Barack and Michelle Obama spark fury from Chicagoans

Barack and Michelle Obama spark fury from Chicagoans

‘Outnumbered’ panelists discuss the future of Chicago after voters elected far-left Brandon Johnson as mayor and residents’ reaction to the development of the new $500 million Obama Presidential Center. #FoxNews

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Chicago has a brand new mayor after the Nightmare of Lori Lightfoot did they Just step into another nightmare well We'll tell you far left Democrat Brandon Johnson narrowly defeated moderate Paul Vallas in the runoff election to replace Lori Lightfoot Johnson is a former Union Organizer who won while calling for new Taxes more social programs and expanding Sanctuary City policies he did downplay A little bit of defund police but it's His game His plan to take on Chicago's crime Crisis fund more social workers instead Of cops so he'll just put it that way Newsweek wrote this Brandon Johnson Chicago election win is the police worst Nightmare Guy did they just go farther left yeah Yeah I mean so when Lori Lightfoot lost And didn't advance to the runoff there Was a lot of Celebration and look she Was a bad mayor who deserved to be shown The door but I warned that day I said Let's not pop any champagne yet because It could get worse if Brandon Johnson Wins it could get worse Bernie Sanders Came in for him Al Sharpton came in for Him Randy Weingarten came in for him all Agreeing let's go Brandon and he won the People of Chicago looked at what was Happening in their City I did not catch That yeah Oh my goodness let's go Brandon just uh

Slid it in there but look this guy is Bought and paid for by the teachers Union in Chicago one of the worst unions In the country he defended every single School closure which were worse than Most places in the city of Chicago He Defended the teachers union when they Went on strike shortly after they Finally got back into school he was a Defund the police guy the electorate Knew all of this Paul vales was kind of Like a milk toast moderate Democrat type Guy relatively low turnout election and The hard left one they are on the March Right now Republicans conservatives need To understand the left is on the March They are winning elections it's not even Just their moderates and conservatives Need to figure out what it takes to win I know there's a lot of stuff out there That we're talking about but we need to Get serious yeah Will Cain and I got Deep into this last hour because he said You know what's happening is people are Trying to guess what those people In Harm's Way really want we have no idea What they really want they are still In Harm's Way today with that crime crisis But they chose something that could Conceivably make it so much worse and it Could it could potentially get worse um Paulus he was the one endorsed by the Police Union and there was a warning Issued by John kataranza he's the police

Union's president he warned that up to 1 000 officers could leave the department If Johnson won that's a disaster he said This to the New York Times if this guy Gets in we're going to see an exodus Like we've never seen before so you Might see police leaving droves after This I just want to double down down on Exactly what guy said about the left Being on the March because while we were All talking about a trump indictment Look it's important it's historic of Course we have to talk about it and Should talk about it but while we were Doing that yesterday Chicago went more Left and we lost the ideological balance On the Wisconsin Supreme Court which has Repercussions Beyond social issues for Elections far and wide there in Wisconsin National implications yeah I Mean it is it is if you will the crime Of politics right now not getting a lot Of talk and that is one side power Grabbing from the other I mean it is the Nature of politics but this could be More permanent than what than what some On the right even believe all right We're going to stick with Chicago but We're going to go here many of that City's residents are furious with the Development of the new Obama Presidential Center it's costing the City a staggering 500 million dollars And leaving many of them worried that it

Will send rents and housing prices Higher Much Higher One Chicago resident An activist telling the Washington Post This quote this is the community that Sent him to the White House and we Should be the community that gets to Stay and benefit from the Presidential Center uh Emily what's your take right You know that was the founder of not me We there who talked about specifically The potential for displacement of Thousands of black families and that was In response in part to the former President who said it feels natural for Michelle and me to want to give back to Chicago and the South Side the Obama Presidential Center is our way of Repaying some of what this amazing city Has given us to which the responses by What displacing everyone when you talk About property increase and that values All that does is displace people that Can't afford to stay there that there is Overwhelmingly African-American and I Note that the Now new mayor-elect Johnson of Chicago went to a community Meeting there and he talked specifically He said talk to me what are your fears What are your worries and everyone there Said that we can't afford this Rising Rent and that will have to move from Move from neighborhoods that we've lived Here for over 40 years and as he was Talking he said you know we have to make

Sure for these families that with this Economic Development taking place that Landlords don't see it as an opportunity To push out families who've been part of These communities for decades since and Then one of the residents there Mrs Williams said since before the libraries Come so I think at the end of the day it Summed up by what she said which is you Know the Obama center it's not being Built for Chicago it's being built for The world and the world doesn't want us Here so how naive am I Morgan not to Think that private money should be much More involved in this endeavor and why Isn't it if you're talking about a city That's seen so many woes so much crime So many problems I mean not long ago They were tearing up the streets of some Of the richest stores in the country That that whole Michigan Ave I mean they Were just rioting there and everything And I'm just wondering 500 million from A city that can't really afford it right Now well Harris you are anything but Naive first of all um and second I would Say the Obamas are reportedly Billionaires now so perhaps if they're Not going to contribute to the center Maybe they will perhaps they can do Something to contribute to the crowd Quantities listen first of all I do Think a president Um should have a library I go out every

December to the to Simi Valley to the Reagan Library it's gorgeous you get to See so much history so I do think it's Important for presidents to have these And I'm not going to politicize that he Was a great president Too part of the Country right the rest of us I've been Pretty critical of his policies but Regardless of how I feel about his Policies he deserves the center the Question I think that you you hit so Nicely is who should pay for it the Obamas themselves being billionaires It's incumbent upon them to to give back To this local community not displace People by the way it's not just rent Chicago it's inflation right it's the Cost of food and everything else that They can think the Democratic president For and the Democratic Leadership in Chicago well think about how fast the Obamas could and I I joked with Crowdfund kind of I mean they could Throw a couple of events and boom you Got this yep right goodness Chicago Could make money on the deal yeah yeah Okay hey everyone I'm Emily compagno Catch me and my co-host Harris Faulkner And Kaylee mcineny on outnumbered every Weekday at 12 pm Eastern or sets your DVR also don't forget to subscribe to The Fox News YouTube page for daily Highlights

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