Biden’s ‘strategic failure’ on China will be ‘historic’: Gordon Chang

Biden's 'strategic failure' on China will be 'historic': Gordon Chang

Gatestone Institute senior fellow Gordon Chang weighs in on reports China is building weapons to hijack satellites and the impact it could have for the United States on ‘Your World with Neil Cavuto.’

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We are learning a lot about what China Is doing when it comes to Interterrestrial travels because some of These leaks have told us that they're Moving along at a pretty brisk Pace some Say the pace far faster than ours Gordon Chang with us right now on the Significance of that Gordon it's good to Have you because some of the revelations Besides just the capacity they have China for a supersonic drone that can Travel at three times the speed of sound An International Space Station in their Case they're the only nation so it is an Inner it's just their National Space Station the fact that they now have the Capability of knocking out enemy Satellite guidance and had that Technology today what are they up to Well they believe and they're right that In the first moments of a war that'll be Fought in space where we will try to Take down their satellites they'll try To take down ours and they probably will Move first Neil which means they will be More successful than we will be and Another thing we just don't understand The maliciousness of the Chinese system So they could really take us by surprise One of the things they have is this Technology that can disrupt other Technology in other words the ability of Our technology to communicate with other Forms of technology and monitor troop

Movements and the like sort of like what We do in Ukraine right now if they could Jar that stop that prevent us from from Getting information on that That's a huge advantage Yeah it certainly is and if we go back To the Obama Administration Um there was a political decision made Not to try to defend our satellites Because we reasoned that we had more Assets in space and that if we started a Race to protect satellites we would be The losers we wanted to try to entice China and Russia into not defending Their satellites well that just Misunderstood the Chinese and the Russians and so now we're behind and we Are vulnerable in space now meanwhile They're going it alone to the Moon They've made great progress we're told They might meet us there in the second Wave of astronauts to get there we could Always say of course we did this more Than 50 years ago but that being said They're active on The Far Side of the Moon so we're not aware of exactly what They're doing but their you know plans On the moon are much more sweeping than What we're doing should we worry Yeah in 2017 Chinese space officials Started talking about how the moon and Mars should be considered part of the People's Republic of China and that they Would exclude others from going there if

They had the capability to do that now We say that that's ludicrous but you Know we didn't listen to Osama Bin Laden Either Do we now have any way to counter what China is doing now in other words any More economic sanctions or is it that We're afraid of implementing them Because they're going to hurt us Yeah well we we have a lot of ways to go After China which right now is in Distress it has an economy that they Said grew 4.5 percent in q1 but probably Was a lot less because we know that it Contracted in January and February so Yeah economic sanctions there's all Sorts of things we can do in space but We have decided as a nation not to do Those things and to watch the Chinese Overtake us and that is a strategic Failure that will be historic the American people ought to demand the bid Administration start racing to the space As the Chinese have indeed and they are Racing along uh thank you very much Gordon hey Sean Hannity here hey click Here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube Page and catch our hottest interviews And most compelling analysis you will Not get it anywhere else

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