Of billions of images so if it's using Only a little bit of many many images is It impeding on each one's copyright or By using such small samples from each One is it actually kind of passing Through that deep minerals so I believe Personally that's where we're going to See the defense go and that's kind of Where we're going to see the the Copyright law and arguments come From my perspective the question of Whether you know whether these tools Should use copyrighted materials should They be scraped I'm of the belief that They could and they should but the Output that comes from them should not Be copyrightable itself and that is of My personal opinion is that if you use a Tool that creates images that came from A five gigabyte or 100 terabyte scrape Of 5 billion images off the internet and You make something new from it I don't Think you should be able to copyright That image itself so in 2022 China Announced that any content made with AI Image tools text tools any media needs To be watermarked right it needs a clear Label that says this was made with AI China was the first major country to do

This right where we in the US are kind Of discussing it the European Union some Other locations are considering this Option and I personally think it's a Very smart idea Saying hey like you want to do AI stuff You want to post it on the internet just Make sure that somewhere it's it's Recognized as such a great example of This a couple weeks ago there was an Image that was going around the internet Of the Pope in like a very large coat a Puffer coat uh the the puffer Pope as I Like to call it and it spread the Internet quickly because it looks so Realistic people thought oh wow look at The pope wearing kind of a new outfit That's so cool and it took longer for The information to get out but that was AI generated than it took for the image To spread initially so it's one of those Things that like bad news travels fast Right the AI content can spread faster Than a warning label behind it it's the Idea that the warning label is attached To it I think it's a relatively smart Move Now the hard part is enforcing that Right how do you prevent someone from Scrubbing that away how do you prevent Someone from just kind of cutting a bit Of the image off the similar way that You would see with like a credit to a Photographer and it's very hard to run

Force there are some solutions where it Sort of embeds the information in an Image or you know in the kind of GPT Style text there's like subtle hints That it was made by the AI but there's a Very hard to enforce they're hard to Prove And so I think it's a good idea in in Practice ideally it should work but Realistically Bad actors who would want To get around it will find a ways around That Watermark so I don't I think it's a Good first step but I don't think it is The solution we need long term so in the Question of whether we in the United States should kind of follow on to the Way China is handling this with their Water Marketing System I think that the U.S due to our different rules of Copyright that the way we handle kind of Our our fair use and our freedom of Expression is different from China's Requiring a watermark on content made With AI tools I think will be harder to Achieve in the U.S than it would be in China China already has a lot of Structure for what is allowed on the Internet within China we don't all right We're very open you know there's very Few limitations to what we can do online And so for us to enforce it would be a Lot more difficult I don't think it Would be a bad move for us to attempt to Do so I just don't think with our

Form of capitalism We will succeed I there's very little That we can do quickly enough to enforce This law in the US

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