Andy McCarthy: Fani Willis certainly doesn’t have a RICO case

Andy McCarthy: Fani Willis certainly doesn’t have a RICO case

Fox News contributors Andy McCarthy and Jonathan Turley discuss the misconduct allegations against Fulton County DA Fani Willis. #foxnews #fox

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Shannon Bree is standing by with her Legal panel in Washington DC Shannon you Have a popere of legal issues to talk About if you'd like to choose a couple We do and I think next up is GNA be Georgia and fonnie Willis that's where We're going with Jonathan Turley and Andy McCarthy okay so this is another Place Annie that President Trump's legal Team is feeling bullish we're waiting to See whether the judge there Scott McAfee Kicks her off disqualifies her or Nathan Wade from the case what do you think as We wait I think there's a very good Chance that not only will Fanny Willis Be kicked off the case but that her Office will be taken off the case and to Me that's the that's the interesting Part of it because if the whole case Goes through a different prosecutor Who's not as invested in this kakami Rico theory that she brought in the case Then it's a very different prosecution Yeah and now Jonathan we have somebody Else who's come forward I mean they had Sort of the closing arguments last Friday but this person is saying if you Would be willing to take more evidence In the case I know more about what Happened here no it's it's like a series Of jump scares in this this this these Proceedings every day uh someone stands Up and says I also have testimony to Give and what's interesting about this

One is it's another uh prosecutor who First of all says that I heard uh this Witness say that the relationship began Long before uh Nathan Wade was hired now The judge could easily say look we have That in the bag we already know that uh That Bradley's testimony contradicted What he told Council and it's pretty Clear in his text that he didn't have Any problem with his memory when he was Talking to councel and just to remind Folks when he was asked in the the back And forth text when did do you know for Sure that this started earlier he said The word absolutely absolutely yeah and But what's what I think is more Troubling for the court is that there is A second recounting which says that this This prosecutor had heard Willis say That you should not b basically Basically should not give information About our relationship now if she Actually heard Willis herself say that Either over a speaker phone or in person That could be viewed as influencing a Witness keep in mind that Wade and Willis are already accused of filing False statements with the court they are Prosecuting people in this case for that Alleged crime now if they're accused of Of influencing a witness at least for in Willis's case that's also one of the Accounts in this case so at some point It becomes untenable that you're being

Accused of the same conduct you're Prosecuting people for so the question Is is even before you get to what the Judge does is what are they doing in This case I mean they are clearly Putting their personal interest ahead of Their case in their office well quickly Andy if they are booted from the case do You think it gets tried before the Election I don't think it gets tried Before the election anyway as it's Conceived because she doesn't have the Only thing these 19 people have ever Done together is get indicted she Doesn't have a conspiracy and she Certainly doesn't have a RICO well we Await that decision from the judge and For now I'll take it back to Brett Martha hey Sean Hannity here hey click Here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube Page and catch our hottest interviews And most compelling analysis you will Not get it anywhere Else

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