Chaos erupts as Democrats are voted out of Tennessee legislature

Chaos erupts as Democrats are voted out of Tennessee legislature

Tennessee Speaker of the House Cameron Sexton discusses the expulsion of two Democratic lawmakers and State Rep. Gloria Johnson, who survived the vote, accusing Republicans of racism. #foxnews

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[Music] Chaos erupting at Tennessee's capital as Lawmakers expelled too Democratic state Representatives who took part in this Gun control protest after the deadly Nashville school shooting but while State representatives Justin Jones and Justin Pearson were removed a third Gloria Johnson well she survived the Vote and she claims that's because of Racism I think it's pretty clear I'm a Six-year-old white woman and they are Two young black men I was talked down to As a woman mansplained to but it was Completely different from the Questioning that they got Tennessee State Speaker of the House Cameron Sexton was there yesterday and He joins us now thank you so much for Being with us so you heard Representative Johnson's Characterizations of the questions about Their behavior on the well that day and Her explanation for why she survived and The other two were expelled what's your Reaction Well I mean that's a false narrative on Her part she had two attorneys in the Will and if you go back and look at Opening uh her attorney John Mark Wendell came out strong made a lot of Points that she was not as active a Participant as the other two she didn't

Grab the bullhorn she didn't scream and Yell she didn't lead the protest The one evidence of all three they were Able to make their statements a Representation uh some of the members it Felt that she was not as active Participant in leading the protest on The house in fact isn't that the Argument she made to you that she wasn't As as active as as the other two who Were expelled I'm reading a quote from Her she said I went to the well as long As this microphone was on I stood with Them as long as this microphone was on They spoke and didn't yell and when we Called a recess I think that's when the Megaphone came out I absolutely never Yelled this is about me as I understand It I didn't speak in a voice as any Other member on this floor make what you Will so she is making an argument it Sounds that she behaved differently than The two that were expelled And yet when You hear her go on CNN she's saying it's Because she's white and they are black Yeah it's unfortunate she's trying to Put political racism in this which there Was nothing on this they were all given Due process they were all three that Were up there they all three went for Expulsion even the Tennessee and said That they led the protests from the House floor uh and so she made her Statements she separated herself

Actually she separated herself from the Other two and and said I didn't have the Megaphone I didn't yell I didn't scream I just stood there with them alongside Me and so she made her face that she as You said did not do what they did on it Yeah I mean if we're this a court of law That would be the the witness Um being impeached on cross-examination Making conflicting statements to you in Her making a case not to be expelled Into CNN in making the case it was Racism I want to get your uh response Really quickly to this as well the President of the United States had this To say about what's going on there in Tennessee he said today's expulsion of Lawmakers who engaged in peaceful Protest is shocking undemocratic and Without precedent rather than debating The merits of the issues these Republican lawmakers chose to punish Silence and expel duly elected Representatives of the people of Tennessee it seems to be the president Believes that the riots on your floor There and the disruption of proceedings Was democracy and you imposing decorum Rules well that is undemocratic Well in my house Um on the floor since I'm speaker we Have rules we have decor and we have Processed we have procedures imagine That that happened on the Congressional

Floor during his State of the Union Address and people took over in front of Him pulled out a bullhorn and started Leading the People in chance a protest From the Congressional floor I don't Think he would approve of that and I Think those are surprises Yeah I'm I'm trying to figure out Um I'm trying to figure out the Definition of democracy versus Undemocratic you know it it we we heard The argument made very well that on January 6 A disruption of proceedings Was undemocratic but now it seems to be The advocacy for disrupting proceedings Is a vision of democracy Well January 6 most of that happened Outside which is what they called some People about inside the But this happened by three members on Our house floor that even the largest Newspaper in Tennessee Recess yeah and we had to to come back 45 minutes later what they did uh was Not right and it deserved expulsion All right all right Tennessee State Speaker of the House Cameron Sexton Thank you for shedding light on that Situation this morning Thank you all right I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart And click here to subscribe to the Fox News YouTube page to catch our hottest Interviews and most compelling analysis

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