AOC slammed after declaring Communist-sounding ‘People’s Republic of Astoria’

AOC slammed after declaring Communist-sounding 'People's Republic of Astoria'

Guardian Angels leader Curtis Sliwa and Epoch Times host Larry Elder sound off on ‘Hannity’ after weekend of chaos in Chicago. #foxnews #hannity

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All right so while the left wing Continues pushing there woke soft on Crime agenda while crime in America Cities small towns everywhere it is Spiraling out of control take a look at Your screen yesterday A New York police Officer hit in the back of the head with A bottle this in broad daylight as you Can see over the weekend a young woman Was brutally attacked by a mob in Chicago but despite the surging crime The left is doubling down on the idiocy Of defund dismantle and Nobel here's Congresswoman ocasio-cortez take a look Defunding safety Defunding our public pools defunding our Parks defunding our libraries when we Are taking all of those resources and Demanding that every single Department Except the militarized one because All right here with reaction former New York City mayoral candidate he's the Head of the very important Guardian Angels Curtis Sliwa is with us and from The Epic Times their host Larry Elder is With us Curtis you know New York Street's better than anybody uh that's a Daily occurrence and that's not the Worst of it Well the way you fight it Sean is you Have to go at AOC and the Socialists Who Hide behind being Democrats I was just In Astoria where she announced just last Week in Queens the home of Tony Bennett

The Astoria kid that we are the People's Republic of Astoria they want to remove The police remove prisons so what I've Done Sean is not just take them on Verbally I'm organizing Ronald Reagan Republican clubs where they're strong And running candidates against their Socialist candidates and bringing in Moderate Democrats and independents and Sharing with them this Vision that Without Public Safety there can be no Improvements in the quality of life and That's how you defeat the Socialists Because we need to teach the moderate Democrats to take their party back their Party has been hijacked by the services Can you name it moderate Democrat Because I don't know any well they're Hiding now they're in fear Asking if you don't have to be To be to be strong Sean and there are Good Democrats out there they haven't Empowered you bring them together with Republicans and independents you'll find More rats in New York because you are The temporary rat Czar than you will you Know uh moderate Democrats you know Larry look at what happened you know in Compton you know uh uh the Southland Really well you know La really well uh Look at what happened there over the Weekend look at what happened in Chicago Over the weekend look what's happening In every major city every weekend

Yeah you're right and you know and the Number one responsibility of government And we shouldn't have to say this is Protect people and property and all over America city after city after City Neither is happening it's a combination Of these soft on crime DA's letting a Bunch of bad guys out on the streets to Terrorize the very people the people on The left claim that they care about and And and Sean we have to talk about this Too a lot of this crime is being done by Black people against other black people Half of the homicides in this country Are buying against black people even Though blacks are just 13 of the Population according to the CDC a young Black man aged 10 to 34 is 13 times more Likely to be murdered than a young white Man in the same demographic it is Because of the breakdown of the family In the in the black community in the Hispanic Community even in the white Community we need to talk about the uh Ten thousand pound elephant in the room Which is a large number of people who Are brought into the world without a Father in the home it increases crime it Increases dropouts it increases poverty And we're not talking about how do you Solve that if it begins at home It's the welfare state we've Incentivized women to marry the Government we've incentivized men to

Abandon their financial and more Responsibility we need to tell people to Live up to their responsibilities A and B when you make it easier for people to To steal when you reduce the chance of a Bad guy being caught being convicted and Being incarcerated guess what crime goes Up they may be criminals but they're not Stupid we have to make sure that people Deal with the consequences of their Actions and when you have a bunch of Mobs running around and and a in a Mayor-elect saying well this is because Of depravity this is because of they've Been deprived this is because store Owners are charging taxes the taxes that Democrats are imposing it's just a Recipe for Anarchy I'm surprised people Are not marching on City Halls in Chicago in New York in Philadelphia with Pitchforks you know Curtis I know you've Been on the streets of New York for many Many years I've been out there with you Uh at weird hours of the night right in The subway with you Um and we can tell a lot of story Together but the reality is it's never Been this bad even New York prior to Rudy Giuliani coming in and saving New York uh crime was not this bad now you See big box stores now you see retailers They're picking up they're leaving they Can't make money Curtis why should they Stay right

There's no doubt and in fact if you Don't get District Attorneys who are Going to work with law-abiding people to Enforce the law then Anarchy prevails And we have to go into these communities And help candidates who want to take on The Socialists look Johnson won in Chicago because Bernie the out to caucus Sanders and AOC all out crazy came in There and helped him where were the Moderates helping the moderate who had Won the initial wave in the election Boss they were they were missing in Action we don't work together and I'm Telling you they're all moderate Democrats Independents or Republicans Ronald Reagan brought them all together He would never have become president if Not for moderate Democratic party it is Nothing like during Reagan's time is Nothing like this Democratic party never Well there's no doubts and in my my Mother and father's time and in my Grandparents time but we got to teach The Democrats to fight for their party And kick the Socialists out back to the Countries which say so praise like Venezuela like Nicaragua like Cuba like Russia go back to those countries Because the new immigrants said are Accepting America have left socialism Have left communism and they don't come Here to relive the horrors of It in America land of the free the home of the

Brave with democracy prevails and where We love our American flag all right Curtis and Larry thank you both

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