Brittney Griner slammed for ‘absurd’ comment on trans athletes

Brittney Griner slammed for 'absurd' comment on trans athletes

Fox News contributor Douglas Murray calls out Griner for her comments as the fight to protect girls sports continues

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Foreign You're going to have a tremendous Platform but where is that going to be On your radar in terms of advocating for Um you know athletes all athletes Transgender having to be able to play oh I mean that ranks high on the on the List of things that I'll be fighting for And speaking up against you know Everyone has everyone deserves the right To play Brittany Greiner now adding her voice to The debate over transgender athletes She's a WNBA star slamming the push to Ban biological men from competing Against biological women Fox News Contributor Douglas Murray is here on This nice to see you sir good morning I Think the key line is everyone deserves The right to play so she's now weighed In on this she's got a big voice what do You think Um I suppose it's sort of lucky that Britney griner's not just starting off In her career because if these are the Rules when she was starting off then the Whole thing might be different the Problem we have in America on this is That there's there's a very distinct Lack actually of women defending women In the Public Square on issues like this And that isn't the case in every other Country and for instance in in my own Country or origin Britain

Um they've been very very prominent Women not just in sports but across the The political and social platforms who Who have objected to precisely this so So when someone like Brittany grinders Actually I'm going to fight for men to Play in women's sports it's just another Blow against lots of young female Athletes she said she thinks it's a Crime I mean all I can think is that She's just overstating it for some other Sort of purpose because I mean tread Back even a few years Wouldn't it be ridiculous if you said it Should be it's basically a crime for a Biological male with with huge shoulders For instance to compete against women And be allowed to beat them in the Swimming pool or in a boxing ring or Anything else it's absurd it's absurd Overstatement it's an overstatement it's Only coming about because there's been So much push in recent years to push an Idea which is obviously nonsense which Is that biological men and biological Women are Interchangeable yeah there's a clip of a Volleyball game where a transgender male Playing with women spikes the ball and It hits this woman in the face and she Just goes down yeah and maybe you need One of these moments and in a In a boxing ring or some sort of Physical have you seen that we've

Already had that I mean one of the Things that Joe Rogan uh The prominent Podcast one of the things that made him Wake up to this issue is he's an MMA Fighter correct and when Joe Rogan saw Biological males who are transitioning To female Beating the hell out of biological Females in the ring he started to think What are we doing what are we doing here Like why are we cheering this on Yeah You mentioned women are not speaking out About this there are some women I mean Yesterday we had a two-time Olympian on Our show Mary Yamauchi let me roll this Clip too and then I'll tell you what Martina navratulope is saying too watch People are saying you know forgot for God eight why are you why are you Fussing over this and Yemen in the female category suffered a Worse finishing position because of his Presence it doesn't only matter on the On the podium The achievements of female athletes at All levels all ages matters and males do Not belong in the female category that's One uh and here's Martina Navratilova And she's been outspoken about the Leah Thomas thing says her critics are using Feminism claims the High transphobia Um and then you know you've got Martinez Speaking out saying we don't need to Explain this to you over and over stop

Explaining feminism to feminists yeah And Martina Navratilova is a real Trailblazer in her own career of course Um I just I just wish there were more Cases of this because all the time as we See in the Britney Griner example all The time the the rhetoric is being Ramped up by the sort of pro-trans Lobby We saw yesterday Whoopi Goldberg Claiming that the Bible shows that Transgender people should be given Gender reaffirming care I mean that that That's a major celebrity in this country Making a flat out false claim that God Created man and woman and also sometimes You've got the wrong parts and you Should have surgery that's only in a Test stage at the moment and do that This is deranging nonsense it's not Going away let's see where it goes Douglas good to have you on today good To see you yeah thank you I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and it means Lee Earhart and click here to subscribe To the Fox News YouTube page to catch Our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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