Caitlin Clark snubbed from Team USA Olympics roster

Caitlin Clark snubbed from Team USA Olympics roster

Former NFL sideline reporter Michele Tafoya argues Team USA missed a ‘golden opportunity’ by passing on Caitlin Clark considering her popularity and ability to bring new viewers to women’s sports.  #FoxNews

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WNBA star Caitlyn Clark taking the high Road after being snubbed from Team USA Olympic basketball roster our next guest Says US Women's Basketball lost to Golden opportunity former NFL sideline Reporter Michelle Tor joined us now um Michelle you were there every step of The way you saw the emergence of women's Sports you were doing play-by-play During it did the US o USA Basketball Make the right move I think they whiffed Here I completely believe they lost a Golden opportunity you could have got One of those 12 spots now look every Woman on that team is deserving and There are also other women out there who Didn't get picked who are deserving and I think kayln Clark is one of them if You're going to go with the meritocracy Argument we could we could chalk up a Ton of stuff but the undeniable thing About Caitlyn Clark is how popular she Is how many eyeballs she has brought to The sport people are discovering women's Basketball for the first time for for Many many people because of Caitlyn Clark she would have been a Bo for this Olympic team look this is a sport it is A game Brian it's also a business you Know that better than anybody it is a Business this would have meant so much For the ratings of the women's Olympic Basketball stuff all of it so a couple Of things Michelle if you're USA

Basketball you there you feel pressure Because women are the best in the world Just like the men uh I think they won Nine gold medals already they've only Lost three games ever and you don't want To be that coach to get knocked out Early and maybe because you put somebody On there that is in the top 12 in the World so far she's averaged 16 points a Game as a pro six assists five rebounds Making 37% of her shots solid start but Remember and you you live this but I was Covering it too Yukon Basketball the Best player in the in college basketball Rebecca Lobo she was never a dominant in The WNBA sometimes you reach your peak In college she hasn't shown that she's Among the best Pros yet are you you Saying her performance the other night With 30 points and seven threes to tie a Rookie record does not show that she's a Promising Pro I don't buy it I just Don't and and again you can sit her on The pine you can have her the 12 person On your roster people will still tune in To see if she gets on that floor to see If she gets to play these women on the US team are so dominant that you can win With almost any 12 that they decided to Pick so if you want the eyeballs that You say that you want that you've been Asking for for decades if you want the Support you want the Boost to this game That you say that you want then you put

The most popular play Not only because She's the most popular Brian she's one Of the best players on the planet you do Not lose anything by putting her on this Roster all right I will I will say this People brought up this analogy Christian Leon was put on the Dream Team even Though he was the best player in college Basketball he Shaq was left off of it uh Alonzo was left off they put ler on to Develop him they wanted him they wanted To have a developing play to play with Jordan and bird and Magic a lot of People criticize that that's what this Would have been final thought well maybe It would have been that I would contend That you know men's basketball was Already popular you didn't need Christian lner Women's game needs this Woman you got it uh Michelle thanks so Much love your Insight you were there There's nobody better to talk to Appreciate it I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilme and I'm Angy aart click here to Subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page To catch our hottest interviews and most Compelling analysis

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