Bombshell report points to 2 COVID lab leaks in China

Bombshell report points to 2 COVID lab leaks in China

Former W.H.O. advisory committee member Jamie Metzl joined ‘America’s Newsroom’ to discuss the report and why it could be a ‘viable’ conclusion amid growing calls for further investigation into the origins of the pandemic. #FoxNews

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The scientific Community led by NIH Fashion College really went on a an Attempt to deflect and I think you heard That in the hearing that deflect anyone Talking about the possibility that this Could have come from the lab we have no Further evidence of what Market as Radcliffe said and we have substantial Evidence that this most likely came from The lab Former CDC director Robert Redfield as a New report points to a live leak in Wuhan as the only credible explanation For the coveted pandemic Jamie Metzel is A former advisory committee member of The World Health Organization great to Have you here on set it's wonderful to Meet you in person Brad renstrup is a Congressman who had this to say this Isn't a call for number two here And as the researchers were getting sick We saw some interesting things taking Place in Wuhan where they put in a new Ventilation system and they just started To destroy their data and and this the Civilian supposedly civilian entity the Wuhan Institute of virology uh was taken Over by the military so we we see a Preponderance of evidence is that how You see it absolutely as a matter of Fact from day one from the earliest days Of 2020 I've been saying hey we need to Look at this very seriously there's Still circumstantial evidence only but

It heavily weighs in the direction of a Research related accident as the origin Of covert 19. there are some including Roger Marshall as a Republican senator From Kansas that they're not they're now Talking about two leaks right and the Possibility that the first leak happened Maybe in the month of September they Took care of that they covered it up Then the secondly came several months Later what do you think about that Theory it's a viable it's a viable Hypothesis Senator Marshall is a friend We've been working together on this Issue for more than two years it's a Viable hypothesis it's still a Hypothesis even by his his own account But we need to look into that we need to Look into everything and it's just Outrageous that now more than three Years well more more than three years After the start of this pandemic we Don't have the kind of full Investigation that we need the biggest Reason for that is that Chinese Government has done everything in its Power to block it it's destroyed samples Hidden records imprisoned Chinese Citizen journalists for asking questions It has a gag order preventing Chinese Scientists for from saying or writing Anything and it has blocked International efforts and it's just Outrageous and our government also can

Be more transparent okay so but given That with China then do we have to just Go with our evidence and if they're not Going to participate then we'll just Have to all conclude That what looks obvious that it was a Lab leak is the case I I well I think Certainly that is is my view that it Looks most likely uh most likely like a Lab leak or a research related accident We need to dig into all of the available Evidence certainly our evidence we need To do everything possible look under Every Rock Because unless we understand What we're just saying that we're not Going to get to do that well we're going To get we'll get some well we probably Won't be able to do it in China but we Need to keep demanding it we need to do For example set up secure whistleblower Provisions so if there are people in China who want to speak they have a way To do so we need to be analyzing the Records that we have we need to so there Are a lot of places to look it would be Best if we could do a full scientific And forensic investigation of the of the Wuhan labs and access to the blood Samples in their blood banks and other Things but if they're going to block us We need to have the best possible Investigation okay um gain a function Research it was happening yep right American taxpayer dollars when to

Support it uh if they're not coming Clean and the CCP is not going to ever Come right Where are we well two two questions one Is in terms of investigating and as I Said before we need to keep looking in Terms of gain of function research the United States government should not and Shouldn't have been funding research in Virology labs and other institutes where We don't have access where there's not Full transparency and accountability so We certainly need to look at ourselves In terms of gain of function research Going forward One the term gained a function it's a Little bit fuzzy and different people Have different definitions of it but Certainly we need very strong Restrictions on gain of function on Pathogens with pandemic potential and That's a problem I would totally agree With you for the future but now we're Talking about trying to figure out what Happened to it yes the two things are Connected if we want to say well we're Imagining a safer future based on Principles of transparency and Accountability there's no way we can Build that future if we don't have Transparency and accountability for what Has happened today and that has to do With China it also has to do with Ourselves I just wonder if we're ever

Going to get there I mean you just said The government's got to be more open Yeah So what I'm saying is we have to move Our government and the Chinese Government but we need to do absolutely Everything possible if we just say hey This is going to be impossible let's Stop investigating we certainly I agree With the answer we need to do everything Possible and then we'll get more Information and we're already getting More information these hearings that are Happening in the United States Congress Those are really positive these reports That are coming out those are positive It's not going to be maybe that we we Jump you know make huge leaps all at Once but little by little we're making Progress okay uh Jamie thanks please Come back all right claimie Metzel nice To see you here I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart And click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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