Bombshell report surfaces on Hunter Biden associates’ visits to the White House

Bombshell report surfaces on Hunter Biden associates' visits to the White House

‘Undivided’ podcast host Brandi Kruse joined ‘Fox & Friends First’ to discuss the report and the DNC’s decision to host the 2024 national convention in Chicago. #FoxNews

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Bring in brandy Cruz host of the Undivided podcast Brandi thanks for Being here you just heard Lauren Blanchard's Report with all those Denials by Joe Biden that he had nothing To do with his son's Hunter's business Dealings look either Joe Biden is an Abject liar or he was so out of it even As VP that he did not know that Hunter's Biden Associates were really there at The White House to visit him what say You which one is it I don't know which one it is but you Might have hit on the head those might Be the only two options look the the Mere concept at this point that Joe Biden had not spoken to his own son About his business dealings devised Common sense it defies the facts and Only a hopeless partisans at this point Would disagree with it yet much of the Mainstream media will just simply avoid Covering it because Biden is a Democrat And that's just how it worked but I mean The the visitor logs don't lie and I Thought it was really interesting to Read through what you guys uncovered and And the instances I mean you've got You've got a high up exec from Rosemont Who's uh uh talking to staffers In The West Wing who's sitting in on vice Presidential briefings who's going to Holiday parties at one Observatory uh And so again the mere concept that uh

President or then Vice President Biden Wouldn't have been talking to his son or Didn't know anything about that is Absolutely absurd and you also had by The way a Staffer for Hunter Biden at Rosemont at The time who went on to work for Vice President Biden whose brother had also Worked for Vice President Biden for a Long time before that so it's all just One really gross mix of nepotism uh but It's kind of predictable yeah the first Word that came to mind was entanglement For that one but I have to talk about Hunter traveling to Ireland with the President Brandi so you know what is There possibly that he could be needed There for even if it's totally harmless Don't you think that it just looks bad Right now Yeah I mean in politics you should care About Optics I mean I remember a time When politicians did care about Optics Because Optics matter and when Hunter Biden you know is in the Thrones of These investigations when the president Is being questioned uh about his Um knowledge of uh his son's business Dealings and then you're gallivanting Around the world I mean I know it's your Son I'm sure he loves him very much uh But perhaps involving Hunter Biden in Any sort of uh high profile trips or Travel or really anything at all is just

Not a good idea but I do think that There's a comfort level from not only This Administration Um but other Democratic administrations That they know that there's a huge Segment of the media that will just Ignore that narrative entirely and so Again I think there's a comfort level There in being able to get away with it I feel like you could label the entire Brandy Cruise segment you can't make This stuff up because this next topic is Almost more outlandish than the first The DNC announcing it's 2024 National Convention will be held in Crime-ridden Chicago and listen to this Statement by the Illinois governor J.B Pritzker especially the last line quote I look forward to welcoming everyone to The Midwest and showing off our diverse Communities impeccable hospitality and World-renowned venues wait for it there Is no better place to tell the story of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris I think we Would all agree with that statement the Story of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris is Cities that have been run into the Ground by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris's Soft on crime and every other policy Your take You're going to make me cry this morning That's uh hilarious and you're right It's spot on but that isn't that true Would you think of a better City to host

The DNC uh I can't think of a better one To look at uh what democratic policies Have done to Public Safety in this Country uh but here's uh what I know Will happen and I'll tell you from Experience I'm I host my podcast in Seattle and I've been a journalist in Seattle for 12 years and I have on Multiple occasions interviewed Mayors Down you know scheduled in some of the Worst areas of the city related to Homelessness and crime and substance Abuse then we get down there for the Interview and it's spotless and I think This isn't what this looked like Yesterday so they're going to go in They're going to try to sweep out all The problem uh the sore spot so people Don't see it and they're going to put on This uh facade of a pristine City I mean Seattle's hosting the uh MLB All-Star Game this summer and then in 2026 They're hosting the FIFA World Cup and I'm like you've got to be kidding me We're going to show our city to the World but I already know what they're Going to do is they're going to come in They're going to sweep about the Homeless they're going to put a bunch of Police downtown for the first time ever And they're going to act like there Aren't any problems and then as soon as In Chicago the DNC is done then the city Is going to go back to normal right and

Meantime Walmart is closing four of its Stores in Chicago saying the simplest Explanation is that our collectively Chicago stores have not been profitable Since we opened the first one nearly 17 Years ago these stores lose tens of Millions of dollars a year and their Annual losses nearly doubled in just the Last five years so the part that got me About the governor's comments was the Impeccable hospitality and I have to say When you hear about places like Walmart Closing when you we saw those crime Stats on the the screen just a minute Ago they're right if you want to tell The story of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris This is what you're going to get when You keep voting these people into office Yeah impeccable Hospitality for Criminals and for everyone except Hard-working people who are just trying To follow the law and make a living in Businesses that are trying to contribute To the economy and economic fatality of Chicago Hospitality for everyone but Them and I'll tell you in Seattle we're Dealing with something very similar the Retail theft issue has absolutely Exploded you have companies that are Picking up shop and leaving downtown Seattle because they just cannot take That amount of loss anymore impact the Hospitality industry came out and said On average

Their members people who are here to Help support tourists and make sure they Have a nice visit to the city are Shelling out thousands of dollars every Single year to deal with property damage Uh theft that occurs and so it's the Businesses that we should be supporting People who are contributing to the Vitality of our cities not criminals All right Brandi Cruz thanks so much for Your time this morning we appreciate it I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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