Brian Kilmeade: The White House wasted no time cleaning up this mess

Brian Kilmeade: The White House wasted no time cleaning up this mess

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade gives his take on an IRS agent seeking whistleblower protection on ‘Jesse Watters Primetime.’ #FoxNews

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As I started to say I'm Brian Kilmeade And welcome to a special edition of Jesse Waters live we are learning of a Major development in the federal probe Against Hunter Biden you have a senior IRS whistleblower has just revealed There's been a cover-up in what appears To be the first son's tax evasion case You know five years in the working in The making And this IRS whistleblower says he has The receipts to show quote preferential Treatment coming out of what would be The federal prosecutor's office in Delaware now the whistleblower's Attorney is already speaking out My client wants to come forward to Congress he's ready to be questioned About what he knows and what he Experienced under the proper legal Protections attorney Mark ladle's client Is a supervisory special agent at the IRS who's prepared to tell Congress the Investigation he's been working on has Been hampered by what he thinks his Special treatment typical steps that a Law enforcement investigator would take Were compromised because of political Considerations CBS News has learned the Investigation The Whistleblower worked On is about Hunter Biden the things he's Been through are are very well Documented in emails and other Communications with the Department of

Justice okay the Biden's getting special Treatment who would have thought that And this whistleblowers and stopping There he claims he also has proof that The senior political appointee lied to Congress A career law enforcement officer who Knows the right way to do an Investigation when he hears a senior of Politically appointed official at the Department of justice under sworn Testimony say something and in his mind It's directly contradictory to what he Knows is going on with the investigation And what he can prove with documents What he can prove with documents he Wants to come forward yeah he's doing it The right way right now all the fingers Are pointing to Biden's attorney general Merrick Garland who recently went Underroath to say that the Department of Justice has kept politics out of the Hunter Biden case He has been advised that he is not to be Denied anything that he needs and if That were to happen it should Ascend to The Department's ranks that I have not Heard anything from that office to Suggest that they are not able to do Everything that the U.S attorney wants To do he's certainly an inspiring figure Meanwhile did the attorney general just Get caught lying under oath are we Heading that direction it looks like it

But the White House wasted no time Coming out today to clean up the mess Is the president confident that his Attorney general has upheld all the Ethical I'm here when it comes Again the president has always been Cleared during the campaign during his Presidency that the Department of Justice should have Independence they Should not be politicized and they Should be able to do their job uh Independently essentially notice that Was not a fox reporter so how can you Say this case has not been politicized Everyone's picking up on it we've been Seeing nothing but stonewalling for Years now remember in 2020 51 Intel Officers came out to label Hunter's Laptop before the election by the way as Russian disinformation then when they Were caught lying they had to backtrack Do you regret signing on to the letter Oh absolutely not because those words Are still true it has all the classic Earmarks collection oh absolutely not no This is no it wasn't true no I had the Classic year marks but it wasn't true What is not true that it was Russian Disinformation that's not what we said In the letter read the actual letter and We said we do not know if this is Russian disinformation it has all the Classic earmarks of a Russian

Information operation exactly the Difference between an information Talking about the disinformation Campaign it's not my fault if people Don't look up definition I know hey David next time the answer to Brett is I'm sorry Now this week former acting CIA director Mike Morrell Unwound some things for us Admitting that now Secretary of State Tony blanken then an aide to Biden told Him the laptop was a Russian plant which Prompted him to collect signatures from 50 respected or previously respected Intel officers adding credibility to the Claim the laptop was fake and then we Had an election so does it look like the President has been hands off on this Investigation and how about this Hunter's laptop repairman says he gave The FBI Hunter's laptop back in 2019. What did they do with it nothing we Don't even know if they know where it is We only found out about it a year later Fast forward to October 2020 after the New York Post God hits hands on it they Did the right thing they published it Then the story was censored now thanks To the Twitter files we know the FBI had Their fingerprints all over it but it Doesn't stop there a former Obama Biden White House stenographer we we know About him now Mike McCormick is also Saying that the VP then VP Joe Biden

Flew to Ukraine to push for fracking Contracts in 2014 Just days after Hunter Signed on to barisma the gas company he Calls it a Kickbacks game and he has Proof of it because he was on the plane With all of them but the FBI and the Federal prosecutor in Delaware are Ignoring it I went to the FBI and filled out their Witness tip line there's a website you Fill out all these tips these web web Directions And I submitted it if you lie to the FBI When you're submitting a tip like that You can go to jail I'm not lying I'm Telling the truth Joe Biden is lying He's a criminal and I've got the Evidence if they put me in front of the Grand jury that's right now seated in Wilmington with special prosecutor David Weiss my testimony becomes the evidence That will put him in jail or will uh Lead to his impeachment Now we know why the IRS whistleblower Says the Department of Justice is giving The Biden family preferential treatment Can't say we are surprised but it does Look like the walls may be finally Closing in on President Biden and his Family it's why hundreds attorneys are Now threatening the IRS whistleblower Putting out this statement today get This quote it appears this IRS agent has Committed a crime it is a felony for an

IRS agent to improperly disclose Information about an ongoing tax Investigation I thought we celebrated whistleblowers In this country not put them in jail but The one man who's taking these Allegations seriously is oversight Chairperson okay chairman James Comer Who promises to get to the bottom of it The reason that nothing's been done to Hunter Biden is because it's not just About Hunter Biden's right it's about The entire family it's about the Brothers the sister-in-laws the sister The the nieces the nephews the Grandchildren they were all involved in This and I think the Department of Justice and the intelligence Community Scratching their head like what a mess Maybe it'll just go away and I got news For the American people it's not going Away it's going to come to light and I Think that a lot of people that were Supposed to be checks and balances along The way in the in the IRS and the doj Are going to have a lot of explaining to Do yeah if they didn't check they sure Do subscribe to the Fox News YouTube Channel to catch our nightly opens Stories that are changing the world and Changing your life from Tucker Carlson Tonight

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