Cardinal Dolan and Brian Kilmeade reflect on the meaning of Easter

Cardinal Dolan and Brian Kilmeade reflect on the meaning of Easter

‘One Nation’ host Brian Kilmeade speaks with Cardinal Timothy Dolan to discuss the significance of Easter and gives a teaser of his Easter week message at St. Patrick’s Cathedral.

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During this Holy Week I had a real Special treat I stopped by St Patrick's Cathedral to talk to the most famous Catholic in America a great man with a Great message on this Easter at St Patrick's Cathedral Cardinal Timothy Dolan [Music] St Patrick's Cathedral Midtown Manhattan I'm sure you figured it out already no Better place to be on Easter week Especially the person I'm about to see I Have a standing invitation with Cardinal Dolan just about now The more I think about it what am I Standing here for I have a secret Entrance Brian how are you welcome so I asked you On Christmas hey can I come by on Christmas and say Brian I have a better Idea let's choose Easter it's finally Here it's here thanks be to God it is Here all right could I first long at 40 Days you know I heard especially for you Who gave up Oh I'm not supposed to say but uh cigars And beer right don't tell anyone it Won't leave this room okay so can I can I relive your path that you walk every Day not only to mass but what you do Here at St Patrick's sure you know I Live up in the third floor right got a Couple rooms up there so I I would come On down the steps and then I'd go over

For my 7 A.M Mass because I try to have Mass at St Patrick's right every day You've been in St Patrick's often but I Doubt if you've been through this store Never think okay yeah I think I'd get Arrested This dining room would be where uh we'd Have uh meals if we got guests right but Most of the time I eat downstairs John Joseph Hughes who was the first Archbishop of New York and he came in 1840 he's the one that started St Patrick's Cathedral and I wanted to show See the cross yep Yeah so here's where I come in Brian now I would usually go that way so that's a Little Sacristy down there where I would Vest from ass right and then go out up The steps down there to begin Mass That's a special door that's yeah that's Right out into the cathedral we're kind Of behind the main altar now on Sundays Brian yes I I don't to walk through the Cathedral dialed up you know and Distract people so I try to I go outside And around and then come up the center Aisle from the outside you wouldn't even Think this is a doorway you wouldn't What's the Cardinal Dolan Easter week Message so the message is the Supernatural version of spring the death Of winter is giving away to New Life That's spring that's Passover that's Easter so death evil uh Darkness does

Not have the last word life and goodness And light has the last word and that Gives us hope see in 1998 they say 62 Percent of the people would say religion Is important in my life it's down to 36 Percent I saw that same stat that's Sobering I sometimes think maybe maybe This is a blessing in disguise just like Somebody battling the bottle or battling Drugs has to hit bottom maybe we do too Because out of one side of their mouth You're saying what's wrong with the World and then on the next hand when They're saying but I don't Mass anymore And my trust in Tradition and patriotism And morality and religion is down I'd Like people to put those two together You say if you look at the news Sometimes people get depressed oh my God This could really get to us if we let it When we look at what's going on that's Not new and you know what Brian we're Always going to have it right that's That's why we need Easter because we're Saying you're going to have an up and Down On the ground right now two tornadoes on The ground advise me if I'm gonna hit Anything be my eyes please be my eyes You look at what's happened over the Last few weeks in the midwest oh there's Peoples and all the tornadoes have Ripped through people's lives I grew up In Tornado Alley so when people say yeah

Easter might be a rebirth it's I gotta Rebuild yeah how do I see the good in That they're going to say we got to Rebuild but you listen to these people You listen to them all the time you Interview the same and we are and we are In this neighborhood's coming together We're pitching in there's rebuilding and Renewal going on because we ain't giving Up that's Easter Do you worry about what we're teaching In schools or not do I ever what do you Think about it and uh that's part of the Reason why people are coming to the Catholic schools okay mayor Adams boy Did he ever get blasted when we took Prayers out of schools guns came into Schools I thought he was right on target He's saying what the founding fathers Did you said George Washington said uh The only way this Noble experience Government in our new democracy could Survive is if we maintain our religious Foundation for you to have ambition for The next step to be pulled or is that Wrong it would be wrong of me for what I Want to be a hope but it would also be Stupid of me because I'm 70 73 years old I'm very happy here all I want to do is Get to heaven all right you're on your Way [Music] Yeah yeah if he's not on his way we're All in trouble but I'm sure he is

Special uh thanks to Cardinal Dolan now I talked to him about 45 minutes the Whole thing is on that great your Favorite app Fox Nation so please check It out

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