Biden challenger goes to Trump rally: ‘My party is completely delusional’

Biden challenger goes to Trump rally: 'My party is completely delusional'

‘Outnumbered’ co-hosts react to 2024 Democratic presidential candidate Dean Phillips calling out his party for attacks on MAGA Republicans.

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Most of the people in the country are Going to the Trump rally right now Because he's listening to them no one's Asking about this stuff I'm just Frustrated I hope you understand why I'm Getting tired of it you're doing your Jobs but you're not asking the questions That Americans give a about yeah they're Not asking the right questions that was Democratic presidential candidate Dean Phillips laying into the media for Ignoring Americans concerns and Trump Voters later Phillips took a shot at his Fellow Democrats watch I got to tell you guys I went to a Donald Trump rally a couple nights ago Never been to one uh I had an event Across the street I saw the line of People waiting in the cold for hours and I thought what the heck you know I'm Going to be a leader who actually Invites people doesn't condemn them met Probably 50 Trump people waiting in line Every single one of them thoughtful Hospitable friendly all of them so Frustrated that they feel nobody's Listening to them but Donald Trump a Diverse crowd people who had never been To a trump event before my party is Completely Delusional tutor truer words never Spoken and the only thing the only Qualifier to this is it makes me a Little sad that that he had to just talk

Directly to Trump voter to see oh my Gosh they're just like us of course they Are because we are all Americans and we Are all facing the same issues and those Guys are facing the singular issue of Not being listened to except for by one Candidate but this this message of Maga Extremist has painted an entire 75 Million ion people as these crazy people Right and and Kaye knows I used to be The person in line with all of those Folks interviewing people and he's Exactly right diverse group dedicated Dedicated to the country not just Dedicated to Trump that's what people Think these are people are just love Trump no they love America I've been When it's been below zero I've been when It's been a 100 degrees they are Dedicated because they feel like this Country needs to be brought back and That's what he saw he saw genuinely Loving people and I love that he went Out there and said that and I think CNN Was probably like uhoh uh oh we've been We've been told the truth on and and Kevin you know it's it's it's really Hard I think to um to truly explain or To truly convey the amount of rejection That Americans feel and in that Rejection to see every day and to have Reinstated every day reinforced that Everyone else is better than you are Let's take a walk down memory lame this

Is just some of the examples of Democrats and the media repeatedly Bashing Trump supporters and Republicans Let's watch you can put half of Trump's Supporters into what I call the basket Of deplorables credulous Boomer rubbe Demo that backs Donald Trump um that Wants to think that that that Donald Trump's a smart one and there y'all Y'all elitists are Dumb you you Elite us with your Geography and your maps and your Spelling even And you're reading maybe there needs to Be a formal deprogramming of the cult Members but something needs to happen You're going to have rural people out There voting their craziness about the Cult we are worried about potential rise Of fascism in this country the leader Who is trying to do that is part of that Equation but people wanting that corre Is a much bigger part of that equation Trump and his magga supporters not only Embrace political violence but they Laugh about it how can there be any Question about how these Americans feel When we see things like that well listen I you know I'm one of the Democrats on Fox News I believe in communication and Reaching out and engaging and some of The most authentic conversations I've Had with people are people who watch Fox Right who who are grateful to hear a

Different perspective and I engage with Those folks I I will never attack a Voter for Donald Trump Nikki Haley Whomever I will gladly take on their Policies right and fight every day Against them uh but I think I you know I'm a Democrat that wants the biggest Tent possible I want to reach out to to Disaffected Trump voters to Independence That's how we win again as Democrats Like we did in 2020 and not castigate Anyone I'm marrying a republican next Month right so I mean it starts at home For me and again I think we got to come Back to that because Emily to your point We're Americans first and to tutor's Point when you when you drown out you Know the other side you risk losing Yourself yeah lucky you and lucky him Amen he's luck guy as as Kevin said you Know frankly that's sort of a minority Opinion within that party and within the Media that's what we're being faced with Every day that Avalanche well first of All congratulations thank you um you Know Emily it's interesting it is a Minority opinion but it's changing a bit And you know maybe those 14 Democrats Who joined the Republican Le resolution To condemn Biden's border crisis just Last week maybe they're part of that Growing voice maybe Dean Phillips who Sat next to me yesterday and managed to Scoop up 20% of the vote against a right

In of an incumbent president maybe he's That because what he told me was both Sides need to recognize each other he Said but his particular side needs to Stop calling names and so on and so Forth and then we had cunu come on later And call names so I mean so Dean Phillips is right about that so maybe There's a a crack of daylight somewhere For Democrats to stop seeing Republican Voters as the enemy but it's going to Take some time and in the meantime what Happens you know I mean they could lose Elections because maybe they're Ostracizing other people black voters Feel like they're being replaced by Illegal immigrants right now some of Them in Chicago their resources are Being drowned Out by Biden's border policies and Unfortunately Kaye though if there is Daylight it is being eclipsed by the Continued vitreal coming out of the Media and the left Martin G in the Free Press bashing Trump voters saying the Retreat from democracy is most evident In the visceral contempt for the voters The implications are C clear not only Trump but the nearly 75 million Americans who voted for him must be Silenced and crushed Kaylee he writes to Save democracy it must be modified by a Possessive our democracy because only One side of the political divide has

Legitimacy and that's published yeah That is unbelievable but the president Of the United States President Biden Feeds into it if you think differently Than him on covid it's Neanderthal Thinking you know the vaccinated have a Right to be angry at the unvaccinated if You think differently than him on voting Rights you're compared to a Segregationist if you're Maga you're a Clear and present danger all those Things happen you know I saw Congressman Dean Phillips in New Hampshire and I Went up to him and I said I just want to Thank you I want to thank you for say What you said and think about what he Did he came out of his event he is a Democrat he saw a trump event going on He didn't hop in a black car service and Scurry away to you know do whatever with His campaign he went into a trump rally Not knowing if he would be welcome just To meet the voters and see what they're Like and then offered kind words how Much better would we be as a society if A republican said hey I want to get to Know a Biden voter if a Biden voter said Hey I want to get to know a Haley voter Or I want to get to know a trump voter We could dispel of this divide and get Back to the commonality we have as American citizens first amen amen hey Everyone I'm Emily compano catch me and My co-hosts Harris vulner and Kaye

Mechineni on outnumbered every weekday At 12:00 p.m Eastern or set your DVR Also don't forget to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page for daily Highlights

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