Captive Nations Summit 2022

Captive Nations Summit 2022

Each July, the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation leads efforts to mark National Captive Nations Week, in fulfillment of the 1959 congressional resolution adopted during the Eisenhower administration to show American solidarity with nations subjugated by communism.

This year, VOC was honored for Mrs. Olena Zelenska, the First Lady of Ukraine to accept VOC’s Dissident Human Rights Award on behalf of the people of Ukraine for their brave fight for freedom against Russia’s war of aggression.

Tina Olney and I am the director of Government relations for the victims of Communism Memorial foundation and I Would now like to welcome our president And CEO Ambassador Andrew bremberg who Will introduce today’s program and our Speakers thank you ambassador remberg Thank you Christina thank you everyone For joining us today both here in person And online Um as Christina mentioned we observe Today captive Nations week first called For by a congressional resolution and Proclaimed annually by every president From President Eisenhower in 1959 to President Biden just last week We as a nation during this week we Commit ourselves to stand in solidarity With the Nations around the world held Captive by communism 30 years ago We all rejoiced when Millions around the World were freed of Communism and most Of the Nations originally listed in the Captive Nations resolution were Liberated Not by force But by their own people This includes the Ukrainian people who Voted for Independence in 1991 and Regained their sovereignty Shockingly Today we are witnessing the horror of War

As Russia attacks and invades Ukraine Killing Untold thousands and committing Countless war crimes But Ukraine will not be held captive Again Once again the Ukrainian people have Spoken Not just in their words But in their daily acts of heroism as They bravely fight to defend themselves So as we commemorate captive Nations Week this year Let us recommit ourselves to stand with Ukraine with the people of Ukraine as They stand and fight for freedom It is now my honor to present two Welcome video remarks we’ll have the First is from Ambassador Paula Dobrianski she is the senior fellow in The future of diplomacy project at Harvard University’s JFK Belfor Center For Science and international Affairs And is vice chair of the scrowcroft Center for strategy and security for the Atlantic Council from 2001 to 2009 Ambassador dobranski served as under Secretary of State for Global Affairs And established and led the U.S India U.S China and U.S Brazil Global issues For it She was also head of the delegation and Lead negotiator on U.S climate change Policy Ambassador brianski received a Bsfs summa laude in international

Politics from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service and an M.A and PhD In Soviet political military affairs From Harvard University Ambassador dobrianski is a trustee here Of the victims of Communism Memorial Foundation and the daughter of Ambassador Lev dobrianski the author of The 1959 captive Nations week resolution We will then have a welcome video from Acting principal Deputy assistant Secretary Scott Busby Of the Bureau of democracy human rights And labor at the U.S Department of State He oversees the bureau’s work on East Asia and the Pacific The Western Hemisphere business and Human rights and human rights-based Sanctions he previously served as the Director of the Hume of human rights on The National Security Council of the White House and as coordinator of the International consultations on Migrations Asylum and refugees in Geneva Switzerland he holds an advanced degree In sociology and law from the University Of California Berkeley and received a ba From Amherst College Thank you Ambassador bremberg I’d also Like to recognize Dr Ed fullner our Chair as well as chairman emeritus Dr Lee Edwards thank you both for being Here today and also thanks to all of our

Board of Trustees members your support Has been truly indispensable Distinguished ladies and gentlemen Welcome to the captive Nations week Summit today we come together to advance That Noble goal articulated in Senate Joint resolution 111 passed on July 17 1959 and signed into public law 8690 a law which has remained enforced To this very present day Captive Nations week was conceived to Spotlight and condemn the continued Suffering of those victimized Nations And people living under communism Some of the Nations listed in the Original legislation are now free But there are those populations in the World who continue to remain subjected To communist rule to authoritarianism And totalitarianism My father Ambassador Lev dobriansky a Professor at Georgetown University and Chair of the national captive Nations Committee would be incredibly proud if He were here today As a Fierce anti-communist and champion Of global freedom and democracy Worldwide he wrote the first captive Nations week resolution in 1959 and Which was signed into law by President Dwight D Eisenhower The resolution calls upon every President of the United States to Proclaim the third week of July of each

Year as captive Nations week and urges Americans to quote reaffirm their Commitment to all those seeking Liberty Justice and self-determination unquote Across the globe many nations and people Continue to be subjected to crimes and Just injustices perpetrated by tyrants So many have put their lives on the line To support the universality of Human Rights Captive Nations week is a reminder to Future generations to never take Liberty For granted and it is also a pledge to Those who still live under oppression That we will neither forget them nor Abandon them Thank you so much for being here today And also thank all of you for your Sacrifices and your staunch commitment Let us recommit ourselves to defending And promoting Liberty for future Generations thank you [Applause] Thank you for the opportunity to speak Today and thank you to the victims of Communism Memorial foundation for Organizing this important event History has shown time and time again That democracies are more peaceful Prosperous and secure Democracy also Remains the best form of Government for defending and promoting Fundamental freedoms and human rights That is why President Biden convened the

Summit for democracy and that is why the U.S government remains committed to Promoting Democratic governance wherever We can and pushing back against Authoritarian governance and the Repression that goes along with it Wherever it appears Unfortunately not everyone has the Privilege to live in a free and Democratic Society for this reason we Welcome the opportunity provided by Captive Nations week to call attention To those countries that remain under the Yoke of authoritarian and totalitarian Rule one such country is Russia at this Moment the world is witnessing Russia’s Brutal full-scale invasion of Ukraine Along with the International Community We will continue to condemn Russia’s Unprovoked and unjustified war and its Violence and atrocities against the People of Ukraine the United States will Also continue to work closely with the International Community to hold Russia Accountable for its disregard of International law and human rights as we Did last week at a meeting convened in The Hague this includes not only the war Crimes and abuses committed by Russian Forces in Ukraine this year but also the Forced disappearances torture arbitrary Detention and other human rights abuses In Ukraine since 2014 for which Russia Is responsible at the same time

President Putin in the Russian regime Continue to repress Russia’s own people By stifling its Civil Society censoring Free expression and increasing Repression against human rights Defenders and journalists including Those seeking to shine light on Russia’s Actions in Ukraine these actions show Clearly how the kremlin’s repression at Home is linked to its disregard for the International rules-based order and Human rights abroad The People’s Republic of China is Another regime responsible for numerous Atrocities and human rights abuses Including harassment enforced Disappearances forced labor torture and Restrictions on freedom of religion or Belief the PRC employs repressive Policies to silence human rights Defenders and members of religious and Ethnic minority groups such as Tibetan Buddhists Christians falun gong Practitioners and Muslim minorities The secretary of state has determined That since 2017 PRC authorities have Committed genocide and crimes against Humanity against uyghurs who are Predominantly Muslim and members of Other ethnic and religious minority Groups in xinjiang These crimes include the Detention of Over one million people in internment Camps and detention centers in xinjiang

Torture Force sterilization and Persecution including through forced Labor and Draconian repression of the Freedoms of religion or belief Expression and movement the victims of Communism Memorial Foundation has done a Wonderful job in helping to document These acts more broadly PRC authorities Use intimidation harassment invasive Surveillance and forced disappearances And other forms of coercion to exert Control and silence criticism among its Population in some cases we’ve seen PRC Authorities seek to exert this control Even outside its borders using Transnational repression through brutal Tactics that include physical threats Harassment and surveillance against Individuals threatening individuals Family members within the PRC digital Threats such as online harassment and Misuse of international law enforcement Systems such as Interpol While the situation in the PRC Russia And russian-controlled areas in Ukraine Are crucial concerns there are many Other places where freedom is under Threat as we are witnessing Democratic Backsliding and increasing human rights Abuses around the world that is why Creating a community that allows for Democratic renewal is key to promoting And protecting human rights and Fundamental freedoms against communist

And authoritarian threats as members of The Free World we must jointly promote Our democratic values and we must hold Ourselves and our allies accountable to Our Democratic commitments the United States will continue to promote Democracy and protect Liberty for Everyone around the globe thanks again For convening this conference and I look Forward to hearing the outcomes of your Discussions Foreign After those great introductions I’m Pleased to now bring us to our panel Discussions so we will have two panels This morning uh the first panel will be Led by Milda Boyce the director of the Fellowships here at the victims of Communism Memorial foundation and panel One will the topic will be Putin’s war Against Ukraine and the future of Russia And I will allow milta to introduce the Panelists when they begin and the second Panel will be led by Carlos Ponce the Director for Latin America studies here At the victims of Communism foundation And the panel will be discussing the Lessons of Ukraine for captive Nations Around the world Nelda thank you Ambassador Um Boys director of Fellowship programs at Victims of Communism Memorial foundation And I’d like to welcome everyone joining

Us today in the audience and tuning in Online for a panel discussion focusing On Putin’s war against Ukraine and the Future of Russia Russia continues to intensify attacks on Ukrainian cities and expands Disinformation campaigns across Eastern Europe and Beyond Innocent civilians and children in Ukraine have become daily casualties of This brutal War the headline news are Spinning between scenarios what if Russia wins what if Russia loses how About what if Ukraine wins so to put Things in perspective I would like to Ask our leading experts on the subject Matter To share their insights on the current Situation in Ukraine but also focus on The future of Russia your future of Ukraine and the entire region as a Result of this war A few questions that I’d like to pose Ahead of your presentations if you could Think about what are possible scenarios In Ukraine and Russia in the foreseeable Future one to two two one to five years From now What do you see happening in terms of Ukraine’s position in the face of Ongoing Russian attacks and its Imperial Aims And what are the concrete steps that Allied countries such as the US and most

