Byron Donalds: This will not go well for Nikki Haley

Byron Donalds: This will not go well for Nikki Haley

Rep. Byron Donalds, Ari Fleischer and Stephen Miller react to the New Hampshire GOP primary election results on ‘Hannity.’

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Fox News contributor Ari fler and former Senior advisor to president Trump Steven Miller and Congressman Byron Donalds is Right here on set with us in New Hampshire how are you good to see you I'm doing good how are you I'm good okay Analyze tonight what do you see big Night for president Trump uh look this Thing is over we know this this was Going to be Nikki Haley's biggest Opportunity she's 10 points down with 50% of the vote in this is like when you Start off on those roller coasters Shan And you start really low that's where She started 1 2% you crush all the way Up you think things are going well and Then you go over the edge and it's Downhill from there South Carolina is Not going to go well for her Nevada is Not going to go well for her Florida is Not going to go well for her it's time For the party to unite this primary is Over but she wants to hang around so We're going to have to beat her in a Couple more States Alli fler your take Sir yeah unless Nikki Haley is able to Make deeper in routs with the group that Represents most Republicans which is Conservative Republicans I think she's Going to hit a plateau and she might be There right now with about 45% in a State that's quite friendly toward a Nikki Haley candidacy so when she says She started at 2% and has moved up she's

Right and she should get credit for Being the last woman standing but in Politics that's not good enough and the The fundamental things she hasn't come To terms with yet is conservatives love Donald Trump and she hasn't been able to Crack that that'll be a problem in South Carolina as well I suspect all right uh We can see that that Trump is up a full 10 uh percentage points right now step Miller um people that I know crunching Numbers texting me you know they think The number is going to be closer to 13 14 maybe even 15% uh regardless uh I I Agree with Ari if if there was a state That was suited for a more independent More moderate Republican it would be the The state of New Hampshire um and then Heading into your own home state four Years from now there's going to be an Open Primary does Nikki Haley if you're A campaign manager and you want her to Be president one day does she look at The idea of maybe losing her home state Right now down 30.2% real clear politics Average does she take that risk and Continue or is it better to say I'll Come back in four years and I think I'll Have a better Opportunity well you would think that She would try to avoid the Staggering Humiliation of what is setting up to be A historic defeat in her home state and As your other guests have mentioned New

Hampshire was where she bet everything It would have been the perfect state for Her and not only is she going to lose by Significant double digigit margin but She's going to lose despite the fact That a record number of unaffiliated and Democrat voters participated in the Primary a record low according to EXO's 47% of New Hampshire Republican primary Voters were actually Republican and yet Donald Trump still Notch this massive Victory so it's an even more significant Victory than it appears on paper for Donald Trump tonight yeah I agree uh I Got to tell you so as you go from here If you're Donald Trump do you start Beginning the transition to a a general Campaign against Joe Biden I would like To see more focus on Biden than maybe Nikki Haley I don't think it's going to Be necessary in the next two states well I totally believe that's what needs to Happen over at the at Joe Biden's Campaign they're already starting to Gear up in their mind they think it's About about Donald Trump and that's Going to be their focus that needs to be The focus of the Republican Party in the Trump campaign it's about November Shan The primary contest is over do you think It's over Ari fler 10 seconds I don't Think it's over but I think Donald Trump Missed an opportunity tonight in that Speech he should have gone after Joe

Biden and ignored Nikki Haley and those Are opportunities you don't get too Often set a sights on Biden that's a Smart thing for Donald Trump I would Have preferred to hear more about Biden Uh all right thank you all three Stephen Thank you hey Sean Hannity here hey Click here to subscribe to Fox News YouTube page Ag and catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis You will not get it anywhere Else

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