Brian Kilmeade: The Democratic Party wants to bury this story

Brian Kilmeade: The Democratic Party wants to bury this story

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade gives his take on an IRS whistleblower coming out about Hunter Biden on ‘Fox News Tonight.’

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In September of last year an FBI special Agent his name was Steve friend he filed A whistleblower complaint with the Inspector General of the Department of Justice he alleged that senior officials In the bite administration were using The FBI to Target political opponents of The democratic party specifically Friends said the FBI leaders would often Use heavy armed SWAT teams to show a use Of force to arrest supporters of Donald Trump purely for political reasons and Steve friend would know because he was On the FBI SWAT team if that's true it's Illegal in a deal is in a doj that cared About equal justice it would trigger an Immediate investigation but when Steve Friend filed his complaint The doj did not give him any Whistleblower protections which are Required by federal law instead the doj Retaliated against Steve friend they Escorted him out of the Daytona Beach Field office they put him on unpay leave And pressured him to resign he left the Agency the day he testified publicly About all of this He's a brave guy no One in the Democratic party has said a Word about what happened to Steve friend They do not care they want to bury the Story we do not and it's not hard to see Why they wanted to bury the story he is A big political problem for the Democratic Party

Now the interesting thing Democrats in Congress are starting to come to come Out in defense of a different Whistleblower inside the IRS you may Have heard the IRS whistleblower says he Has had evidence the senior officials in The Biden Administration improperly Intervened on an ongoing investigation a Criminal investigation into this guy Named Hunter Biden that investigation Concerned Hunter Biden's taxes I don't Think he pays them the IRS whistleblower Says Merrick Garland may have lied under Oath about whether Federal prosecutors Are being allowed to prosecute any tax Violations they find hey it's been about Five years right here's Senator Chris Coons of Delaware saying the IRS Whistleblower unlike Steve friend at the FBI needs whistleblower protections CBS interviewed earlier this week an Attorney for an IRS agent who is seeking Whistleblower status from Congress to Share information he says would Contradict sworn testimony to Congress By senior political appointee regarding The investigation into Hunter Biden do You think it's worth looking into the Possibility of undue influence here look Anyone who comes forward and seeks Whistleblower protection status should Be given that status that's part of what We've put in place over many years see a Little bug in the corner it said CBS CBS

Is covering the story let's go back to The quote he says anyone who comes Forward and seeks whistleblower Protection status should be given that Status so the IRS whistleblower should Get protection suddenly that according To Chris Coons who by the way replaced Joe Biden in Delaware but the FBI Whistleblower gets suspended without pay And ultimately he's forced to resign What could explain that Here's a thought It makes sense if Democrats view the FBI Whistleblower as a threat to their Ability to punish their political Opponents using federal law enforcement They want to keep doing that forever no Matter who is in the White House they'll Never give up that power but the IRS Whistleblower is a very different animal He is a threat to Joe Biden personally He can expose the corruption of Joe Biden and his administration if the IRS Whistleblower succeeds the bite Administration is done and it's becoming Obvious Democrats want him done they Want Joe Biden gone here is Chuck Todd Of NBC not exactly a conservative Guy Opening up his show yesterday As Biden prepares to formally announce His campaign for a second term uh early This week just one in four Americans Believe he should run for re-election 70 Say he shouldn't run 53 of 2020 Biden Voters say he shouldn't run 64 percent

Of Democrats who voted for Sanders were Worn in the 2020 primaries think he Shouldn't run and 76 percent of Voters Under 35 think he shouldn't run and What's the top concern for that we asked Voters we didn't prompt them we said why Don't you think he should run well these Were the responses it almost is all About his age and his ability to do the Job It's not hard to see why Democrats are Turning on Joe Biden I can't believe That's NBC by the way he's 80. he'll be 82 if he wins again 86 when he's done Over the second term if he wins again And it's becoming obvious he can't do The job now watch It's really very very dull when after All these years in public life you're Known for two things Ray-Ban sunglasses And chocolate chip ice cream Very dull President we have a thousand Billionaires in America Know the average tax rate they pay Eight e i g h percent eight percent as You walk into my office in the in the Oval Office in the United States capital Guess what you know who founded and Designed and built the White House an Irishman An Irish no not not the joke you're Abiding like this You know anyway so thank you all God Bless you all with this group let's go

So Joe Biden thinks the Oval Office is In the Capitol he can't spell the word Eight got to put a t and he wants to Lick the world forget hostile interviews Joe Biden can't even take questions from Children Irish children anymore here he Was earlier this month explaining the Keys to success [Music] Oh therefore there's your look at this Air Force One right here Success For making sure that we don't all have Covered [Music] It's a success Because the key to success it was a guy Named Jesse Helms from South Carolina From North Carolina South Carolina North Carolina and he was a very conservative Guy who was very very not very crazy About African-Americans it was all we always Had fights yep 100 to the rescue when in Doubt kids love Jesse Helm stories they Always will despite his obvious Inability to serve as president so far Numerous media Outlets are reporting Tonight the Joe Biden will indeed run Again he's disregarding Barack Obama's Advice perhaps and he is pressing Forward that is not a surprise eyes he's Been saying this for a while Some people ask whether you are fit for

The job and when you hear that I wonder What you think Watch me Look at the other child you know the Needs it isn't very to live to live And not having the money to pay for it Not a joke think about it think about What you'd think about [Applause] You're going to have make that all Cement you're going to use that as basis To build on because you need security You need stability for what you have on Time and you're going to build up Stories Beyond I mean this is incredible [Applause] [Music] This is the United States Camara for God's sake [Applause] Uh Mr President thank you how would you Say your mental focus is Oh it's focused I say it's I think it's I I haven't look I have trouble even mentioning even Saying to myself my own head the number Of years I know more think of myself as Being as old as I am than fly So what would a 2024 Joe Biden campaign Look like here's a preview here's Joe Biden six years younger than he is today Corn Pop was a bad dude And he ran a bunch of bad boys and he Cut off a six foot left of chain he fold

Up he said you walk out with that chain And you walked in a car and say you may Cut me man but I'm going to wrap this Chain around your head another moving Story with kids around Joe Biden is doing what his Masters in The Democratic party have feared he is Running again maybe that's why they're Rushing to protect the IRS the IRS Whistleblower now if Democrats can't Stop Joe Biden maybe the IRS Whistleblower might he just might be Able to do it hey Sean Hannity here hey Click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere else

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