Of Europe could do to help in hopes of Establishing peace and sovereignty in Occupied territories of Ukraine and turn The wheels towards constructive Democratic changes in Russia And with that I am honored to introduce Our distinguished panelists on my right Is Dr Merrick Jan kodakiewicz is the Costusko chair in Polish studies head of The center for intermodium studies and Professor of history at The Institute of World politics His research interests include the Post-soviet Zone the second world war And its aftermath Europe in the 19th and 20th Century western civilization and Its intellectual tradition extremist Movements in history conspiracy theory And practice and comparative Civilizations In addition to numerous popular and Scholarly articles Dr kodakiewicz Authored co-authored edited and Co-edited over 15 scholarly monographs And documentary collections In both English and polish his latest Include intermarium the land between the Black and Baltic Seas which is a Depiction of the Eastern Borderlands of The West on the realm of the former Soviet Union Dr hodakiewicz holds a bachelor’s degree From San Francisco State University and Masters in philosophy and PhD from

Columbia University On Dr hodakiewicz’s right is Michael Sake is who is Executive Vice President For Ukrainian Congress Committee of America and director of Ukrainian National information service Mr sake’s Efforts and key goal at the Ukrainian Congress committee has been to ensure Unity among America’s European allies Challenge Russia by freezing assets of Four banks that were sanctioned by the Biden Administration and continued Efforts to revoke Russia’s admission in Swift Mr sake has a long-standing professional Expertise in non-profit organizations Policy analysis politics government and Strategic planning he was an associate In AIG financial products from 1993 to 1996. Mr saki has a master’s degree in Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute the Lally School of Management corporate Finance and international business And last but not least Brian Whitmore my Good friend and former colleague is an Agent assistant professor and Russia Specialist at University of Texas Arlington McDowell Center for Global Studies and a non-resident senior fellow At the Atlantic council’s Eurasia Center In Washington DC He’s also the founder and author of the Power vertical blog and host of the Power vertical podcast both of which

Focus on Russian affairs from April 2018 To July 2020 he worked as a senior Fellow and Russia program director at The center for European policy analysis Whitmore also worked as a senior Russia Analyst for Radio free Europe Radio Liberty where he was employed for 11 Years from 2007 to 2017. prior to Joining our vrl Mr Whitmore worked as a Foreign correspondent for the Boston Globe in Moscow and in Prague he has Worked as a graduate lecturer in the Department of government and International studies at the University Of South Carolina and as a visiting Lecturer in the history faculty at Meshnikov National University in Odessa Ukraine and the international relations Faculty at St Petersburg State University in Russia his work has Appeared in the Washington Post the Atlantic the new Republic foreign policy World politics Review Newsweek and elsewhere he has Appeared as a guest commentator on CNN The BCC BBC World Service NPR Bloomberg And various other media A native of New Haven Connecticut Mr Whitmore earned his master’s degree in Political science from Villanova University in 1987 and bachelor’s degree In politics from St Joseph University in Philadelphia in 1986. welcome to Everyone we will now ask each panelist

To deliver their remarks before we fill Questions from the audience since we Only have one hour I will kindly ask our Panelists to keep your remarks brief After 10 minutes to make sure we have Sufficient time for the Q a and let’s Proceed in in the alphabetical order Dr Hodakiewicz the floor is yours Thank you very much Thank you very much I hope everyone can Hear me I would like to thank the victims of Communism foundation and Milda for her Kind introduction and the opportunity to Speak I would like to thank you for caring and Showing up Sven should be retired and he is here Thank God First of all I’m very very happy that VOC has provided a platform to our old Alliance the captive Nations Some are lucky like Lithuania and Poland And Hungary and so forth for they are Free and not threatened directly yet Others are unlucky like Cuba Vietnam Laos Cambodia Uh they are still occupied and unfree There is a um in between the house so Half house For victims of post-communism like Angola Mozambique and perhaps Ethiopia I would like to see the Coalition we’re

Stitched and working together as it had Back in the 1970s and 80s and then Suddenly Most must have believed in the end of History or Putin has proven in Ukraine That history has not ended if anybody Needed proof What’s next As far as Russia and Ukraine well the Most important thing is to understand That Ukraine is not the Ukraine but Ukraine is perceived as an existential Threat To Moscow at least on two levels level Number one is the Imperial project Which is incomplete without Ukraine in Particular Everything else is on the menu too Including The Baltic states And Poland of course and everybody else To what degree we don’t know about Ukraine is a cinequanon of Putting back the empire Together Russia always feels threatened and Ukraine threatens Russia horribly Because Russia only has nine time zones It wants the 11 time zones it used to Have back and then he’ll be happy and Feel secure for a while now Norwegians Think that because historically they had Not been under Russia they are safe says Who

Where does it stop that’s the logic of Any Empire Imperialism is a crime of opportunity And uh people used to Smile and I said well it doesn’t have to Be Ukraine or Estonia kazakhstan’s on The menu too everyone is don’t have to Be paranoid to recognize the Dynamics That’s simply how that’s simply how it Works First Ukraine threatens the Imperial Project second Ukraine threatens the Cultural and historical Narrative of Moscovy It’s very important because Moscow Claims the mantle To refinia to Russian Ruth It’s uh Like saying that Canada because it’s English speaking Claims Florida from the United States And then everything else At any rate Last fall Moscow Putin had Three moves Some In this town were worried about Belarus On the account of Minsk unleashing waves Of so-called refugees against the Lithuanian and polish borders but this Was just a sideshow Ukraine was main Stage that’s where Russia concentrated Its troops

And there were three moves first one was Swaggering This was a possibility Putin was hoping To pressure the European Union to allow To allow Nordstrom to Second move was A land bridge To Crimea which would have been in Character for Putin or he wanted to Continue his incrementalism Well what we Most of us did not take under our Consideration was that Putin a Learned that he was Not immortal So it was an all-out war that was his A option They were Putin’s war did not go so well Ukraine was of course on the receiving End and losing from day one Simply because of the overwhelming Numbers and and inability of the Ukrainians to mount a counter-offensive And wipe out the invader Ukraine has been on the defensive from Day one but the The all-out option didn’t work out so Well for uh Putin as you know so the Russians switched to what they know best Creating pockets and bearing Overwhelming Force against points of Resistance It’s not that the ukrainians are not

Brave they’ve been fighting like lions But not too many troops are happy to see Civilians die And not too many enjoy seeing Ukrainian Cities which refuse to surrender Reduced to Rubble so that the moscovites Could rebuild them According to their own terms with Lenin Square instead of Independence Square A The Russian armies have been moving from One target to the next They have realized this was the best way They don’t have considerations that Civilized armies do their byward has Always been We have a lot of people they don’t care And Putin has no incentive to stop Unless he finds one he’s going to go on Perhaps more slowly but more truly with More death and Destruction so what if he stops Well It’s we also have to realize that this Is not about Putin it’s about the mosque About culture Lenin This great lover of peace and equality Inherited The tsar’s empire And desires geopolitics so he just Proceeded to restitch What had been The Empire of the romanovs

In precisely the same way Please read Professor kukajevsky his Thesis was popularized in the United States by Richard pipes one of the Greatest historians of Russia There is a straight line in terms of Imperialist imagination from the Tsar to The Soviets If Putin stops His offensive he’ll restart it If he dies And disappears From the scene when he’s gone someone Else will restart it This is just the moscovite Imperial logic I know that many were tempted back in The 1990s to see not only the end of History but also The beginning of a new Russia That was A little bit of Hope But the Hope rested in Novgorod the Great not moscovy So that didn’t work out and became Obvious very quickly please remember That Yeltsin Already yelts and bemoaned The disintegration of the Soviet Union When Yeltsin creates the Commonwealth of Independent states it was to destroy Pardon my Marxism A thus the superstructure of the Soviet

Union which was beholden to Gorbachev Creating the Commonwealth of independent States was just getting rid of the party And Soviet bureaucracy Yeltsin assumed everyone would stay Together if the largest states So-called Independent states remained together With Ukraine Kazakhstan Etc everything would be Hunky-dory That was not the case So yield sin and many of his people were Upset this was not Putin who invented This sentiment Already yelts and vowed to address this Problem in some way Putin became the Most outspoken proponent of it There is no Reason or Ukraine Ukraine must not exist if the Imperial project is to succeed Oh Don’t worry Everybody else is on the menu too Putin’s geopolitical Guru Alexander Dugin said there’s no place for Poland On the map it’s just completely Superfluous Europe starts with Germany And this is uh Simply Imperial logic and that’s how It’s going to be and that’s what we Should expect until Moscow is reduced to

Its medieval shape And other regions of the Russian Federations Are allowed Autonomy at least and some kind of Independent existence now I’m not here To call for the destruction of Russia Because the West needs a balancing act Beyond the Euros so the Chinese wouldn’t Visit And with that thought I would like to Thank you very much Thank you Merrick for such an important Historical perspective Um Michael please go ahead Thank you thank you Um thank you for the victims of Communism Memorial foundation for Hosting this particular Conference During this captive Nations week You know I’m reminded of of the actual As as Ambassador Paul De bruinska had Mentioned in her opening remarks I’m Reminded of the actual Proclamation Itself Which went into effect on this day in 1959 on July 19th signed by then President Truman You look at the Historical perspective You look at the Nations that were listed Within that roll call of countries of Nations under the Yoke of Communism at That particular time And with that I’m actually reminded of a

