Attorney tells Tucker he was forcibly given psych eval for questioning COVID policies

Attorney tells Tucker he was forcibly given psych eval for questioning COVID policies

Attorney William Spruance claims Georgetown University forced him to undergo a psychiatric evaluation after he questioned the law school’s COVID policies on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’ #foxnews #fox #tucker

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So details are starting to trickle out About the human cost of the covid era Disaster tragedy our own cultural Revolution we suppose most of our time Talking about the big things but Underneath It All were millions of People suffering some in grotesque ways Here's one example at Georgetown law School administrators demanded that Students wear masks at all time no one Was allowed to drink water in class Students of course had to take the shots Whether they wanted or not and then the Booster so one top student at the law School called William spruance Questioned those policies on the grounds They didn't seem rational or Scientifically Justified Administrators did not respond to his Arguments and said they suspended him They then forced him to undergo a Psychiatric evaluation and threaten to Report him to the bar to prevent him From becoming a lawyer he made it out William Spruce is now practicing Attorney he's written an amazing piece For the Brownstone Institute called Madness and law schools he joins us Tonight Williams thank you so much for Coming on it they forced you to undergo A psychiatric evaluation Thank you for having me tonight Tucker Yes so after I was encouraged to give a Speech to a student council type group

At Georgetown I received an email that I was Indefinitely suspended from the school That I'd have to undergo psychiatric Evaluation and waive my right to Medical Confidentiality during the psychiatric Evaluation it would start with kind of Innocuous questions like do you ever Ever get angry followed by do you get Angry about masks and then do masks make You want to hurt anybody so it was an Ongoing cycle of questions that were Designed to make me seem Unhinged for Willing for being willing To question their covet policies So we took a look actually at the speech That you gave and and people can find it Online they can also find your piece and I hope they will it was entirely Rational you were asking questions about The science you turned out to be Completely right were any administrators At the Georgetown Law Center willing to Entertain a rational conversation with You I found that individual professors were Willing to have the conversation with me Behind closed doors but they wish to Remain remain anonymous as for the Administrators there was no such luck While ostensibly this was about covid it Was really part of a much larger Cycle of the events at Georgetown law we Had people like Sandra Sellers and Ilya

Shapiro who were thrown out of the Institution just for being willing to Question campus orthodoxies and it was Part of an ongoing double standard where If you're Progressive and you Regurgitate the proper slogans then There's an Indemnity built into shouting Down speakers this was on full display At Stanford a few years ago a few weeks Ago rather but if you're willing to Question the Orthodoxy of Campus then They'll bring the whole horde of Administrators against you and work to Professionally and socially Reputationally destroy you and that's How I saw my issue which happened in August and September of 2020 to 2021 Just four months later Ilya Shapiro was Kicked off of Campus for questioning President Biden's decision to limit his Supreme Court nominations to just black Women So you went to prestigious undergraduate College you get into one of the best law Schools in the country How shaken was your faith in our legal Education system by this Well I thought I was attending a trade School for a skeptical profession I think in the long run it's hard to be Optimistic about the future judges and Administrators and unimpressive Bureaucrats because Georgetown laws Really just an incubator for an

Unimpressive ruling class of tomorrow And so these people won't stay on campus And just make the people they're Miserable they'll be running Institutions like Georgetown law they Will be at various government agencies They'll be judges and that to me is the More alarming aspect I made it out of This process Relatively unharmed I mean it was about A week that was difficult in my life but Going forward the people have come out To me since my piece was released about Similar stories and they're gone through Far worse than me and at the root of This is the administrators and that's Where these students and these Professors and these ministers will go On to inflict more damage which is why I Wrote for The Brownstone Institute which Is hoping to curb this Tied as soon as possible What's most amazing is you're one of the Only graduates of an elite law school Brave enough to describe what you saw There and that itself is such an Indictment really I think of your Classmates and the people who run it and So we're especially grateful you're Willing to do this William spruance Thank you very much Thank you for having me on Tucker Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube Channel to catch our nightly opens

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