Caitlyn Jenner: Biden is wrong again

Caitlyn Jenner: Biden is wrong again

Olympic Gold Medalist Caitlyn Jenner joined ‘America’s Newsroom’ to discuss the expansion and the broader fight for fairness in women’s sports. #FoxNews

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The the by Administration now Overhauling on Title IX trying to Protect transgender athletes they say From blanket bans and school sports are Going to put a proposal that would make That the case Caitlyn Jenner's with me Now good morning to you I've heard you Talk about this a couple things NPR poll Majority opposed to trans women Competing in women's sports 63 percent Say they are opposed to that it's called For number one guys on the polling I've Heard you talk about this in the past That the transgender athletes need to Have their own category you're working With a group for Solutions what's the Solution do you think yeah Well There are solutions Um I've been involved with a lot of Political people over the last few years And we need to start a movement And we started it is a pack we are Raising money to fight these issues I Know right now you know the economy what It is today Um but we're asking people this is a Grassroots effort five ten twenty a Hundred dollars to be able to put into Fairness first to fight these issues Because why we need to protect women's Sports along with other things but we Need to protect women's sports and you

Know what Bill we've been fighting this Issue for the last year and a half going Back to uh Leah Thomas Penn swimming Well you know what we won that battle You know we fought our thanks honestly To Fox News and all the reports that They did on it but Fina the International organization controlling The rules in uh Um in swimming banned trans athletes and Then right behind that world Athletics Headed by Sebastian Co Um he did the same thing he banned trans Athletes at the World level and then What comes along Next Joe Biden bill has Joe Biden ever Been on the right side of any issue Throughout his almost 50 years in Politics I would say no and he's wrong Again Joe Biden if this goes through Title IX was about fairness in women's Sports with men it was a scholarship Program Yeah they wanted to make sure that women Had the money that would support the Extracurricular activities that men had For decades I want to share something With you these are the 20 states with Bans on transgender participation in School sports two of those on the list Incidentally is Iowa and Louisiana I Just got to think about that Women's Championship a week ago in basketball That was LSU

In Iowa and what would have been the Story if there was a transgender athlete Participating in that game and and Dominated that game And took the attention away from the Women who have worked all their lives to Find themselves in that game itself Well first of all you look at Joe Biden What he just is trying to do with Title IX about fairness and women's sports and He's trying to say if you don't get Federal fund you won't get federal funds If you ban trans athletes Um on your team and end women's sports What he's doing is exactly remember a Couple of weeks ago we were talking About what was happening in Vermont and There was a religious school in a league That decided not to Compete against another team because They had a trans athlete well they Banned the school the religious school You know from the league 94 girls were Out of Athletics to to just cater to one Trans athlete in another school well That's exactly what's happening right Now and that's what we're fighting for At fairness first dot u s we have to Fight these issues I mean also parental Rights there's a lot of things that We're doing and that we hope people can Come in and support this because we're Winning some and losing another and These issues are going to not going to

Stop coming up over the next couple of Years and also we'd like your support Eventually candidates that are going to Support these issues that we're fighting So hard for okay Caitlin thanks for Coming on today appreciate your time I Think that school was in Vermont it was My pleasure there was blowback you bet We'll talk soon okay thank you I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to subscribe to The Fox News YouTube page to catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis

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