A very interesting quote that I came Across in in a lot of my reading About Russia and and Um the way that Russia acts as as a Government and also its Society It was a French writer who had traveled The expanse of of Russia and had met Various entities within the greater Within greater Russia he met with Government officials with civilian Officials he went from town to town he Went into the bigger cities and left Himself notes on every single interview That he had And one particular quote is very Infamous within his book and his book is This the author is Marquis De costine Um the book is Letters From Russia And the most poignant quote within that Particular book is as follows Russia arise Denies the facts Makes war on the evidence and wins Ladies and gentlemen that particular Book was written in 1839. 183 years ago That same quote is as relevant 183 years Ago As it is today But what are we facing today what are we Facing I I I brought my my my Um colleague here uh Mark in terms of Everything that he had mentioned about The historical perspective of the

Russian Federation of what Muscovy is as A principality as as as its own entity Back in medieval times But right now we’re dealing with a Country that is under in a Ukraine that Is that is under an immense amount of Pressure Pressure from its own internal Society Pressure from the west and obviously When it comes to a war itself July 4th and July 5th in Lugano Switzerland was a a conference called The Ukraine recovery conference not this Particular conference the prime minister Of Ukraine mentioned a very startling Figure in terms of the recovery and the Restructuring of Ukraine and Reconstruction of Ukraine post-war what Amounts of 750 billion dollars That’s the the the annual defense budget Of the United States of America which is 10 of our federal budget add some Discretionary funds you can almost go as Much as 20 of our federal budget that is A staggering and earth-shocking figure To actually comprehend And this is the intent of what Putin is Trying to do in terms of the utter Destruction of a Nation This is this is true genocide what we Are seeing right now Ukraine has already Experienced the genocide in 1932-33 with The forced famine the whole of the more Stalin’s forced famine but two days

Prior to the actual physical onset of The war Putin in his address to the Ukraine to to the ten stages of why Ukraine needs to be wiped off the face Of the Earth He talked about classification of Ukraine he talked about the Symbolization of what Ukraine is the Discrimination the dehumanization the Organization a polarization a Preparation for the war the persecution Of people the extermination of the Ukrainian Nation as well as the actual Denial of its own existence So all of this is is is is predicated as Well as not so much as a physical War But it’s also predicated in terms of a Propaganda War we often forget about the Propaganda War If the 750 billion dollar is a price tag Alone for the physical restructuring of Ukraine I would tell I would say to you That the untold billions and potentially Even trillions of dollars of damage that Is done in terms of the massive Disinformation war which is happening And emanating from Moscow Is truly beyond beyond comprehension But where do we go from here The fact is I think for me personally is Is we’re looking at Putin and and Understanding this as a zero-sum game For Putin it’s a zero somewhere and

Therefore I would even say for Ukraine It has to be a zero some more Understanding the concept of Putin will Never necessarily negotiate until he has To negotiate Well what does that mean that he has to Negotiate does that mean more casualties Bring uh coming back and body bags to The Russian Federation does that mean Pressure coming from the from from the West in terms of its sanctions regime Does that mean an entity such as the Russian Federation which Mark at the Very end of his comments has said he’s Not calling for the dissolution of the Russian Federation but you if you think About the actual captive Nations Themselves Proclamation talks about Those captive Nations even in today’s Russian Federation So there are many aspects here in terms Of what a zero-sum game is when it comes To to to to to the war on Ukraine Of course right now Ukraine needs to win The war I think that’s quite evident Last week a DOD spokesman spoke about The The delivery of the high Mars to Ukraine The high Mobility artillery rocket Systems to Ukraine Ukraine was received Quite a few of them meridians actually Making an impact and in particular the State department spokesman excuse me the Department of Defense spokesman had

Actually mentioned quote I think that There has been significant impact on What’s going on on the front lines If you think about the fact that Ukrainians have been talking about a Number of targets they are hitting They’re spending a lot of time striking Them as well This shows that for whatever Putin sees He sees the ability of the West to unite Unites around a concept of Ukraine which Is defending Not just its own democracy but the Defending democracy for the rest of the World I’m reminded back in 2014 after the First war and many people forget that The first war actually happened in February in March of 2014 When Ukrainian parliamentarians had Visited the United States Congress and Met with Congressional members of Congress and senators and I was privy to To to be in a part of that meeting And in this particular meeting members Of Congress had basically asked the Question to those Ukrainian Parliamentarians what do you want from Us what more can we do for you And the Ukrainian parliamentarian said Answered with an analogy and of what Just happened with them a few weeks Prior the European parliamentarians had Come to Cave they had done their

Perfunctory meetings in the capital Itself but they were asking to go to the Front lines they themselves these European parliamentarians wanted to see What was happening on the front lines They arranged the meeting they went to The front lines the European Parliamentarians that asked those Ukrainian soldiers in the trenches what Are you fighting for Three very unique answers The first answer is I’m fighting for my Family Very honorable very Noble the second is I’m fighting for my country again very Honorable very Noble that happens we we See that that type of mentality that Sentiments here in the United States as Well the third answer shocked the European parliamentarian said and we are Fighting for Europe And if that was a war eight years ago Which obviously was not Defended as much throughout the the European continent our uh uh our allies Worldwide and unfortunately now it is Eight years later and five months into a Truly staggering War we have to think to Ourselves what are what is the next step Is next step for Ukrainian Frozen Conflict I would hope not I would hope That that would be the least of any type Of Iota of of an idea of how to end this Particular War what does a frozen

Conflict mean that Putin basically can Start a war at any time and at any place If there are frozen conflicts in in Um the the transnister region if there Is now a quote-unquote frozen conflict Within Georgia which is 20 of its Territories occupied by Russia if you Think of today 20 of Ukrainian territory Is occupied by Russia and call that a Frozen conflict I would I would say that the next Obviously the next countries are out There in terms of what would potentially Be another Frozen conflict I end by this I end with the final thought in terms of All American policy all policy of the Western World dealing with with Ukraine Dealing with this particular War has to Be in defining the enemy We have to understand what and who the Enemy is If you want to say who in terms of a Personality perfectly fine to me the Most important is the what the what is Russian imperialism and if we do not Understand what the actual reasoning for This particular war is Then we’ll lose the war even before we Actually begin This to conclude I’d like to to also Mention that that Buchan himself a few Weeks ago Had actually equated himself or or Reminded the Russian people that he

Wants to be like a Peter the Great Peter the Great ladies and gentlemen was One of the first ones that expanded well Did expand the Russian territory into Greater Europe so watch out baltics Watch out Poland and watch out other Countries of Central and east Europe if We’re not mindful of what the actual Enemy is thank you Thank you Michael Ryan thank you thank you Milda and um Thank you to the victims of Communism Memorial foundation for hosting this Event for the invitation it’s truly an Honor to be here um the problem with Speaking after modic and Michael is that All the clever points have already been Made but I’ll I’ll I’ll I’ll do my best And to start my remarks I want to mark An anniversary Um it’s it’s not a happy anniversary but It’s an anniversary nonetheless this December marks the Centenary of the Foundation of the Soviet Union December 1922 the Soviet Union was Founded in 100 years ago this coming December and that founding was made Possible by the red Army’s conquest of Keith earlier that year And this Um maybe a banal point but it’s a I Think it’s a point worth repeating every Russian Empire begins with Ukraine Every Russian Empire in history began

With Ukraine but no Russian Empire in History finished with Ukraine and so When the ukrainians say they’re fighting For Europe as Michael just pointed out In fighting for democracy that those Aren’t empty Hollow words this is true There is a lot riding on how this how This conflict uh ends now then in 1922 Ukrainians were divided between Reds and Whites Um I lost count of how many armies Occupied Kiev between 1917 and 1922. Um we’re in a different space we’re in a Different place right now in 1922 the West was not engaged nobody in the west There were not any conferences in Washington talking about the the Soviet Conquest of Ukraine in 1922 so we are in A very different place right now but I Do want to bring this up because I think This is highly relevant in terms of Where this could go Um the second thing I want to do and Also I want to add that Vladimir Putin Is very cognizant of anniversaries he’s I’ve been following this man my entire Professional life he is very cognizant Of anniversaries and symbolism and he Would love nothing more than to put the Soviet Union back together in the in the Centenary year of its founding Um at least in some form um he seemed to Have he has Belarus he’s going for Ukraine now

Um and he’s working on Georgia as we Speak Um the second thing I want to do is talk About the the Real the true roots Of this war the real the real root Causes of this war and I think it lies In the different Paths of development That Ukraine and Russia have taken since 1991 Mark refer to the optimism we had I Shared that optimism I realize now I was Naive then I was young and naive but we Shared this Optima I had this optimism About Russia in the early 1990s Um but if you go back to that period Specifically 1993 and 1994 and at that Time I’m intimately um a Ware of this because I was traveling Between Russia and Ukraine at that time I was kind of traveling between the two Countries at that time Um Russia and Ukraine were experiencing Absolutely identical political crises at That time you had a a power struggle Between the president and Parliament and When the rules of the game have not Really been worked out yet and each was Claiming Supremacy he had this it was Identical what was going on in Kiev and What was going on in Moscow what was not Identical by any stretch of the Imagination was how this conflict was Resolved in each country we know how it Was resolved in Russia Yeltsin bombed The parliament well there you go there’s

A precedent for how this country is Going to be governed right all of our Optimism should have been shattered at That moment but we in the west myself Included saw this as a Triumph for Russian democracy because we saw Democracy then is keep these people who Call themselves Democrats in power Um but what it really did was create a Situation of executive Supremacy and Create a situation where Um where where might makes right and Where the rule of law is meaningless in Ukraine in contrast remember these Crises were identical in Ukraine the Crisis was resolved by early elections To Parliament early elections for the President And those happened in the in the summer Of 1994 and in the summer of 1994 the Incumbent president of Ukraine leaned Krupchuk lost the election and stepped Down and let his let the Victor take Take power Elena kuchma at that time This was seen as a victory for Russia Because kuch was from Eastern Ukraine in A Russian speaker and copchuk was from Western Ukraine so this was seen as a Victory for Moscow but no it was a Victory for democracy that’s what it was And Ukraine’s and Russia’s Paths of Development from that that crisis of 93-94 at each country was was kind of Etched in stone Ukraine developed along

