City Council does not like to be corrected on violations

City Council does not like to be corrected on violations

Forward such as improvements to the Verbiage of the minimum housing campaign Form and The Advocate Program now expect To attached to that form have not been In any part because of this Council Outside volunteers and organizations Have been forced to step in and make These advantages rather than watch Tenants out there with no improvements Or Avenues to study their situations This should not be the norm You are elected or in some cases Appointed To represent us to make these changes For us we don’t have the power or the Influence that each of you have And even when we come to you with ideas Or with Solutions We are constantly ignoring It’s not a fair situation and it should Not be happening While outside groups and individuals Should participate and give back to Their Community the elected officials Should be taking significant action in Providing a lot more support Currently provided although the true Approaches the city should be entire Additional inspection staff through a Low-cost registration ordinance Something that the cities of Aurora Belleville Bloomington Danville Galesburg Joliet Michelle I can keep going the

Stages it’s five pages longer and that’s Not even everything within the state Although this Council Won’t even move forward in smaller ways With the last of my time I would like to Read from a proposal shot down by this Council that I brought with me today it Is from a current employee of the city After many months of discussion with the Various leaders of community groups Regarding the need for a program to Better address habitatability of many of The city’s residential rental units we Have assembled the attached supposed Ordinance which establishes a Residential rental registration program The following is a synopsis of the Framework of the proposed ordinance I’m Not going to get into synopsis at the End says we believe that this program Provides a reasonable and measured Approach to achieving the end purpose of Enhancing enforcement there’s a Karen Who harassed and traced me there’s mayor Trump it is important to note There’s no cost to the city in any in The way Additionally no cost is imposed upon the Landlords or the property owners Now none of this is new to you guys You’ve already heard this information But I came here today to reinforce to Anyone else who might be listening Tonight that this is the right course of

Action we have to keep fighting for Change because it’s the right thing to Do thank you Here Uh next speaker event Let’s take your name address The first amendment protects that says I Don’t have to State my name or my Address I’ll State my YouTube channel U.S Constitution auditor I’m calling I’m Gonna come here today in regards to Ordinance 9392 In regards to the Recording in public spaces now That’s in direct violation in the First Amendment and the fourth you guys detain Me on the 23rd for filming inside the Quincy City Hall Is that going to be removed from the Books you guys already removed the the Signage will you remove the ordinance Yes or no Well I’m asking you a question you’re You’re a city official answer my Questions Uh just so you know I have seek a legal Counsel He has violated my first amendment In my uh and Quincy’s the City of Quincy Police Department violated the fourth So I’m just going to stand up here and Film you guys until I can go my three Minutes is up And then miss Karen here harassed me in

The city hall That’s not right I could be a form of intimidation No thank you Is my time out You have nothing else to say it sure is But I have three minutes though Yeah nothing else But I have three minutes but I have Three minutes But Mr Mayor I have three minutes Mr Mayor I have three minutes Can I can I have my three minutes But I have something to say though like Are you guys gonna start following the Law you guys think you’re above the law I mean You’re a city official I mean we’re Paying for you I do work so my question For you is are you guys going to start Doing your guys’s job or are you going To continue violating the Constitution And the oath that you quote unquote Uphold Um it’s going to cost you guys a lot of Money that’s all I’m gonna say We’ll see you guys in court Okay that’s it for our public speakers Good job man You got a moment You might like to get an interview with You I’m a YouTuber here in town Bye-bye Let me just uh pause this

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