China reportedly developing cyber weapons to seize satellites, leak reveals

China reportedly developing cyber weapons to seize satellites, leak reveals

Former CIA analyst Laura Ballman joined ‘Fox & Friends Weekend’ to discuss the latest on the war in Sudan and China’s alleged development of weapons to seize satellites. #FoxNews

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We're back with the Fox News Alert U.S Embassy staff evacuated in Sudan as Violence rages in the war-torn country Killing hundreds and forcing thousands More to flee for their lives Former CIA analyst Laura ballman joins Us now with her take Laura thanks for Being here just for folks waking up Watching The country of Sudan unraveling why does It matter to us what's at stake there Good morning well I think it shows that The United States is brave enough to Send a Ambassador this is the first time We've had a U.S ambassador in Sudan in 25 years so the fact that we even showed Up we suited up we showed up is a is a Great thing for our reputation I would Say that it sounds so far is that unlike Afghanistan it's been an orderly Evacuation obviously this is an Incredibly different situation much Smaller but there are some tactical Challenges that appear to have been Managed well and I think that's great But it is a dicey situation and the poor People on the ground it's scary the Civilians are caught between two warring Generals who basically were on the same Side until two years ago so we're gonna Watch fast moving operations yeah we Will we showed up that's true but so Have China and Russia and that's the Story of our moment right now spheres of

Influence attempting to shift the Future No Doubt yeah it's true I mean look Where we're in proxy wars all over the World Right now that's for sure the Nevada Group which has been active in Ukraine Also has been active in Sudan that's Absolutely true the United States we're Going to keep showing up we're not Backing down well a place where we're Going to need to show up is against the Communist Chinese and there are new Reports from U.S leaks that China is Building cyber weapons that would hack Enemy satellites meeting ours and when You think you know this Laura so much of Our offensive and defensive capabilities Militarily and in the intelligence field Are based on Communications and Satellites the ability to have Information in real time and communicate The Chinese seem to be targeting that Meaning if we were to ever be in a Conflict they turn the lights out they Turn the ability for us to talk to each Other how serious is this It's serious but at this point we are Still ahead that's the good news space Is a new frontier I mean all of those Sci-Fi movies we watched as kids they're Coming true it's and it's not just cyber Cyber uh is a big part of it uh you know As the leak that we're talking about Showed Russia is absolutely emphasizing

Hack not just Um hacking into our cyber uh Communications between satellites but Also looking for brand new ways to Dominate in this in this new uh battle Space you know the thing is it's not Just cyber I mean we're talking there's A company in the United States right now That has developed a technology that's Basically it's a big claw like a claw Like like you see in the um in a a fair Um you know game To space satellites that's what we're You know trying to do so it's um we are Ahead also not just because of our Innovation and our ability to you know Create new things but also because we Thanks to SpaceX uh collaborating with NASA we can now uh launch satellites Cheaper we can launch them faster and so The goal right now is to keep that uh Margin ahead of China yeah for sure uh You're right Wars on the ground will be Determined by who controls the skies not Not conventionally but up in outer space Uh China's certainly trying to supplant Us in that realm Laura ballman thanks For your time and for your service we Appreciate

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