A democratic path imperfect two steps Forward one step back but it developed Along an unmistakable path this was the Root of this conference because that Russia could not tolerate this Ukraine And that is the true route of the uh of The conflict the third point I want to Make and this um this came out of an Article I just I just read Yesterday by Tatiana stonovaya which I reckon Recommend everybody read it’s in the New York Times the headline is Putin thinks He’s winning And what Tatiana does is she spells out What Putin’s plan is going forward right Now after losing failing miserably in The initial stage of the war and his Plan at the moment according to Tatiana Who is very well connected inside the Russian Elite and has very good sources Is that part one of course obviously is To seize control of all of the dunbas That’s part one but then part two is to Wear down Western support Using the energy weapon Um and terrorize Ukraine into submission Um after this so it’s kind of a Three-point plan first you seize the Donbos then you terrorize Ukraine into Submission and wear it down and wear Down the West now this may appear Delusional Um from from westernized but it’s not Delusional from Putin’s eyes Putin

Believes that this is how this is going To play out according to stanavia a Similar sentiment was in a very good Twitter threat threat a 26 tweet thread By Leonid volkov who is a Russian Pollster Um who I don’t believe is living in Russia anymore because I know what his Political beliefs are and I I don’t Think you could you could you could stay In Russia with those beliefs but this is Where Putin is trying to take this right Now Whether he will succeed or not depends Largely on us Um I mean Ukraine can hold this off if The Western support continues if the Western support wanes and if we start Whining about energy prices and Inflation and say let’s go back to Business as usual well then we basically Sealed Ukraine’s fate Um so a lot depends on us right now I Would also want to add that Putin is in On the horns of a dilemma right now he Truly is Um because If you look at the Russian Elite you Basically have two factions you have one Faction which I’ll call the kleptocratic Faction which effectively wants to go Back to the status quo Pre-pre-war and continue stealing as They had been stealing and stashing

Their money in the west that they as They have been stashing their ability to Be the kind of kleptocrats they want to Be has been hindered by the sanctions Um and they they want an end to this Regime they don’t care about about Putin’s political project that’s one Faction there’s another faction and There are people who are kind of falling To both of these camps but there’s Another faction who who I call the Imperial faction they want to restore The empire and that is job one that is More important than kleptocracy What is Putin doing well the the he’s Not going to do with the kleptocratic Faction wants basically pull out of Ukraine and get get the sanctions lifted And go back to status quo but he also Doesn’t appear to be doing what the Imperial faction wants because them for Them the gun boss isn’t going to cut it They want the military parade They want 1922 again they want to return To the Empire so Putin has put himself In a position where he is pleasing Exactly nobody And that’s a dangerous place to be in Russian politics Um in some ways in some Twisted ways it Recalls the position Mikhail Gorbachev Put himself in in the late 1980s and Early 1990s um you had hardliners who Wanted to return to the old system and

You want you you had you had you had People who’ve then called themselves Democrats that wanted the whole system Wiped out Gorbachev was trying to Preserve this kind of liberalized Soviet Union was exactly nobody wanted and we Know where corporate transfate was so I’m not it’s a weird kind of analogy to Compare Putin to to Gorbachev but in This political positioning this is where He’s put himself in and before I got the Timer going so I’m watching I got Another minute my last point I want to Make is regardless of how this situation Plays out We are entering a new Cold War period Right now I tell my students at the University of Texas that we’re about to Enter a world that resembles more the World I grew up in Than the world you grew up in Um we’re entering very familiar Territory for me right now except I Didn’t experience this early part of the Cold War we’re kind of in a 1947 moment Right now what’s being decided right now Is where those lines are going to be Drawn Are they going to be drawn as I would Prefer they’d be drawn on Ukraine’s Eastern border Right is that where the new Cold War Lines going to be that’s where I want it To be or is it going to be is Ukraine

Going to be the new East and West Germany with a partitioned Ukraine or You know God forbid is it going to be Here along Ukraine’s western border with Ukraine on the wrong side of the Iron Curtain again Um how this war plays out will determine This if Ukraine can emerge Victorious I Think it’s not going to just be a Victory for Ukraine because I think that Will weaken Putin will be in a 1989 type Situation and I I can I can foresee a Free Belarus in that scenario in the Event of a Ukrainian Victory I can see a I can Envision a world in which there is A free Belarus Um in the event of Ukraine’s defeat as Each of the other panelists have said Everybody’s got to watch their backs From the baltics to Poland Um and Beyond Um so in that on that note I will stop Thank you thank you so much Brian thank You for all of your insights Okay so we will now turn to the Q a Session Um I would like to kindly ask our guests If you have a question uh please raise Your hand stand up and introduce Yourself and wait for the microphone to Get to you and in order for our live Stream audience to hear it And also if you have a question of whom You want to address to you as well

Please indicate thank you I am Peter Humphrey an intelligence Analyst and a former Diplomat I do want To point out that there is uh a huge Overwhelming Factor here which is the Flat population of Russia We’ve had three or four Decades of that And they cannot sustain the Imperial Project much longer because of that Question is Closetwitz points out that if you really Want to defeat an enemy there is Invariably a single point of failure And in so many of these situations today That point of failure is represented by One man Um when do we get the guts to repeal Executive order one two three three Three And admit that this would make the world A far better place The question to you or who would like to Answer Are you talking about assassination Okay As I said this is the question of the Muscovite culture so assassinating means Simply stalling and you will have many Disagreeing with you because like under Bush Pair the devil you know Is better than the devil you don’t know So let’s save the Soviet Union That was the official policy here after

Reagan Sometimes unspoken but no I don’t think The narodnik you were right When they wanted to solve all Russia’s Problems by assassinating the autocrat It’s the culture So I was very happy when Brezhnev died I Was in California it was on my father’s Name day So I thought my father was a political Prisoner what a great day he rejoiced When he was he was back in Poland But a single death Can stall things It won’t solve all our problems Especially in this Advanced stage now I Teach about mass murder prevention And sometimes bad people need to go away But the time for Adolf to go away was About 1929 1930. When his National Socialist German Workers Party showed electoral success Also Um Since my family Was involved in certain activities like This Special Operations executive When you make somebody go away nobody Should know that person should be with Elvis and Jimmy Alpha alive somewhere But just disappear from Public’s place That these are just technical Suggestions

So I think Focusing on how to help Ukraine Sustaining them Is perhaps the best we can do Eliminating a single person Can help For instance in the Congo before things Metastasize but then the problem is Somebody else will step in And not necessarily for the better I would concur with with modic on that I Mean the the Russian political Strategist Glenn pavlovski was what Actually one of Putin’s first original Image Makers who later broke with him Said the Putin regime would it will fall Someday it will fall in one day and it Will be replaced by something exactly Like it Um and this is this is this is my I mean If Putin is assassinated tomorrow Who’s going to be I mean we’re going to Be dealing with Patra Chef maybe or Shoigu or God knows who right we could Be dealing with something even worse so I don’t think and I would concur with Mark the problem is muscovite culture It’s Russian imperial culture we made The same mistake at the end of the Cold War we thought communism’s gone problem Solved into history cool wasn’t it was Russian imperialism and right now I Think we have to be very careful about Making the mistake that they’re thinking

The problem is putinism just like Communism was a manifestation of Muscovite Imperial culture putinism is a Manifestation of muscovite Imperial Culture to to change Russia We need what my good friend James share At Chatham house calls a revolution of The mind to happen Russia has a counter Revolution sorry to interrupt it’s not Enough Revolution but I mean counter Revolution okay that’s fair enough going Back to normal but I mean Russia needs a Catharsis Um losing in Ukraine could provide that Catharsis a decisive Defeat and it has to be decisive it Can’t be ambiguous it has to be a Decisive humiliating defeat I get so Tired of these comments from people like President macron about how we should not Humiliate Putin yes we should yes we Should because that’s the only thing That’s going to provide the catharsis That is going to change this country And to make its neighbors feel safe You could introduce yourself please hi My name is Ilana mazarkavic and I’m with The Ukrainian human rights committee and This will be directed to Michael and Professor Whitmore As we all know we’ve got a beautiful Exhibit down there commemorating the uh Genocide the holiday tomorrow of 1932-33 now Ukraine has been fighting a

Genocidal War For the past decades now usually one of War occurs is to occupy a territory but This war is to eliminate a people So Michael is this A war for territory or a war for Elimination of a people and another Thing Professor Whitmore you said that This is a cold war don’t you think this Is a hot War when missiles are flying Through a great majority of part of Europe and everybody’s on alert would You call this cold or would you call it Hot thank you you want to go first uh Rihanna thank you for for the question Um this this is In my comments I had mentioned I I gave Two drastic Um aspects of this war that there is a Physical war and there is a propaganda War associated with this I would go so far in terms of a subset Of even that propaganda war is a war of Mindsets And if we don’t understand that this is A war of mindset as Marek um and and Brian have mentioned as well Um extensively that this is a most Muscovite culture that this is in in It’s embedded it’s enrouted within a a Russian culture a a this this Imperial Aspect this imperialistic policy and and Eliminating just one person will not Necessarily change that mindset it’s

