Biden says he’s ‘planning on running in 2024’

Biden says he's 'planning on running in 2024'

Fox News contributor Marc Thiessen joined ‘America’s Newsroom’ to discuss Biden’s potential re-election bid as the 2024 race for the White House heats up. #FoxNews

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Biden was doing an interview on The Today Show with Al Roker and he's Getting that much closer to another run Check it out That you In part in our upcoming election in 2014. I'll either be rolling an egg or You know being the you know the guy Who's pushed him out come on how Well I plan on running now but we're not Prepared to announce it yet okay Mark Thiessen former speech writer for President George W bush how you doing Mark good morning to you got three Topics to go through let's see good Morning see if we can cross all three Off now I think he has been consistent In saying that he plans to run but no Announcement now what do you think Oh he's running I mean look if if he had Had a disaster midterm election in 2022 Then the Democrats would be pushing him Out uh the majority of Democrats don't Want him to run they want somebody else But there's they've got no case to push Him out he he had the best midterm Performance of any president since John F Kennedy uh except for George W bush After the 9 11 attacks and that was Largely because of the the people Rejected the alternative that the Republicans presented not because uh They endorsed Joe Biden but there's There's really no Groundswell to push

Him out and so if he sitting president Wants the nomination he's going to get It okay two things here CNN poll Biden Reelection how do you feel about it this Is what CNN found 32 percent say Biden Deserves re-election wow that's down Five Points since December we'll see Where it is another month from now Meanwhile there's reports that Young Americans are drifting in their support For Joe Biden and the White House is Going after social media influencers to Try and Shore up that support I thought We were kind of down on Tick Tock Mark Well Joe Biden may be the first American President to use a sophisticated Surveillance Tool uh controlled by the Chinese Communist party to influence the Presidential election Um but look I mean it's smart the the Reality is uh he has lost a lot of Ground with young voters and in 2020 60 Percent of Voters 18 to 20 uh 29 voted For Joe Biden and since then it is the Single demographic which his support has Collapsed the most uh of all the Grits Was collapsed across the board but the Young voters are the most now you know Having a bunch of uninformed social Media influencers trying to influence These voters isn't going to change the Reasons why that that support is Collapsed I mean you just had some young

People on there talking about how afraid They are of crime uh inflation is is is Eating away at their at their uh at Their young incomes uh the the real Wages have collapsed further under Joe Biden than faster than in the last 40 Years so that's not going to change the Reality on the ground of why that Support has collapsed but it's you know As long until unless until they ban Tick Tock it's a smart way a smart move on Him to try and use okay all right here We go topic number three we've got Governor on Governor contact we got Gavin Newsom going after Rhonda Santos Here's his advice for DeSantis Enterprise he's saying stay home watch It ruled by Trump Trump's just going to roll them thumped I honestly if I were offering him Political advice I'd tell him to pack up And wait a few years and actually do Some of the hard work which actually Includes governing not just identity and Culture War okay I guess he's trying to Smoke out the Santos I I'd have to look To see if he's responded to that what do You think Uh so uh Gavin Newsom giving to Santa's Advice on governing is pretty hilarious I mean this is a guy whose state has run Out of U-Hauls because so many people Have left I mean think about this you Know for since the 1800s people have

Been beating a path to California it was Always in the 1800s Go West Young Man Until Gavin Newsom became governor in The LA in in the last two years 635 000 people have fled the state of California that is larger than the Entire population of the state capitol In Sacramento so people are there first Of all I'd love to see this as the Matchup instead of Biden Trump in 2024. Uh Newsome versus DeSantis would be a Heck of a race but people have already Voted on this election they voted with Their feet they're all moving to Florida And they're leaving California he said Do some of the hard work which actually Includes governing did you see his Response in that hurricane I mean they Really they rebuilt that bridge Overnight mark thank you nice to see you On a Monday marquisition Mondays with Mark have a great week thank you I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian kill me and I'm Mainly Earhart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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