Bill Barr issues urgent warning to Trump: This is a ‘bad idea’

Bill Barr issues urgent warning to Trump: This is a ‘bad idea’

Former U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr joined ‘Fox News Sunday’ to weigh in on the Manhattan District Attorney Office’s controversial decision to indict former President Trump. #foxnews

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Joining us now former Attorney General Bill Barr welcome back to Fox News Sunday thank you Shannon okay a lot to Unpack there we don't know about this Indictment on Tuesday fair to say you And the president have had a complicated Relationship at times disagreement over Whether you quit whether he fired you All of those things but when it comes to This you do seem to agree this is a Political prosecution based on what we Know based on what we know it certainly Appears to be and I think the American People see that it's the very essence of Uh the abuse of the prosecutive function Which is pursuing a person rather than Pursuing a real crime do Though say that okay every American Should be subjected to rule and Order And Justice and this President well According to the New York Times Editorial board not surprisingly they Think he flirted with that they say Donald Trump spent years as a candidate In office and out of office ignoring Democratic and legal norms and Precedents trying to bend the justice Department and the Judiciary to his Whims and behaving as if rules didn't Apply to him and as the news of the Indictment shows they do okay peace in The Atlantic back in 2021 talked about Your time at the doj and said that you Were widely seen as a trump Lackey who

Politicized the justice department so Did you ever feel pressured to bend the Law or to ignore it and what do you make Of you know the president's critics Saying this is all just catching up with Him now Well as I've said repeatedly he never Direct directly pressured me to do Anything in a criminal case now he's out There tweeting all the time which made My life difficult and he was calling for People's scalps and you know from what He said after I left he was mad at me For not delivering scalps uh but the Idea that I was a Toady was something Fostered by the you know the mainstream Media and I've you know which of his Enemies were prosecuted Who did I you know use the criminal Justice process against and there's Usually crickets because there's not a Case of that but the other thing about This is I think the case uh based again On what's being reported the case lacks An illegal basis It's pursuing somebody on the there's Nothing inherently wrong or illegal About making a hush payment They're saying he he falsified the Corporate record but for that to even be A misdemeanor you have to be trying to Defraud somebody and it's unclear Exactly who's defrauded this is his own Company and then finally and most

Importantly from the federal standpoint The idea that this was a campaign Finance violation is simply wrong it's Wrong on the law so he is facing other Cases we've got special counsel Investigating the Mar-A-Lago the Documents January 6 lead up as somebody Who headed up the doj are you confident They can be neutral they they will be in This case Uh I I hope I hope they will be and and Uh you know as I've said repeatedly I Think the document case is the most Serious case I don't think they went After those documents to get Trump I Think they actually wanted the documents Back and what's at issue in that case is Not the taking of the documents it's What he did after the government sought Them and subpoenaed them and whether There was any obstruction and I think That's the most serious one out there And uh The other one I think the January 6th One is a difficult case uh to make and It also runs into First Amendment issues You know where are you going to draw the Line between legitimate First Amendment Activity protesting an election and Actually conspiring to undo an election So that's a difficult case to make but Um you know I'm hopeful the department Will approach it properly Um I'll ask you what I asked Jim trustee

As well if the president was your client Would you put him on the stand because I Got to imagine in any of these cases if It gets to trial he's going to want to Defend himself Yeah well I mean I'm not his lawyer uh You know generally I think it's a bad Idea to go on the stand and I think it's Particularly a bad idea for Trump Because he lacks a little self-control And uh it'll be very difficult to Prepare him and keep them uh testifying In a prudent fashion Okay let me ask you about this back and Forth your legal opinion on the House GOP committee chair several of them are Going to Bragg's office saying we want Answers on this side of the other how You're using funding we want you to come Testify there's been a lot of back and Forth so Bragg's Office Fired back the Latest volley in these letters his General Counsel on Friday saying this President Trump has directed harsh Invective against district attorney Bragg and threatened on social media That his arrest of indictment in New York May unleash death and destruction You and many of your colleagues have Chosen to collaborate with Mr Trump's Effort to vilify and denigrate the Integrity of elected State prosecutors And trial judges basically the brag Office is saying we're not cooperating

With any of this stuff from the house Committees would they have jurisdiction Or any authority to call him in to Answer these questions well that's an it You know that's going to be a Constitutional issue but it's actually Brag it seems to me that's jumped into The federal Arena he's he's interfering In a federal election process and his Case is built on the alleged violation Of federal law he wouldn't be able to Survive the statute of limitations and Not be able to juice what is a Misdemeanor into a felony without Claiming that there's a violation of Federal law so he's the one that has Essentially weighed into the federal Arena and the real danger of this thing Over the long term isn't so much Narrowed to Trump it's that now we have Thousands of DA's around the country now That the Rubicon has been crossed any One of them can sort of find Federal Candidates or or someone or federal Office holders and so forth can find Some state law they want to pursue the Person on and get themselves into the National political Arena will you have Served this country as aging more than Once you've seen a lot in your years Have been in Washington and in this Country does this feel like one of those Moments that we have crossed a line that Will make it a kind of an historical

Marker about the before and after of These prosecutions Yeah well one would hope this would be Nipped in the bud by people who have Some judgment but uh you know I'm Doubting that so I do think that this is A watershed moment and I don't think It's going to end up good for the Country part of the problem of course is The the corruption of the media which Has essentially contributed to the Creation of a mob mentality in our Country instead of being the restraint On Mob thinking they've essentially Encouraged this kind of thing We try to be that here on Fox News Sunday Mr former Attorney General Bill Barth thank you thank you we appreciate It thanks Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube Channel to catch our nightly opens Stories that are changing the world and Changing your life from Tucker Carlson Tonight

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