Almost if we’re in summertime right now Many of you have summer Gardens you know One of the hardest things to do in a Summer garden is to weed things out Right so you don’t just chop it off and Then and think that the the the problem Is solved that would be that one person Mentality you have to actually extricate It from its roots and that I think is What is absolutely essential right now In terms of why Ukraine needs to win This war Because it doesn’t it has to be Humiliated yes I would agree as a Ukrainian-american I may be biased by Saying that but yes Russia has to be Humiliated in this Because that will send the signal to the Pollings of the world to the vaults of The world and other countries of the World that they are a understanding of What is the mentality within uh within The Russian Federation within that Imperialistic mindset but also at the Same time Mark had mentioned there are Other countries in the world that are Just waiting in the wings potentially For the signals that are given in Ukraine for them to do um likewise so it To me it’s a it’s a Minds it’s a war of Mindsets and unless we understand that If we had a very strategic and focused Policy during the Cold War I think that War of mindsets has to has to remain

Right now as well I would take just briefly on the first Question Um I would say that there there there’s Um these two things are not mutually Exclusive Um this is a war for territory and this Is a general genocidal War to wipe out The very idea of Ukrainian Nation these Two things are not mutually exclusive They’re not mutually exclusive so I Think both are happening on the Cold War Hot War thing Um the Cold War refers to the global Situation there can be hot wars in the Context of a cold war in the first Cold War from from from from 45 to 91 there Were plenty of hot Wars there were Plenty of hot Wars in that Um the Cold War refers to Global Struggle the normative struggle between Two camps so I could say I would say Also these things are not I I recognize Um that there is a hot war going on in Ukraine right now um it’s hard to not It’s impossible to not recognize that Unless you’re completely delusional Um there is a hot war going on Ukraine a Genocidal artwork going on in Ukraine This hot War Is going to decide Where the dividing lines in the future Cold War are going to be again I said We’re in the 1947 type situation right

Now Um and those lines were last time were Decided in a hot War Um and this time they’re being decided In a hot War again so I think these Again that the two are not mutual Exclusive but thank you can we pick up a Couple questions perhaps because we’re Running out of time but that’s okay I’m Sven Kramer Um my question relates to the global Impact Not just the uh could you speak please I’m so sorry Not just the Imperial impact of Communism As practiced in the Soviet Union I’ve practiced in Mao’s China Uh on the globe Not just on the immediate area and Marxism leninism picked up Marx’s Global Claims for revolution For science For knowledge for tearing down Metaphysical and political structures Globally And so when Lenin came in he benefited From that global Self-righteousness Missionary Uh feeling total self-confidence that History was with him and his small party That became a big party These people came in by coalitions

Whether it was Castro or Mao to some Extent Century Castro Lenin came in with Coalitions also in Latin America usually And then they made it a totalitarian System with one party with a global Mission that they of course imperially Exercised in their neighborhoods and With Associated allies But it seems to me that the victims of Communism Have it right when they concentrate on That totalitarian ideology that then was Picked up by Systems which were authoritarian in Their nature and but for example when The when the tsarists dealt with Poland They partitioned it That means some Poland was left not as a But it but they thought it should be but But it wasn’t entirely destroyed as an Idea and so the poets Could reconstruct Their Self-confidence in Hitler’s case His picking up on German nationalism and He called himself National Socialist not Just socialist And Mussolini to Italy they picked they Picked national pride But they weren’t yet Communists claiming Global ambitions Uh and that I’d like you to comment a Little bit more on how the Imperial Drive of the Soviet Union was enhanced By the communist ideology

Oh The Communist ideology gave the Muscovite Imperial Culture ideological justification that’s That’s basically how I how I view it and Again this is why I I felt we made a Mistake in the early 90s when we thought The problem was solved with the fall of Communism the Soviet Union because the Imperial Instinct was never eradicated It was just going to re-manifest itself Wearing new clothes Um wearing new clothes so I I see the I See the Communist ideology in a Historical sense as an ideological Justification for something that was Already there muscovite Imperial Ideology But communism laid a claim to Universalism which expedited the Conquest yeah Um as far as German national socialism Which by the way they picked up from the First National Socialist Party which was Czech Of German at the beginning of the 20th Century it was not Universalist until The third right attacked the Soviet Union Then suddenly a Some of the top Nazis in particular in The ESS realized they needed some kind Of a First Nordic and then more widespread

Universalist Dimension do you know the Title of the main theoretical periodical Of the SS United Europe the European Union oh yes This is not a joke So Hitler was struggling To shift from a local parochial Germanic Mobilization to something that would be Akin to Communism hence the cooperation Of the rexis A and various shirt movements I mean More Danes died on the Eastern France Than in the so-called resistance Everybody had an SS division except for Jews and poles Throughout the entire Europe nobody Talks about it of course because the Third eye lost but um so that that’s the Difference but socialism is socialism if I can briefly pick up on what Mark was Saying I’m sorry Michael today we are Increasingly seeing this Universalist Rhetoric in in in in Russian rhetoric I Would point to an article that was Published a couple years back called Putin’s long state by vladislav sirkov Who for a long time was Putin’s Chief Ideologist I’m not sure where he is in The system right now because he’s kind Of disappeared but that’s another Another issue but in this article he Makes this argument that Putin has Created an ideology that’s going to

Challenge the West for Supremacy and the Putin represents the fourth great Manifestation of the Russian state after Yvonne III Peter the Great and Lenin he Is the fourth manifestation so he puts Putin in this in this line Um and and uses Universalist rhetoric um So this is where this is the legacy of Communism current in current day Russia Is in this universe and it’s uh quite Current in the right populist circles in The west yeah put there’s a catacomb Yeah he is not LGBT yes and that’s what Will save us Could I quickly just pick up before I Get another question um pick up on Something that Brian said on macron and The Western Old Europe and you said Um also we talked about the mindset of Muscovite culture but how about the Old Europe mindset since they’re so Apologetic and also Merrick mentioned Um you know the mentality that Europe Starts in in germ you know from Germany So how do we help you know Um Ukraine if there’s no unity in Europe West between Eastern Europe how do we Find that common ground Is that not an issue we listen to Eastern Europe is my solution to that Problem I mean really um Western Europe Doesn’t know what it’s like to to look To Russian occupation Eastern Europe Does and I think that we have been we in

The west not those of us in this room But broadly speaking in the west at an Interesting conversation with former Estonian president Thomas illness about This there’s been very condescendingly Saying oh you cute little balls and you Cute little yeah yeah you’re still Worried about this Russia thing that Isn’t that well they were right and we Were wrong right new Europe was right Old Europe was wrong Old Europe doesn’t know what it’s like To live under Russian occupation Eastern Europe does and we should going Forward we should be listening to our to Our Baltic friends and to our polish Friends because they got this right Almost from the outset but we won’t Because until something bad happens no I Know but in general we won’t because Until something bad happens it’s so so Surreal that we can’t realize this is What Putin’s counting on we’re going to Want to go back to businesses right and Please remember The mass that Western Europe is in yeah Complete cultural malaise a uncontrolled Immigration he Just lost souls that’s who they are many People in Britain thought brexit would Solve things no that’s just the Beginning of the game Everything is enormous mass that the Spanish are more concerned about their

Lives and what’s happening in terms of Uh Invasion from Africa as they Perceived it they don’t care what’s too They don’t care too much what’s Happening in Central and Eastern Europe It took an enormous amount of pressure And encouragement for the Spanish even To send platoons or companies to rotate So that their troops could see what’s on The other side of the lines but that’s Only natural when Charles Martel won at Poetier nobody cared except for the Goals the French You know nobody else felt the pressure Of the Muslim invasions from alhamdulus That’s how it is very few people can Relate to uh The predicament of the Vietnamese people That’s just how it is it’s not I’m not Approved approving of it I actually try To delve into those things and keep Abreast but we should not be surprised That nobody appreciates or hardly Anybody in Western Europe that Ukraine Is now on the receiving end and trying To protect everybody This is just absolutely normal when the Poles fought the Bolsheviks most of the West Was on strike so there would be no Military surprise coming to Poland the Hungarian Army gave up 90 percent of its Ammunition to help the poles that’s About it the French talked big but Everything was bogged down German

Workers were on strikes check workers Were on strikes on behalf of the young Democratic Soviet Republic And the reactionary Poland was in the Way sounds familiar Obviously the polls did Prevail in 1920 Um But they had to compromise they had to Ditch petlera So how would I call them populist National socialists Democrats of Ukraine With lower case Nns Well we have one minute left if you Would like to provide 15 seconds Comments last comments from our speakers And we’ll wrap it up start Just remember the lessons of 1922. Um A lot’s on the line right now I want to pick up on what Mark has said In terms of surreal this is surreal Um if you think about history is history We read it in books we can analyze it But we’re actually living this right now So this the The Surreal aspect is is What we’re fighting um to make sure that That this war needs to be won for the Sake of all of humanity for the sake of The Big D for democracy One second Amen And that is a wrap I’d like to thank our Panelists please It’s perfect

Okay Um please stay for the next panel uh the Lessons of Ukraine for captive Nations Around the world moderated by my Colleague Carlos Ponce Great job great job Great job my friends are stuck with us [Music] Yeah Oh Nice to see you thank you Ready [Music] Hello I I just want to call the panelists to Join us Arthur John Possible Thank you Well let’s continue the the discussion I I want to welcome this extraordinary Panel of experts it’s a kind of a Bringing together what we have been Discussing this morning and it is about The the lesson from Ukraine how we can Use this lesson from Ukraine in other Captain Nations around the world we know About the the a good a relationship Between Russia and Venezuela Russia and Cuba sending oil to Cuba Russia Nicaragua Russia and North Korea so we We know that that there is already an Impact and whatever happens in Ukraine Is going to have a major impact in the Rest of the captain Nation uh with us

