Biden’s southern border in the spotlight as concerns over terrorist encounters grow

Biden's southern border in the spotlight as concerns over terrorist encounters grow

Kansas Sen. Roger Marshall urged President Biden and DHS to disclose key information on terrorist encounters at thesouthern border amid Israel-Hamas war on ‘Sunday Night in America with Trey Gowdy.’#foxnews #fox #sundaynightinamerica

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Israel is not the only country with Border security issues the insecurity of Our own Southern border has been well Documented what is less well documented Is who exactly is crossing that southern Border Kansas Senator Roger Marshall Wants federal agencies to disclose the Number of terrorist encounters at our Border that seems like pretty reasonable I think doesn't it Senator Marshall Joins us now Senator thank you who in The world could object to knowing Whether terrorists are trying to cross Our borders I mean what is the argument Against That well Trey we have an incompetent Secretary of DHS and and of course Joe Biden wants this open border but it's a Sad day when our enemies pay more Attention to our border than our own President does you know to your point We've encountered over 170 terrorists on the terrorist watch List uh in the past year in the past two Years uh thousands of people people on The alien watch list as well 2,000 Chinese nationalists on this watch list As well across the border as well all We're asking DHS to do is tell us where These people are who they are what They're doing are they still in the Country were they caught and released we Don't want to be asleep at the whe like Israel was when Hamas attacked

Israel you you know Senator I I mean I I I you were you're you're a doctor I I You know couldn't make it through math And science so I went to school I try to Understand the other argument I try to Understand those like Ali mayorcas who Say we're not going to give you the Names and I can't think of why I mean Has he ever said look Senator we're not Going to tell you about these encounters For the following reasons I mean what is The Explanation well Trey there is not an Explanation and that's why we asked for A resolution of no confidence back in April for secretary mayorcas hoping that The house would go to some type of Process to impeach him but but again the Big theme Here is that Joe Biden wants These 8,000 people crossing the border Illegally he thinks that those are Future votes for the Democrat Party he Wants this crisis and it's hard for me To understand why in the middle of the Situation the crisis in Israel that he Would try to leverage that for money in Ukraine as well as making the Border Even more poorest he has funding there That will make the Asylum process more Efficient so to speak so it uh There there's no explanation Trey we're Not going to be able to do It Senator before I let you go there There's a debate going on right now in

DC and across the country quite quite Candidly about about military aid Ukraine Israel uh do we combine the Packages separate them out what do you Think's going to happen and and and how Will you be analyzing the two separate Uh Aid Packages well Trey we've already asked Leadership to separate them and I think The way I would frame the argument is Something like this that in the next Seven to 10 days Israel could well have A war on all three fronts and that's why We need to get them the aid the weapons Yesterday and if any type of bringing These packages together is going to slow Down the process if not be next to Impossible we think it's very wrong for The administration for Joe Biden to Leverage the crisis in Israel in order To get his funding for Ukraine I think That your listeners understand the Difference between what's happening in Ukraine versus what's happening in Israel that in Ukraine uh this is a Seven nine 10year War they're at a Stalemate uh 200,000 people have already Died from that situation there's no wind In sight and we need to debate what's The future of the United States role in That particular War meanwhile the crisis That is occurring in Israel that this is A war between the people of Israel as Well as the Hamas Army of Terror and

This is isn't just a battle between Those two but this is a battle for the Future of humankind that we need to Teach terrorists exactly what happens When they cross these The Savage lines As you described them they're lower than Animals um there's no explanation so we Need to make sure that terrorists Understand that we I will not tolerate This type of Actions Senator Roger Marshall from the Great state of Kansas Congratulations by The way on beating Oklahoma over the Over the weekend and thank you for Joining us on the Sun Night thanks tra thanks so much hey Sean Hannity here hey click here to subscribe To Fox News YouTube page and catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis you will not get it anywhere Else

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