China accused of ‘infiltrating’ U.S. through ‘sister cities’ program

China accused of ‘infiltrating’ U.S. through ‘sister cities’ program

Senate Judiciary Committee member Sen. Marsha Blackburn, R-Tenn., introduces a bill to examine China’s ‘sister cities’ program, explaining it to be a ‘propaganda’ initiative: #foxnews

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I don't know what some say is a hidden China Menace right here on our soil Sister cities does your town have a Partnership with the city in China oh China City sister city program is now Being called out as part of beijing's Long-term foreign policy strategy to Influence us not simply an innocent Goodwill program take a look at One Anti-communist China activist has said Quote China has used the sister cities Arrangement since its opening up in 1978 As a political strategy to infiltrate The Western World if breaking the sister City ties with the Chinese cities Develops into a domino effect it might Severely damage shawna's strategic plan Of dominating the world with this now Tennessee Republican senator Marsha Blackburn she is calling for an Investigation of the China sister city Program and has introduced the Senate Bill called the sister city transparency Act Senator welcome what are you worried About in terms of the sister city Relationships there are 157 cities and In our countries in our country have This That's right 157 cities in the U.S are partners with Cities in China and here is what we know About this program The Chinese Friendship Association says this is a Part of their soft propaganda and Eric

They have used the sister city Partnerships to build relationships with People in communities who may go on to Whole state or federal office so it's Important to them to establish those Relationships early on we also know that They have similarly used the Confucius Institute program in universities in Confucius classrooms to do this they see This this Chinese Communist Party sees These relationships as strategic to the Success of the Belton Road initiative And we know that the propaganda and and The adherence to China's view of the World is an important part of this Participation and recently Prague Terminated their relationship with China Because you had the mayor of Prague Refused to recognize the one China Policy so then Shanghai their sister City wanted to get out of that Relationship because they could not get Prague to submit to their view you know We're showing a scroll of just some Cities that we picked on the right of The street Hayes Kansas I mean cities That you small towns other cities you Would not expect have these ties and you Just raise the issue of Prague that was A political punishment by the Chinese Against that City because they uh Recognized Taiwan you've got some cities In Canada as well as Europe pulling out And canceling their ties because of the

Human rights abuses in China do you Think that some cities should do that Here in the United States It would probably be very wise for any City that has a partnership with a Chinese City to do that we have 1800 Sister city Partnerships in the U.S and These are important for education and Culture but the Chinese Communist party Has chosen to violate the intentions of These Partnerships and they're using it To spread their propaganda they're using It to infiltrate they are using it to Put people as in the Confucius Institutes to put people in places in Research institutions or in corporations That are doing research some of these Have led to intellectual property theft And people being removed from those Programs so this is a you know Eric when You've got the Chinese Communist Party Saying they are in 10 on global Domination and by the time we get to 2050 the 21st century is to be the China Century according to them they see this Administration as weak and they are Trying to make Headway they're bullying Taiwan in the Philippines and the island Nations they're having a hot air balloon Sachet across the U.S and we do nothing So this is a time that they see their Opportunity to make Headway you know and It's important for us to terminate this Self-propaganda you know talk about

Propaganda I mean it's more than just Like us teaching them how to make apple Pie you've got an industrial trade Culture this sort of thing and the Defenders say well it's good for you Know Goodwill let me read you uh what The city of St Louis World Trade Center St Louis says about this sister cities Conduct educational cultural Municipal And economic exchanges that promote Mutual understanding the najin committee Organizes special trips to the People's Republic of China highlighted by visits To our sister city these trips Encompass Business educational and cultural Exchange efforts you know they say this Helps rural peace but when is President XI relying on you know cities for World Peace when he's aggressive against Taiwan threatening in the South China Sea and trying to take over the world Basically through his economic Silk Road Program by building airports and Infrastructure all over the world so That countries can be beholden to them Well you're right about that and see That is what they are doing this is how They're infiltrating these communities And getting to people that are in local State and federal government and elected Positions they're trying to get to Decision makers and sister cities and Confucius institutes the self-propaganda Has been a part of that they feel like

It is part of their belt and road or Their Silk Road or their great power Competition all components that they use As well as looking at the economic Warfare they carry out my goodness our Trade imbalance last year with China was Almost a trillion dollars a trillion Dollars wow and we know that they are Making more money than ever exporting to The us we know that they're using the That to build their military and then They use that military strength with the New axis of Evil as I call it Russia China run in North Korea to try to Expand their relationships Xi Jinping Has been very aggressive in that and They're using that to push for Global Dominance we need to stop them some Cities in Europe as I said canceling the Sister city programs your bill takes a Look at that calls for transparency and An investigation Republican Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn thank you for Alerting us to the situation of course Right though thank you I'm Steve Ducey I'm Brian Kilmeade and I'm Ainsley Earhart and click here to subscribe to The Fox News YouTube page to catch our Hottest interviews and most compelling Analysis

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