Today we have an extraordinary panel From one Korean Network He has a special Expertise knowing the the monster from Inside monster from North Korea from Inside he escaped with a some of his Family in 2014 and made his way to the To the U.S he graduated in high school And teaching a foreign language and Mayor in English an open graduation he Served the North Korea military for Three years and three months and he’s Currently the director in DC of a Korean Conservative political action conference And one Korean Network his expertise About Korea can give us a lot of Information about their relationship and How they strengthening relationship Between Russia North Korea and China an old Friend Martin the boss over Martin velos Is the director of the bakla Havel Program for human rights and diplomacy At Florida International University and A member of the Prague Society for International cooperation he has many Many hats in his life he has been Working in and NGO sector in training Leaders and thinkers he served as a Czech ambassador to the U.S and also he Had a the owner who served the Czech Republic permanent representative to the United Nations and he also serves a Deputy a Ministry for foreign affairs

For the Czech Republic he also has been In on the top of the game a a concern About Venezuela concern about Cuba Concern about Nicaragua concern about North Korea so he’s inside about the Impact from uh from a this war in Vietnam in another closed Nation it is a Fundamental take for today and John Suarez also an old friend he always has Been a fight for different countries not Only for his country Cuba his executive Director at the center for free Cuba and He was the the program officer at Freedom House the Latin American Programs of Freedom House he has been a Numerous TV radio programs a talking About the situation of this uh close Country autocratic communist country and He also has been a advocate in a role of Advocating for freedom in all this Country so let’s begin with author art Of the impact of uh this war and this Invasion in the rest of the of the Captain Nations Thank you very much for your warming Today from Dr points it’s it is my Extraordinary privilege to participate In the captain Asian Summit this year I’m so grateful for your Hard work in remembering the victims of Communism Just talking about the victims of Communist dictatorship and the people Who are still being oppressed the to

This day makes me makes my heart cry Like the host’s introduction of me I was Born in North Korea one of the most Oppressive regimes in the world and I Have lived for 29 years in the gulag State While living in North Korea no one Including myself and my family members Knew what the Communist dictators had Taken away from us No one told us the truth and the voice From outside never reached us It was because the Communist dictators Blocked our eyes ears And brainwashed us The most precious thing to us will be Lost And the dictators took away from us was Our freedom and human rights The 25 million people Still living in North Korea could all End there lives without knowing why they Have no freedom of movement freedom of Speech freedom of ownership and why they Are executed by the regime forced to Work and suffered from extreme hunger Ironically the tragedy that my family Experienced in North Korea gave us the Wisdom to seek freedom and leave the Totalitarian regime In 2013 and 2014 my father was Astonished when he realized that Kim Jong-un executed his uncle with the Machine gun and purged hundreds of

Officials I also lost my friend in a college Classmate and my sister lost a roommate In front of her very eyes Some were executed and many were sent to Political prison camp which is notorious In the world Hundreds of government officials were Purged and around 20 members of their Families were forced to be imprisoned For life In the camps The entire country Was shocked and by the new leader Kim Jong’s brutality and my family realized That this was not what we wanted from The leader and it was not will be Envisioned in our lives under communism And socialism We concluded that there is a fundamental Problem with the totalitarian Dictatorship believed in and besought About what we could do for our lives for Our families and relatives and friends And decide to defect to the Free World Before I talk more about the evils of Communism today unfortunately I have a Sad news that I would like to share with You A few days ago the South Korean Ministry Of unification will list the followers And videos of two North Korean fisherman The factors who are forcefully repeat Repatriated to the North in November

2019. They were tied with ropes and taken Blindfolded to the DMZ Uh demilitarized zone when they saw North Korean soldiers in front of them They were they registered and struggled Not to be taken to North Korea side Eventually they were dragged by the South Korean government officials and Handed over to the North Korean soldiers The previous South Korean Administration Claimed that the two defectors were sent Back to North Korea because their brutal Criminals who killed 16 people on the Boat Even the former Ministry of Foreign Unification of the same Administration Testified at the National Assembly Hearing that That I caught The defectors said they would go back Even if they were killed by the regime In addition the National Security Advisor of the same Administration Testified there was no sincerity in Their defection and they were murderers However The folders and video clearly show that They were scared the deaths of going Back and no investigation and no legal Procedure were conducted into this model Case in North Korea in the end the South Korean government notified the North Korean regime of repatriation just three

Days after they entered North South Korea and in five days they were Repatriated through the DMZ According to my internal source the two Young men would reportedly executed in North Korea I can’t help but dots my eyes and ears How the South Korean government can Ignore the law and hide the repatriation Of the de factors in a liberal Democratic law governed country and hand Up those Who are not even convicted To the totalitan regime which killed its People by anti-aircraft machine guns It makes me so angry that this can Happen in the so-called human rights Lawyer presidential government which put Forward the slogan of people come first What makes me even more surprised and Angry is that the former mundane the President Moon Jane sent a letter to North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un Inviting him to the Asian Korea commemorative Summit that Day when he notified North Korean A reputation of those two fishermen Defectors Very terrible and unacceptable act no Different from the forced perpetration Of North Korean defectors by the Chinese Communist party and the Russian Government for years was carried out by The South Korean progressive government

It made me cry all day Looking at the photos and video of the Fishermen I recall my Recall the faces of my friend was Executed the college bird were attacking The polka prison camp and my sister’s Roommate were taken by the Norseman Agent in the school dormitory Including my other friends faces that I’ve never seen since I left North Korea Countless North Koreans have been Victims of these dictators for decades For seven decades and are still living As a slave in today’s 21st century As everyone here agrees the suffering Experienced by the victims of Communism On a global scale by totalitron Dictatorship is beyond the description And the address series of Decatur still Continue The atrocities of the war that Russian Dictator Putin is now committing against The Ukraine citizens should never happen Or be tolerated Putin’s invasion of Ukraine recalls the past of Korean Peninsula Kimerson the founder of the North Korean Prison state with the full support from The Soviet Union and Chinese Communist Party started a war in Korean in the Korean peninsula in June 1950. killing More than 3 million people and Devastating the Korean Peninsula during The three three-year War eventually the

Korean Peninsula become a longest Divided country for seven decades and Tragedy occurred in which it separates Hundreds of thousands of families in the South and north There is no if in history But if communism didn’t exist if the Soviet Union and Chinese Communist Party Didn’t had not helped North Korea The North Korean people would have been Free to leave the same life as us In fact we all sought the Cold War was Over and when we saw the collapse of the Soviet Union and the fall of the Berlin Wall But the cold war has never stopped it Has only cease fire like North Korea and South Korea which have been in a trees For about seven decades The war has stopped but North Korea has Yet to abandon its goal of dominating South Korea building a symmetric forces Such as nuclear weapons missile and Cyber warfare of decades In addition China and Russia Started success of the western world and Sought and developed the ways infiltrate And contract the West more effectively Using the liberal democratic system They secure the capital energy strength In the military power and develop Technology In particular China prepared for the new Cold war with the west by using various

Means Such as economic retaliation while Infringing on intellectual property Rights and sovereignty and the territory Of other nations Also they influenced American education System to brainwash the younger Generations which communist and Socialist ideology that will never work For those who have experienced the Cold War To destroy liberal democracy system I Was shocked at first many Americans have A perception that socialism is good I Couldn’t get the idea out of my head That can they have I feel the same way If they leave the serious socialism Communism According to my experience of living in A one-party dictatorship communism Socialism totalitarianism for 29 years Socialism and communism are never a System that provides and guarantees the Freedom and human rights of their Citizens improves the quality of life of Their people rather it is this system That works to limit and control freedom Of their citizens by using so-called Justice and equality and to strengthen The power of the taters with Armed Force And surveillance In the end dictators hide their Irrationality and lies of their Communist ideology and thus created

Totality in society and run the country With reign of terror for their long-term Rule Therefore the era of totalitarian Dictators ambition for power and Personal desire to kill countless Innocent people must end by all means Freedom is not free if we don’t fight For it you will lose it eventually we Must fight for our freedom and for the Oppressed people living under Communists Thank you very much Thank you very much Arthur thank you for This uh this Billboards and uh your Wisdom ambassador thank you very much First of all uh thanks to the organizers For giving me an opportunity to Participate in this important and very Timely discussion Let me start from a triviality We have a question where we are now Almost five months after the Russian Aggression called special millionaire Operation in Ukraine so on the one hand We are facing the same problem That’s I would say precondition that we Can discuss it But we have to admit that we see this Problem from different perspectives And that these differences I think Should be also taken into consideration I just by this example I had an Opportunity to visit Latin America Two weeks ago I was in Mexico then in

Argentina in Uruguay Certainly they have their own positions Here I don’t want just to represent Their positions but I was very much Aware of the differences of perspectives Uh John is going to speak about Cuba but Certainly Latin American differences are Important and if I look at our own Region I mean East Central Europe or Center Europe again historical Experiences of Czech Slovak Expos Hungarians matter and they explain some Times nyan’s discussion not Uninimity but maybe even differences That can lead into controversies and we Need to face this basic pact so let me Start from a common thing Uh I think that common theme we are Talking about is totalitarianism One of the greatest political thinkers Of the 20th century always warned that If we want to think about Totalitarianism we have to admit that we Have some difficulties to understand Difficulties of understanding both her Main point There will be shortly another Anniversary there are some anniversaries Being remembered here In March of 1953 which means it will be 50 70 years next march there was a major Conference on totalitarianism organized In Boston in the United States by American Academy of Arts and Sciences

In spite of the fact that such Conferences should be rather academic Exercise the overall sense of Mobilization was around there was a mood Of political crisis and urgency as those Who then published proceedings of this Conference Carol Frederick and young Brzezinski’s assistant And the conference was opened and I Think it illustrates all by speech by George Cannon and George Cannon said in His opening speech I quote we have come Together to discuss a phenomenon of our Time that has brought the deepest Possible misery to Untold millions of Our contemporaries which has demeaned Humanity in its own side attacked man’s Confidence in himself made him realize That he can be his own most terrible and Dangerous enemy most bestial than the Beasts more cruel than nature The church cannot speak here as a public Intellectual regardless of his actual Position in the American political System or as an official Herald of American post-war realism in International affairs what was more Important for him the shock supported by The well-proven empirical evidence the Total return dictatorships are Materialized evil transforming the human World into hell or the fact that such Regimes because of their devilish nature Had to be regarded by the state

Department as hostile to the United States I think that we are still living With this question but most important Product of this conference was standard Definition of totalitarism still if you Want to ask your students what the Terrorism is I think here it is seven Point a long definition but most Importantly uh What they said is that what is more Important than let’s say progressivism Or conservativism of Nazism is certain Forms of government the form how this Government is trying to subdue its Subjects and Radiates to the outside world it’s a Deadly Deadly race Fascism and Nazism and communism were Considered as two varieties of one and The same species I think it’s extremely Important if we want to understand the Russian case today Uh Many things have been said here already And I have hardly found anything I could Disagree with so I’m not going to repeat That except one thing and one thing is a Fascinated easiness with which Vladimir Putin Stretched from progressivism built in The traditions of Communism and lanyin Is corpse Corpses still in Mausoleum on the red

Square but I don’t think that Vladimir Putin is great admirer of Lenin if you Want to understand Putin I think that we Have to bring in the stallion first into Consideration and his crisis in 1941 When the Soviet Union was attacked by Nazi Germany and stalined as a British Historian Montefiore beautifully Described in his book red Tsar Was almost afraid that he would be Eliminated by people around him and Instead of that he was turned into a Supreme commander-in-chief of Great Patriotic War so here we have some sort Of strange transmutation of Totalitarianism I don’t agree with those who believe That communism is still ideological Inspiration uh read people like Alexander dugin for instance I’m not Able to make a clear connection between Putin and dogen but again he is the Author of this so-called fourth Political Theory after communism Nazism Liberalism comes And many ideas of dugin if they are Transformed into serious discussion Between progressivists and conservatives In the western liberal world I think are Relevant and important so what I’m Saying here is that there is a time for Much more important and deeper and Serious discussion on the nature of Totalitarianism this transformation from

Let’s say Legends building of Communism To Peter great Version of the Russian Policies there’s this starving and Obviously it has a lot of consequences Geopolitically and in all possible sense Checked lessons in this context Certainly they are influenced by our History so in the case of this situation Now in Ukraine we have to think about Our experience from 1938 the Appeasements of Western Powers with Adolf Hitler just to help the German Minority on the territory of Czechoslovakia that only Destroyed Democratic State and didn’t Stop Hitler from what he was going to do And I can go to the situation after 1945 I can go to the situation in 1968 very Importantly when Czechoslovakia Czechoslovakia was given a lesson what Does containment meant did contain a Mean in that situation and then 1989 Finally our Liberation from Babylonian Captivity in the Soviet Empire But what does it mean now it means that We have to Uh use these historical lessons in our Current situation that we have certain Responsibility maybe as a former Subjugated Nations to participate Effectively in a bigger discussion let Me to remind you and it’s the end almost Of my speech uh well

Said in the his when he had the Opportunity to address joint session of The United States Congress in February Of 1990 long time ago so what have I Said The commonest type of totalitarian System has left both our Nations Czechs And slovaks as it has all the nations of The Soviet Union and the other countries The Soviet Union subjugated in its time A legacy of countless debts and in Finite spectrum of human suffering Economic Divine and above all an Enormous human humiliation it has Brought us Horrors that fortunately you Have not never known at the same time Unintentionally unintentionally of Course it has given us sometimes Positive a special capacity to look from Time to time somewhat further than those Who have not undergone This Bitter Experience Someone who cannot move and live a Normal life because he spent under a Boulder has more time to think about his Hopes that someone who is not trapped in This way What I’m trying to say is this we must All learn many things from you from how To educate our Offspring how to elect Our Representatives how to organize our Economic life so that it will lead it to Prosperity and not poverty but this Doesn’t have to be merely assistance

From the well-educated the powerful and The wealthy to those who have nothing to Offer in return we too can offer Something to you our experience and the Knowledge that has come out of it What I’m saying is have to be delivered I’m not sure I think that we have not And maybe this situation today is the Highest time to uh Make This Promise Yeah to implement this promise so what I Would like to suggest Why don’t uh a big International Conference is organized under the Occasion of the 70s anniversary of this One in Boston Because 70 years after we are challenged By the same problem but in a very Different setting of the 21st century Thank you thank you Ambassador we have To win at 11 50 exactly so John five Minutes a presentation and then we’re Gonna wrap it up thank you very much Okay Um Cubans and ukrainians have both suffered Under communist regimes Cuba today is a Marxist leninist dictatorship last year On July 11th tens of thousands of Cubans Took the streets demanding freedom and Were met with deadly repression across The country the aftermath Political show trials militarized Streets new censorship laws and hundreds Of new political prisoners despite this

Sporadic protests continue on the island It is also important to mention that in Three days we’ll be observing the day 10 Years ago when Osvaldo Bayer sadines and Harold cepero Escalante were murdered by The secret police in Cuba You can learn about Osvaldo in this Building at the Museum of the victims of Communism But I want to review some lessons that I’ve taken from what has happened in Ukraine And not just over the last few months But over the longer term and lesson Number one I’m going to reference myself and my Colleague Frank calzone on January 16th Before The Invasion took place we Authored an op-ed flashback to 1962. But Vladimir Putin is no Nikita Khrushchev and Joe Biden is no John F Kennedy in which we called on the Western world not to wait for an Invasion but to apply tough sanctions to Avoid war we returned to an earlier Lesson given by Winston Churchill Following the Munich agreement or as my Check fronts the Munich betrayal when Western democracies believe they had Achieved Peace by giving Hitler parts of Czechoslovakia And this is what prime minister what Winston Churchill said at the time Um

You were given the choice between war And dishonor you chose dishonor and you Will have War Abandoning Ukraine in the short term may Appear to guarantee peace but the words Of Winston Churchill should give us Caution Lesson number one appeasement encourages More aggression President Vladimir zielinski in 2020 and This was on the question of joining the European Union stated people don’t Really believe in words Or rather people believe in words only For a stretch of time then they start to Look for action President zielinski’s observation made In 2020 Applies today with Western Promises of Support for Kiev following Russia’s Invasion Prior to the 2014 Russian seizure of Crimea Ukraine did believe in words from The West when negotiations between Ukraine and Russia broke down on Removing nuclear weapons yes Ukraine Hadn’t glue weapons to defend themselves Back in the 1990s and this was in September 1993 Washington engaged in a Trilateral process with Ukraine and Russia that resulted in the January 1994 Trilateral statement where Ukraine Agreed to transfer its nuclear weapons To Russia in exchange for security

Assurances not only from Russia but also From the United States and the United Kingdom the failure of the West to Restrain Russia from invading Ukraine in 2014 and expanding the war of Conquest In 2022 gives a lesson to captive Nations and others that giving up Nuclear weapons in exchange for security Guarantees is a foolish bargain Putin’s war in Ukraine is a blow against Nuclear disarmament By 2019 with regards to Russia And the West president zielinski Observed in a Time interview I don’t Trust anyone at all Many Cubans understand that that Statements condemning the actions of the Cuban dictatorship after July 11th Without specific actions by the International Community to hold the Regime accountable will not end the Ongoing repression by the dictatorship In the same manner that Vladimir Putin’s Aggression when not met with strong Resolve did not stop that aggression and The Christian Liberation movement Movement that still exists in Cuba Offered 11 points of action to the International Community to isolate the Cuban dictatorship but the International Community has failed to take action and The Cuban dictatorship has teamed Forward with its continued repressive Practices

Lesson number three we must not confuse The dictatorship with the people Um I’m quoting here president zielinski From February 23 2022. I know that they The Russian State won’t show my address On Russian TV but Russian people have to See it they need to know the truth and The truth is that it is time to stop now Before it is too late and if the Russian Leaders don’t want to sit with us behind The table for the sake of Peace maybe They will sit behind a table with you do Russians want the War I would like to Know the answer but the answer depends Only on you citizens of the Russian Federation this is President zelinsky on February 23 2022 Ukraine also provides An important lesson in distinguishing Between the Cuban dictatorship and the Cuban people Ukraine’s Deputy foreign Minister Emmy the zapper on February 27 2022 Tweeted uh the foreign Ministry of Ukraine in a diplomatic note expresses Its strong protests against the Statements of the government of Cuba in Support of the Russia of Russia’s Aggression against Ukraine and calls on Cuba to urge Russia to put an end to This aggression free Cubans in Cuba in Contrast were demonstrating their sorrow And are demonstrating the solidarity With Ukraine criticizing the Castro Regime’s support for Putin’s actions

Leading to arrest by the political Police Uh many Cubans rejected and continued to Reject this war and they’ve been sending Social media messages to the Ukrainian Embassy in Havana and also calling in to Such a high volume that the Ukrainian Embassy has asked to ask Cubans to send Their messages to support to a dedicated Email address to not flood other Messages from Ukrainian family members Trying to get out Cuban activist Pablo Enrico Delgado Hernandez who met with the Um uh Ukraine with the Ukrainian Counterpart with the Ukrainian diplomat To deliver flowers in solidarity it was Arrested by the national revolutionary Police and taken to Police Headquarters Interrogated and I’m going to wrap up With lesson number four the importance Of disobedience Liberation from dictatorships ultimately Depends on the people’s ability to Liberate themselves Gene sharp Non-violent scholar made that Observation and I will conclude by Saying resistance to tyrants and refusal To obey them is key to achieving a Democratic transition and that sounds Like a simple answer and this is where I Will close there are no easy answers but There are simple answers we must have The courage to do what we know is

Morally right Ronald Reagan thank you Very much yeah Thank you very much John Arthur Ambassador we are wrapping up this uh a A wonderful a a conversation I just want To give you one minute each one to Finish and and just one question what What happened if Russia prevails Destroying Ukraine advancing with the Whole power what’s going to happen with All these countries these captive Nations in in Australian a strong Alliance with Russia and with China What’s going to happen Um yes um North Korea I started Relationship with those two groups were Supported by Russia recently so I think You know the North Korea is still Supporting Russian Ukraine I mean Putin And they will side with Till the end they will never give up Their power like Putin that’s it Yeah there is a in Czech tradition uh Challenge and warning I mean The check question needs to be perceived In the world leaders not just as the Original small thing but a projection to What’s happening around just saying here John uh Suarez I think that the biggest Problem of Cuba is that Cuba is not Perceived by many important players Globally as important enough that it is Only just for Cubans who like their Country I think that Cuba has a historic

Opportunity and challenge to to say that Cuban democracy of the future is in Interest of all democracies in the world Because it’s a Criterion how Totalitarian totalitarianism Intendencies Good John your last word Unfortunately if uh Putin is successful We heard in the earlier panel they will Expand their aggression to other Neighboring countries but it’s not only Russia I also fear greatly for Taiwan I Think mainland China is looking very Closely is what’s taking place in Ukraine and Taiwan would be the next Target of another totalitarian figure And God knows what other authoritarian Regimes will also be acting in a more Aggressive manner if they see they can Get away with it as Putin would have Gotten away with it if he succeeds thank You thank you very much this wonderful Panel thank you very much all of you We’ve remain seated for the awards Ceremony Thank you very much Ladies and gentlemen we are now going to Begin our dissident human rights awards Ceremony Please join me in welcoming our Incredibly distinguished guest the first Lady of Ukraine Mrs olena zelenska [Applause] [Music]

[Applause] [Music] [Applause] Thank you we are so excited to welcome You here at the victims of Communism Museum thank you for taking a special Time out of your day during this Important trip to be with us Uh I’d like now like to introduce a Video by congresswoman Marcy captor a Representative Capital represents Ohio’s Ninth District and is a Polish American She is currently the longest-serving Woman in the history of the U.S House of Representatives and ranks among the most Senior members of the 117th Congress After working for 15 years as a city and Regional planner she accepted the Appointment as domestic policy advisor To President Jimmy Carter and in 1981 While pursuing a doctorate in urban Planning for development Finance at MIT She was recruited by the Lucas County Democratic party to run for Congress In Congress representative captor is a Member of the House Veterans Affairs and Defense committees as well as the House Appropriations Committee representative Captor is the co-founder and co-chair of Both the Congressional Ukraine caucus And the victims of Communism Congressional caucus she is a tireless Proponent and defender of Liberty around The globe a message from representative

Captor Come on In 1959 the United States Congress in Recognition of the global Darkness Imposed by authoritarianism resolved That the third week of July would Forever be designated as captive Nations Week This designation invited each and every American to appreciate the blessings Granted by Liberty and to Endeavor to Preserve and promote them for the Benefit of all humankind The American people understood as the Resolution declared that communist Imperialism makes a mockery of the idea Of peaceful coexistence Now more than six decades later the World is faced with imperialist Aggression that is shaking the Foundations of our modern era With the Soviet Union vanquished and the Pride of its despots shattered Vladimir Putin has chosen murder and violence as The avenue to emerge From the Ashes Putin’s unprovoked unwarranted and Ruthless attack on The Sovereign Nation Of Ukraine has solidified Russia’s Status as a criminal State an outlaw That is a relinquently relinquished any Right of association with the community Of democratic nations Ukraine is now the Scrimmage line for Liberty on the European continent because tyrants do

Not respect rules or borders as co-chair Of the bipartisan Congressional Ukraine Caucus and an ally of all who yearn for Freedom I say here today That the United States commitment to Ukraine and all her neighbors is Steadfast and Resolute the world has Been inspired by the courage of the Ukrainian people and their military Ukraine’s Defenders have bravely laid Down their lives so that her sovereignty Will endure and president zielinski has The unshakable support of the United States this war may not end as swiftly As we hope But until it is brought to a close the United States will Aid Ukraine with the Tools and resources she needs to Persevere And when Putin’s bloody rage is finally Beat back America will be there to help Ukraine recover and rebuild The depravity of Russian atrocities has Shown the world that the great battles For freedom of the 20th century did not Vanquish the Specter of authoritarianism Evil still walks among us today Strong active alliance between nations Devoted to upholding the global rule of Law Is needed now more than ever it will Only be through our shared commitment to Defending freedom and democracy that Peace and stability will win the day

Ukraine’s fight for liberty is the World’s fight for liberty on behalf of The Congressional Ukraine caucus I Pledge that we will continue this fight Until it is through and won the United States will not cease any effort until Ukraine’s Liberty is safeguarded and the European continent is free of War once More today and all days we say Slava Ukraini thank you all so very much [Applause] Ladies and gentlemen my name is Ed Fulner I have the honor of being the chair of The victims of Communism Memorial Foundation This is zelinska thank you so much you Honor us with your presence today we’re Delighted to hear from congresswoman cap Tour from Ohio who is a long time Supporter of our efforts here and I Would emphasize of course that the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation Is genuinely and wholeheartedly Bipartisan Republicans Democrats Independents because all Americans come Together particularly today in support Of the people of free Ukraine Five days ago I was in Seoul Korea At the Asia leadership conference The opening address was given by your Husband On a video conference call To the 700 people

At that conference After his stirring words and of Inspiration and courage He was followed by a panel including two Members of Ukraine’s Parliament and the Ukrainian ambassador to Korea I mentioned that because There we were in Seoul a long way from Europe where everybody thinks Ukraine and where The battle over Ukraine and the future Of Ukraine is centered in fact it is a Worldwide fight for freedom and Democracy For that Madame zielinska we we commend you your Husband for his Brave leadership in all The people of Ukraine It has been So encouraging to all of us To have stood by to be helpful to you Both Madam Ambassador as we have Discussed in terms of Both prayers and guns To help the ukrainians fight for their Continued freedom Therefore on behalf of my colleagues It’s my Oh here it is It’s my very great pleasure Mrs zelenska too Present to you for the people Recognizing the people of Ukraine in Recognition of their Brave Fight For

Freedom against Russia’s war of Aggression presented by the victims of Communism Memorial Foundation Washington D.C July 19th We thank you we commend you and we stand By you Thank you Can we do a board photo here perhaps for One minute Just stay for one minute Dr Edwards our founding chairman Thank you thank you so much we look Forward to your words Foreign ER Because Foreign ER good morning to all of you It is an honor to be here and accept This award in the name of every Ukrainian man and woman Fighting Russian aggression today I know this is the first time that an Entire nation has been distinguished With this award a nation to which I Belong It is an honor for me to represent my Nation here and speak on behalf of all Ukrainians Communism nice form totalitarism Is [Applause] Not common Foreign foreign

Communism is just another form of Totalitarianism The system that attacks you can have Different names but we always recognize The totalitarianism by its main features Aggression violence and complete Disrespect and evaluation of human life Is Narrative And that is exactly what Ukraine is Facing today because of Russia’s Aggression It’s present the system has not long Been called communist but stalinist Methods of existence and enslavement of Other peoples are still practiced there Foreign Foreign Foreign Leader spent 15 years in Soviet prisons And labor camps Was forcefully subjected to two years of Treatment in a psychiatric hospital Because he questioned The Cult of Stalin Was only 27 years of age when he was Sentenced to seven years in labor camps And five enforced deportation Reform One may say that it happened in the past And stayed there but unfortunately it Has not Ukrainians are going through all this Pain again as a result of Russia’s Aggression the 20th century is repeating

Itself in its worst and ugliest forms Foreign Swimming ham But not Millions Right now in order to live occupied Territories ukrainians must go through Filtration camps And it is enough for you to speak Ukrainian to be disqualified and fail The test and be let out In the occupied cities Ukrainian Authorities who refuse to cooperate with The Invaders are tortured In a town near Kiev the Russians shot a Local mayor just for Distributing bread And Medicine put to the people Over a million of ukrainians were Forcibly deported to Russia already So having passed through all this Suffering and pain We send a strong warning to the world Remember the darkest past can be easily Repeated In certain places the darkness has never Faded away It just figured out how to operate more Advanced weaponry and use social media Is And so we’re not only fighting for our Freedom today We are fighting so that Stalin’s great Terror would never would no longer be Repeated anywhere and ever in the Civilized world

Foreign Thank you very much for acknowledging Our heroic fight Thank you for the word Because by bestowing it on us you once Again reminded the world about the Courage and honesty of our struggle Okay Thank you if I could ask everyone to Remain seated as the first lady in her Delegation As they leave I think for the next Appointment on their diplomatic visit Thank you Um Ladies and gentlemen that concludes the Panel discussions and awards ceremony Portion of our captive Nation Summit Program and I’d now like to invite you To remain in your seats and you will Enjoy a traditional Ukrainian dance Performance from the Carpathian Ensemble Of DC and immediately following the Performance you are invited to join us For lunch in the salon next door thank You Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Thank you [Music] [Laughter]

[Music] [Laughter] [Music] [Music] Give me [Laughter] [Music] Thank you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Oops [Music] [Music] [Music] [Laughter] Foreign [Music] Laughs [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Let’s see [Music]

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